Getting dead fish through customs


Pic courtesy of Tomás Del Coro

It’s an aspect of fishing that I’d file under More Hassle than it’s Worth, personally, but I was nonetheless intrigued to read about Jordan Rodriguez’ adventures in getting 15lb of trout fillets through 1,600 miles of airspace and the attendant personnel.

‘The fish had frozen solid, so I removed the bags from the freezer and packed them into the lunch pail cooler—my new personal carry-on item’.

Were Jeremy Clarkson & Co all about angling, not automobiles, you just know this would be a challenge right up their alley. Four dead Kamchatka salmon each – heads, tails, the works – now see how far west you get before being led into an interview room by unsmiling security staff…


They still advertise like this…?

Every now and then, my assumption that western civilisation evolves at a more or less even tempo receives a jarring wake-up call. Today is one of those occasions.

Somewhere in Ohio, apparently, it is still 1978.

How the years slip away and Benny Hill’s face moves into crisper focus, as I watch someone called Joe Jordan and R&R Bait & Tackle combine their promotional efforts around  a single theme. And fishing.

Joe at least, might just have got away with his part of the deal, so willing was I to extend him the benefit of the doubt and assume that the bikini’d young woman who opens the clip is his wife or girlfriend. On reflection, he may feel that the part where he has to check what her name is should never have survived the first edit.

This, however, pales alongside the advertising intermission at the 33-second mark. It’s not the body of Bikini Woman number 2, holding up an ‘Open Seven Days a Week Sign’ in the floats aisle, that lingers in the memory, so much as the body language.

This is either a model, slowly coming to terns with the fact that she’s drawn the day’s short straw down at the agency, or else a long-suffering staff member mentally calculating  before our eyes what ‘taking one for the team’ will cost her employer in bonuses and free bait.

We return to Joe and his associate, reeling in bass and pike in northern Michigan, before popping back to R&R at the 4:47 point, where a young woman in hot pants (probably the accountant) wants to tell us that you can’t go wrong with Weld-craft fishing boats. Lest there be any doubt on that score, the camera cuts to a photo of the said vessel, with another woman in a bikini draped across its back end, clearly savouring every second aboard “the most reliable, durable boat on the planet”.

All told, this peek into Joe and R&R’s parallel universe runs to almost 12 minutes, and even as you hope that there might yet be some ironic, self-aware punchline that makes everything all right, the clip blindsides you once more, closing with a quote from St Paul’s letter to the Philippians – I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

Whether it’s Joe or the proprietors of R&R Bait and Tackle whose strength needs occasional replenishment isn’t entirely clear.

Droughts, downpours and a question of attitude

All right, now I’m struggling to get my head around this whole weather thing.

Just three months after UK fishery owners were lamenting a bone-dry winter and telling everyone who cared to listen how we needed rainfall of Biblical proportions to restore lakes to normal levels (cue an early-summer deluge that so far lacks only an ark) we learn this from the USA:

Fly Fishermen Benefit From Low Stream Levels

One of Colorado’s recreational industries is experiencing an early season boon because of this year’s low snowpack and ever-worsening drought. Fly fishing enthusiasts are loving the low stream levels, and fly shops are filled with customers.”

Umm; okaaay…


Pic of the day

Ugly possibilities at Prettyboy Dam

Who in heaven’s name calls a dam Prettyboy? That’s like calling a Sherman tank ‘Marcia’.

No denying the very macho latent menace in this photo, however. A picture with a difference and one of the most attention-grabbing fishing shots I’ve seen, although that type of setting wouldn’t be for me personally.

I’d be too scared I hadn’t had the memo about the valley being flooded…