Fasting: an end to slim pickings?

Pic courtesy of bark via Flickr

Most of us have a standby fly rod. Now it looks as though a rod you can stand behind undetected may be more to the point

I thought this look at flyfishing’s correlation with fasting might be a rare dip in Gink & Gasoline‘s high quality output but damn it if they haven’t got me thinking again, with their reflections on how positively the body compensates to a short period of digestive abstinence.

“My initial theory was this. If I am hungry when fishing, my natural predatory senses could be enhanced. My body needs food and my mind could be sharpening my senses to help me provide it, helping me spot fish and focus on catching them. After doing some reading, I think there’s merit in that idea but there may be more going on…”

A roll-call follows of feel-good, natural, legal substances released by the body when external substances disappear. You could get quite excited about the idea, until you remember that you’re reading this less than an hour after a rather good lunch.

Then again, if a ‘big-boned’ bon viveur like Ernest Hemingway can rhapsodise about the beneficial effects of writing on an empty stomach, in his excellent book A Moveable Feast, who am I to say what going lean and mean might do for your catch rate?

But this is not an undertaking to be, er, trifled with. While I know I write mainly for the Common Sense Generation, there should be moderation in all things and mention it to your doctor first if you have any existing medical conditions etc. You know the drill.


Try and work THIS into an ad campaign, Coca-Cola…

When Dr Peter Fletcher suggested that leaving trout upside down in the water to revive might represent catch-and-release best practice (TF issue 426) I thought it could be the most contrarian conservation measure I encounter for some time*.

Now Gink & Gasoline blow that one clean out of the water with what could well be the most attention-grabbing catch shot you see this year.

Look, I’m no vet. As this man would have put it, I couldn’t possibly comment. I’ll just leave this particular revival technique entirely to your discretion. And if you think any ‘antis’ might be watching you fish, ‘discretion’ is probably the operative word…

[*one which I have seen vindicated with my own eyes several times since]