Fasting: an end to slim pickings?

Pic courtesy of bark via Flickr

Most of us have a standby fly rod. Now it looks as though a rod you can stand behind undetected may be more to the point

I thought this look at flyfishing’s correlation with fasting might be a rare dip in Gink & Gasoline‘s high quality output but damn it if they haven’t got me thinking again, with their reflections on how positively the body compensates to a short period of digestive abstinence.

“My initial theory was this. If I am hungry when fishing, my natural predatory senses could be enhanced. My body needs food and my mind could be sharpening my senses to help me provide it, helping me spot fish and focus on catching them. After doing some reading, I think there’s merit in that idea but there may be more going on…”

A roll-call follows of feel-good, natural, legal substances released by the body when external substances disappear. You could get quite excited about the idea, until you remember that you’re reading this less than an hour after a rather good lunch.

Then again, if a ‘big-boned’ bon viveur like Ernest Hemingway can rhapsodise about the beneficial effects of writing on an empty stomach, in his excellent book A Moveable Feast, who am I to say what going lean and mean might do for your catch rate?

But this is not an undertaking to be, er, trifled with. While I know I write mainly for the Common Sense Generation, there should be moderation in all things and mention it to your doctor first if you have any existing medical conditions etc. You know the drill.

Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e October 14

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e October 14:


Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk

An excellent weekend of fishing. Several anglers caught multiple fish with the best of the weekend going to Martin Smith who caught a 6lb rainbow on a Black Snake. Blobs, nymphs, Damsels and Dancers have all been successful. Water temperature dropping and conditions improving rapidly. Special thanks to Mo, Malcolm, John and Jim who are a huge asset to the fishery.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Due to the easterly winds anglers have had to work for their catches. Fish have been taking flies on a very slow retrieve, depth depending on the time of day. Buzzers (black or olive), nymphs, dries, Bloodworms and lures have been working well. Bill Lennox from Blyth was delighted with a 10lb 8oz rainbow he caught from Chatton Lake on a Cormorant. Chatton regular Abdul Muhit from Morpeth caught a lovely 5lb rainbow from Chatton Lake. Tony Collins from Seahouses returned four fish, one being a 7lb brown trout, using a Black Gnat. Brian Davis from Dudley caught nine fish using nymphs. Peter Davison from Seaton Delaval returned nine fish using Buzzers. Connor Metcalf from Consett returned 10 fish using Bloodworms and Buzzers. Matty Divine from Hadston returned nine fish using Bloodworms and commented that all the fish were 4lb-plus. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday October 15 at 9.30am in the fishing lodge. Everyone welcome. The fishery will be open to all other anglers on this day. We are closing at 6.30pm this week.


Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire

For the week October 3 – 9 the 149 anglers caught 445 fish of which 308 were returned. A decent three fish rod average for last week. Quite a few double-figure bags from both boat and bank but also plenty of blanks on some days. Fish are definitely more active in the cooler water and prepared to chase a lure on an intermediate as well as taking a dry on the top. Very few daddies hatching caused by the lack of rain. Hopefully this exciting time of year will still happen. Fish are being caught on a slowly retrieved wet Daddy. Best fish 4lb 12oz for Ray Ward, from Olney, on a Blue-flash Damsel from the boat, and one of 4lb 9oz to Graham Martin, from Coventry, on an Olive Shipman’s. Best bank areas are the dam, boat bay and east arm. Boats doing well in most areas although lodge end generally best. Best patterns are Blue-flash Damsel, small Damsel, Olive Cruncher, white/green or black/green mini lures, GRHE, wet Daddy, Bloodworm, Candy Blob/FAB. Evening tickets now available from 1pm.

There will be a limited number six boats available each day at Elinor for pike fishing on the following weekends: November 19 & 20; December 3 & 4. Lures or sea dead baits only. Payment will be required in advance. Single angler boat £25, two angler boat £40. Fishing is 7.30am – 5pm. Bookings/further info by email or phone 01832 720786.

Sunday November 13 is the date for The Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather. Fishing 9am – 3pm, £25 entry which includes fishing fees (£5 for season ticket holders). Boat or bank fishing available. Proceeds from the raffle will as usual be split between Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation.


A total of 10 police forces were represented at this year’s Police Pairs Boat Competition held on October 4. Teams represented were Lincolnshire, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Staffordshire, West Mercia, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. The fishery had recently been on top form and the daily rod average had not dipped below three fish per rod. Competition day was bright with an easterly breeze. A total of 49 rods caught 131 fish, giving a very respectable rod average of 2.67. The rainbows were willing and a midge-tip or slow glass line proved advantageous. The catching fly for most was a Blob but a few fish were also taken on Cormorants and Cat’s Whiskers.

Regular Eyebrook visitor Tim Bright of Sleaford, boated a well-conditioned rainbow of 4lb 3oz on a Cat’s Whisker. David Hussey of Loughborough drifted the main basin and took three decent rainbows on a combination of Daddy Longlegs, White Wickham and Dunkeld fished on a floating line.

Pike fishing with lures and sea dead baits began at the beginning of the month, one the best fish weighing 16lb was caught by Adam Ford of Milton Keynes. Andy Baldock of Northampton caught a 20lb pike on a big lure. Jobe Burnham caught a13lb pike on a lure and returned several other jack pike. Several other pike up to 10lb have also been taken on the fly.

The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Wednesday October 19. All are welcome, please bring a prize for the table. Normal day permits will apply. All monies raised at this event will be donated to The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association.

The Eyebrook Fur and Feather Boat Competition will be held on Sunday October 30, the last day of fishing for 2016. All are most welcome to this event, normal day permits and boat prices will apply plus a £5 entry fee. Don’t forget to bring a prize for the table. All monies raised will be donated to The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

Fishing has been decent with a lot of good fish being caught. Mornings and late afternoons have seen hatches of insects and the lochs alive with feeding fish. Suspender Buzzers, Daddies and at times Goldhead Daddies have worked. Intermediate lines now coming in, especially with the bright sunshine. Damsels, Cat’s Whiskers and white Fritz are also doing well. Nicky McDonald caught a fish of 5lb 9oz; Duncan Campbell had seven, his best at 4lb 10oz; Andrew Miller had one of 5lb 2oz on an WSW; Tom Walne had a fish of around 5lb and best of the week went to Paul Merryfield with an 8lb 14oz fish. The Glenbuies Flyfishers Club enjoyed their last trip away for this year to Ledyatt and will soon be planning next year’s outings. They will be holding an Open competition at the Glen between Christmas and New Year, open to all anglers. New members are always welcome, renewals start in March. The Glen is open all year round and even when the ice is about there is always plenty of water open for fishing.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham is in excellent form with a rod average of 6.62 for the week. A number of fish in the 3-4lb range have been caught. The bank seems to be the best place for catching larger specimens and some good bags have been taken recently from the bank rather than the boat. Steve Jones produced 13 fish in a single session. Another angler catching well off the bank this week was Stan Suddick who managed a fantastic 23 fish. Another good report has come from Peter Baker who landed 13 fish including a 5lb rainbow. E. Hughes had a fantastic day out on the boat, catching 13 fish including a cracking 5lb 8oz rrown.

Some good sport is available on the boats with fish chasing lures, particularly Sparklers, Minkies and Boobies. Fishing fast retrieves is paying off, although adjusting retrieve speeds through the day can see an increase in sport. There are plenty of fish feeding on shrimp close to the north shore, though dry flies such as Daddies have been very successful in the past few days. Diawl Bachs with a pearl flash are also proving deadly close to the shore, though if you are drifting then Snakes and tubes fished on a Di-2 or 3 can produce a good day. Some of the top areas this week include Hill Farm, Rectory Bay, Church Hill Bay, the middle (drifting), the dam, the Willows, Sanctuary Bay, G Buoy and Deep Water Point.

Bank sport is growing day on day with some great hauls of fish, particularly around the north dam and around to Deep Water Point. The fish are very close in so casting horizontal to the bank may see you increase your bag. The shuffling technique is still working particularly well, although please be mindful of other anglers fishing downwind from you. Some good fish are also coming from Plummers and around to the Seat. Apart from Hare’s Ears and Shrimp, Daddies are producing along with other terrestrial dry flies, not forgetting floating fry patterns and lures fished roly-poly style.

Some nice zander into double-figures have been caught this week along with some high double pike and perch up to the 3-4lb mark. Some of the shallower areas of the lake have seen good sport from perch and the odd hunting zander has been spotted feeding on fry close to Mander car park. Most predator boats seem to stick solely around the towers. Try other areas, particularly around drop-off’s when there is heavy pressure on the fishery.

The English Fly Fishing Association B C Hall match on October 6 was fished on a windy day and fishing was tough after the change in weather conditions, although anglers managed to land a few fish. The 28 anglers took 117 fish producing a rod average of 3.9. Winner was David Moore with eight fish for 16lb 6oz, 2nd Chris McLeod eight fish for 14lb 11oz, 3rd Mark Searle seven fish for 13lb 8oz. Guests: 1st Tony Smith eight fish for 17lb 3oz, 2nd Paul Heavens eight fish for 17lb, 3rd Martin Brocklebank four fish for 10lb.


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

With only a couple of weeks until the close of the season on the lochs fishing has been good. The Cat’s Whisker club from Fife had a great outing and the returns were pleasing, showing a 50/50 split between browns and rainbows. Everyone commented on the quality and also the colouring of the browns and fish averaged around the 3 to 4lb mark. Paul Keir had a good day with his best fish a 5lb rainbow and also some good browns (all browns are returned of course. If this year is anything to go by next year’s dry fly sport should be very good.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 67 rods caught 173 fish for an average of 2.58. A better week but as the weather cools it will hopefully improve more. Boat anglers are still enjoying the best of the sport but there were some good catches on the bank as well. Venue regular Dave Bratby of Birmingham fished the bank and caught and returned eight fish to 4lb using a small Cat’s Whisker fished on a floating line. The best rainbow of the week at 9lb 1oz was caught by John Salisbury of Warwick who was also fishing from the bank. He tempted it on a black and green lure. Rod Lacey of Nuneaton fished from a boat on Cocks Close and caught and released 13 fish to 4lb on his favoured Diawl Bach fished on a floating line. Harold Lewis of Knowle took a boat out on the Park Meadow pool and caught five fish to 3lb using small Buzzers fished under an indicator. The best areas have been around the lodge corner and the wires bank of Cocks Close. On Park Meadow, the fish are along the dam wall in the deeper water. Best patterns are Cat’s Whisker, Black Tadpole, Damsel Nymph, Black or Olive Buzzers, Diawl Bach and Bloodworm.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

The week ended on a great note for bank anglers with the trout going crazy for shrimp patterns stripped back through the weed. Season ticket holder Mark Bradbury and day ticket angler David Chappell from Bedfordshire, both had fabulous brownies weighing the top end of 4lb. Mark returned his to see another day, but also had rainbows off the Cliffs and David took his from the boat. Boat anglers have enjoyed some good sport. At the beginning of the week Mick White reported a good day on the rudder, drifting across Duffers. Using a small Blob with a white tail fly pattern he had plenty of offers and follows. Off the bank Mick Foster took a fish on a Shrimp pattern and Martin Bailey had three off Stilton Point on a Hopper and reported there were plenty of fish moving up in the water. Anglers are enjoying catching from the bank in most areas dependent on the wind direction. Phil Jordan had an amazing morning and rang in to report 10 fish to the net and four lost by lunchtime.

Nineteen boats set sail to take part in the Lure Angling Society Annual Pike Cup. It was quite a challenging day with the largest pike caught around the 18lb mark.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

The cooler weather conditions and a recent stocking should improve the rod average. Anglers are finding most of the trout are near the boils/island and out in the middle, catching on mainly Hoppers and Daddies. Best rainbow 7lb 8oz taken by Stuart Payne. The Fur & Feather match was won by M. Brown and P. Hodgson with a combined weight of 18lb 3oz. F. Duff and M. Clarke took second place with a bag weight of 16lb. G. Bedford and G. Jones were third with 10lb 9oz. Pike fishing has steadied due to the weather with mainly small jacks being caught; all down the Coton End using seven-inch Jelly lures.


Rutland Water, Rutland

The banks have been quiet during the week although some nice fish were hooked and lost. Roger Bailey of Oakham and his friend Wal of Leicester had four nice fish off the Green Bank last Friday with Roger taking a quality 4lb 8oz rainbow that fell to a floating fry off the surface. Roger found that moving along the bank covering more water was the best tactic. Boat anglers are enjoying the best results from many areas of the reservoir, particularly the bottom of either arms, the main basin and along the weed beds. Bank anglers will find the best tactics are to cover lots of areas rather than staying in one spot. Quality fish are still out there to be caught. Best bank methods are Fry patterns, dries and nymphs. Boats, as for bank, but include various lures (large & small), tube flies and Snakes. Please remember that browns will be out of season after October 29.There are a few boats available on Saturday 15 October but all boats are booked on Sunday 16th.

Rutland hosted the Autumn Pairs on Saturday October 8 when 10 boats fished the rudder and six elected for the ‘non’ rudder. Anglers fishing the non-rudder section found some big fish, including the best fish of the event, a superb 6lb 7oz brown (the best of the season so far). This lovely fish fell to a Hopper on a floating line and was taken by Graham Hayward of Uppingham at the top of the North Arm.
The non-rudder section was won by father and son team Malcolm and Jim Hunter who also won last year’s event. The pair shared a bag of 11 fish including another lovely brown of 5lb 11oz for 28lb 4oz. Second place went to RAF’s Keith Jones fishing alongside his namesake Keith Jones of Peterborough. The pair had 10 fish for 24lb 15oz (including a 5lb brown). Toff Crowther and Graham Hayward were third with five fish for 18lb 2oz.
The rudder section was won by Rutland regulars Jim Watts and Martin Hearth with seven fish for 13lb 15oz. Adi Naylor and Mr Woodley took second place with six fish for 13lb 3oz. Father and son team Jeff and Matt Bedford were third with five fish for 10lb 3oz. There were some nice browns over 4lb caught by Colam Bartram (4lb 1oz), Jon Marshall (4lb 5oz) and Chris Binley (4lb 15oz in the rudder section).


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

Although very autumnal the more settled weather has led to some excellent fishing this week. The start of colder nights has made fishing hard in the early mornings but the nice weather during the day has meant the crystal clear water has remained at 10 degrees, with the sun warming things significantly to see fish remaining in the top two feet of the water, with some even being tempted to the surface with Muddlers and Shipman’s Buzzer. Fish remain wide spread on Swanswater, with the dam and bay past the boats doing well at the start of the week, with signs the fish were moving towards the Island and up the Channel at the weekend. Best patterns this week were Buzzer, Bibio, Snatcher, Hare’s Ear and a selection of mini lures in various colours, including Yellow Dancer, Hothead Damsel and with anything black and green doing well at the end of the week.

Gordon Ferguson, from Coatbridge, caught four fish for 18lb including an 8lb 13oz rainbow; Lindsay Brown, Burntisland, three for 15lb 8oz including a 10lb 5oz rainbow; John Montague, Glasgow, five for 14lb 4oz; Jim Milne, Alloa, five for 14lb; Darren Hill, Alva, five for 13lb 4oz plus five caught and released; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 13lb; Ricky Goodwin, four for 12lb 12oz; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, four for 12lb; David Lewis, Cumbernauld, four golds for 11lb 9oz; Chris Lally, Helensburgh, four for 11lb 4oz; Alec Peachey, Hamilton, four for 11lb plus three caught and released; Robert Reid, Alloa, four for 11lb; Les Cooper, Dunblane, four for 11lb plus four caught and released; Raymond Conroy, Stirling, three for 8lb 10oz; James Stewart, Uddingston, three golds for 8lb 8oz plus three caught and released; Jim McInnes, Falkirk, three for 8lb 8oz; Graeme Arthur, Stirling, two for 10lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow; George Dobbie, Glasgow, two for 7lb; Stephen Campbell, Livingston, 13 caught and released; Brian Eadie, Stirling, 10 caught and released; Frank Turner, Alloa, nine caught and released; Paul Wilkins, seven caught and released.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Lake one is fishing its socks off to all methods with dries, nymphs and lures catching. Blue-flash Damsel, Montana and Diawl Bach best in daytimes, and Daddies, Shipman’s and CdCs in evening rise when fish are jumping everywhere. Browns now moving and feeding in brown trout end of lake. Lake two fishing to the same tactics but there are more marginal fish to target and big fish patrolling. Most anglers catching six-plus fish each and some getting into double-figures with mixed bags of browns and rainbows and a range of fish from 2lb 8oz to 6lb. Lake three saw big browns feeding and fish to 8lb recorded as well as big rainbows which have been seen patrolling. Now open for fishing again all over. All lakes restocked this week.


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending October 6 the 61 rods caught 265 trout for a rod average of 4.34. A fantastic week blessed with much better ‘fishing weather’. Fish were caught on all manner of methods from size 16 dries right through to four-inch lures. As always the washing-line tactic is very consistent and fry patterns seem to be picking up a good few fish. As always, if you are not having any luck then keep moving until you do. The coming weekend should see an increase in fry activity as the fish seek to pile on the weight for the winter. Target these fish with Minkies and Booby or Suspender Minkies on a good strong leader and don’t forget you might need plenty of backing.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

With the fish now moving there was a slight improvement in visiting numbers. Twenty six anglers chanced their arm in what is still relatively hard going and this week the spread of catches has been wider than of late with more anglers finding success. The best angler of the week was N. Puncheon with a bag of five fish, closely followed by J. Wittenstall with four. P. Stonehouse caught three fish while A. Grabham, A. Carroll and S. Shipey all had bags of two fish each. The best fish of the week was a hard-fought 3lb 8oz rainbow caught by S. Shipey. The most successful flies are Snakes, Blobs, Shipman’s and Buzzers.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Despite a difficult month in terms of variations in weather, catch returns for September make reasonable reading. Some 570 fish were caught between the two ponds with 470 visits recorded by permit holders and day ticket visitors, resulting in a catch return averaging 1.2 fish per rod. For the season so far over 7300 fish have been caught, with a 1.7 catch return being achieved via some 4300 visits. As far as the past week is concerned, most catches have been made from the bottom pond. Boat anglers Craig Bowles and Ken Pascoe caught four and two fish respectively. Around the banks, Ken Bowring added to his season’s total with three fish. A two fish catch was made by Roger Martin, Del Haines, Dave Arlotte who included an excellent specimen of 4lb 8oz in his catch, and day ticket visitor Mike James. Also finding fish were Aberdare members Alan Lock and Bill Seward, plus regular permit holders Terry O’Connor, Ivor Thomas and Brian Langley.

At the weekend on the top pond, Cardiff day ticket holder Norman Curtis landed two fish over 2lb 8oz when he fished from the road bank using a Cat’s Whisker. Gwyn Davies fished from the Tump to take a fish of 2lb 8oz using a Goldhead Hare’s Ear. On the bottom pond Pipe Bay provided Ken Bowring with seven fish and Roger Martin with three trout when each used a Shipman’s Buzzer. New member, Richard Bateman landed four and two trout when he fished two sessions at the entrance to Farmhouse Bay, with a dry Hopper being the effective fly for the latter catch. Day ticket holder M. Gunty landed two fish. Boat angler Ken Pascoe used a Grey Hopper to tempt seven fish to 2lb. Fisheries treasurer Colin Jones finished in 27th place when he represented Ynys y fro at the Troutmasters final, fished at Grafham Reservoir.

The Ynys y fro season will end on Monday October 31. Up to that date, the fish kill limit will be increased to a daily total of six fish from the two ponds. The post season work party is provisionally scheduled for Saturday November 5 from 10am onward, and will be confirmed by the end of the season. Members are also asked to note that the AGM of the Association will take place on Thursday November 17, at Risca Rugby Club, commencing at 7.30pm. Individual notices for the meeting will be sent to all current members around the end of October.

Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e October 7

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e October 7:

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire

The first couple of weeks of September saw the fish in a lethargic mood, not willing to chase any lures, but sport has improved as each day passes. The drop in temperature has had a very positive impact and fish are now chasing lures. Biggest fish of the month goes to Alex Hill who spotted a big fish lurking under a tree on lake two. Ten minutes later he managed to tempt the 20lb 10oz specimen using a heavy stalking bug. Peter Spencer stalked an immaculate 17lb 8oz brown from lake one using a Damsel Nymph. Regular angler Grant Ashby managed two trips this month and bagged three impressive doubles. First up was a 13lb 8oz brown from lake one on a small Black Buzzer, 10 minutes later he pulled out a lovely 13lb 4oz rainbow from lake two on the same fly. Grant’s friend and work partner Colin also managed to get amongst the doubles with a broad rainbow of 15lb 8oz. On his next trip Grant landed a lovely rainbow of 15lb from lake one, this time on a Hothead Damsel. Another regular Chris Wells managed to stalk a 13lb 8oz rainbow from lake one using a Montana. Guy Bolton braved a wet and windy day and was rewarded with a fin-perfect 12lb 8oz rainbow. Guy was fishing a Blue-flash Damsel down the deep end of lake three.

Fly choice was hard to determine as early in the month anything moving at speed was ignored but something small like a Buzzer would produce well. Now the fish are far more active and lures being fished quickly are coming into their own again. Damsels in particular have caught stacks of fish with Rutland Humungus coming a close second. This said, Buzzers and Daddies still seem to be picking off a good number of fish.

The water level in the carrier stream has come up in the past week and the fishing has become a little easier with plenty of beautiful wild browns nudging 1lb and lots of grayling in the 8oz to 1lb 8oz bracket being caught.


Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk

With the weather fast approaching seasonal norms we are delighted to say we will be generously restocking on Thursday October 6. There are a good number of daddies starting to hatch so Blackdyke should start fishing well soon. Reminder: OAPs £15, two fish catch and release.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

The Team England Bank Fundraiser Competition was held on Saturday, raising £850. Winner was Paul Runec, second Rob Frame, third Craig Crompton and fourth Lee Wilkinson. Angus Roberts from Kenya was delighted with a 6lb 10oz rainbow from Chatton Lake caught on a small brown nymph. Malcolm Halliman from Newcastle landed his second double-figure fish at Chatton. His first was a 13lb 5oz rainbow from Chatton Lake in 2013 and on Monday he was delighted with a 10lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake. Steve Madden landed a lovely 11lb 8oz rainbow from Ross Lake. The third double landed this week was by Chatton regular John Tait from Belford who returned a rainbow of approximately 10lb to Chatton Lake. Many fish in the 6lb to 8lb coming to the net. The Fritz and Flies Winter Series competition starts on Saturday October 22 at Tweeddale Fishery. The Chatton Fishery heats are on Sunday November 20 and Sunday December 11. If you are interesting in taking part please ring Jim Tuck on 07985 232437 after 6pm. Fishery closing at 7pm this week.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

Decent weather for a change and plenty of good fish were reported among bags. Buzzers worked quite well, as did dries, but some days did require lures and unusually for this time of year Damsels came out best. With plenty of fry in the water fish will be chasing them to get the weight on for the winter months. Temperatures in the early morning have certainly dropped, but the Glen will always be open, even when the ice is around. Wullie Olssen had some great fishing with 15 fish on both his days and among them a few fish of over 6lb. Tom Webster had 14 each day with his best at around 14lb and 9lb. Tommy Anderson had a close double, and there were plenty of anglers who had eight and nine fish for their sessions. Not many blanks this week which is always good.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
Grafham is in exceptional form with 1,200 fish taken this week and the rod average climbing straight up to 6.87. There have been some great fish landed. The best was a 5lb 9oz brown caught on Friday by an angler practising for the Grafham Water Championship. Mr Paigmore managed a nice brown of 4lb 13oz. The best rainbow of the week was taken by Paul Rooney who managed a five-pounder along with a 4lb 3oz fish. Graham Pearson took a 4lb 8oz rainbow. Mark Brinkman enjoyed some fantastic bank fishing landing 17 fish in a session. Darren Maguire landed 17 fish, including four 3lb specimens and a four-pounder. There were plenty more large trout caught.

Boat anglers have generally had good sport this week. Some anglers continue to use lures and fry to tempt fish, whilst others have had good results fishing dry flies. The most popular tactic for boat anglers is to fish the north shore using Shrimp, Hare’s Ear and Diawl Bachs. It may be worth trying the Willows early on or moving across to the Seat and Sailing Club Bay for a cast using Shrimp patterns. Good areas reported during the week include Hill Farm, Rectory Bay, Farm Bay, Church Hill Bay, West Bank, the middle (drifting), the dam, Rainbow Point, Sanctuary Bay, G Buoy and Deep Water Point.

If you are bank fishing then opt for Shrimp patterns or Hare’s Ears and Diawl Bachs. Many anglers took our advice last week and waded out on the north shore where they caught plenty of fish with reports of 15- plus in one morning session. Don’t forget that Plummers or Mander car parks are well worth a try early in the morning. The hot tip of the week for those who enjoy a walk is to try wading off Sludge Point where it’s normally pretty quiet and away from the general public. There’s the added bonus of being able to cover a lot of unfished water around to the Seat.

With a lot more anglers wading we are re-iterating the wash-down procedure. It is absolutely essential that you wash down your equipment after use to help stop the spread of the non-native killer shrimp.

The bait fishing season for predators is now open. A very busy start saw a few fish landed with pike up to 22lb so far (although this particular pike came to a lure). Remember that the water is still warm, so be very careful with your fish handling, ensuring that the fish is fit before release. Areas fishing well for predators currently include the two towers and the pipeline that runs between the two. Other areas worth a try are the drop-offs on north and south dam and the deeper water throughout the middle.

The Grafham Water Championship on October 1 saw perfect conditions, even so the rod average of 7.65 exceeded expectations. Marian Davies of Team Foxons took the best fish at 3lb 12oz. Stewart Barclay, Change Fly Fishers B Team, took the best bag at 21lb 6oz. Teams: 1st Stocks Falcons 48 fish for 114lb 5oz; 2nd Change Fly Fishers B Team 48 fish for 113lb 10oz; 3rd The Renegades 48 fish for 109lb 2oz; 4th Melvin Hoppers 48 fish for 107lb 10oz; 5th Northern Drifters 46 fish for 103lb 13oz; 6th BRFFA Emergers 46 fish for 103lb 6oz; 7th Iain Barr Flyfishing Costa 45 fish for 98lb 2oz; 8th Team Foxons 45 fish for 97lb 14oz; 9th The Whakapapas 44 fish for 97lb 12oz; 10th Mickies Melvin Devils 47 fish for 96lb 15oz; 11th Llanilar 40 fish for 86lb 8oz.

The AMFC Group 2 Match on September 26 produced a superb rod average of 7.1. The best fish was a lovely specimen of 4lb 2oz caught by John Wingrove. Russell Bell weighed in the best bag for 21lb. Teams: 1st Invicta FFC ‘A’ 6 points; 2nd EPFFA 5; 3rd Bewl Bridge FC ‘B’ 4; 4th Greylags 3; 5th Queen Mother FC 2; 6th Bristol Reservoirs FFA 1.

Another great match this week was fished by the Sussex Police. Steve Fowler had a great day with a cracking 3lb 5oz brown. Well done to Steve who also won overall. 15 anglers fished this match, returning 49 fish with some good fish around 3lb amongst the haul.


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

The Millbuies season is coming to an end now and it’s been a very good year overall with plenty of great fishing. Next year should see even better sport as the browns will certainly have gained weight. With plenty this year of 3lb to 4lb being caught it can only see better fish being caught. Best fish this year was into double-figures and a nice rainbow. It’s great to see the lochs bubbling with fish feeding on the top which makes it great for the dry fly. The lochs will close around the end of October, weather depending, but if it’s still good into November they may stay open. There was no weed this year which was good.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 62 rods caught 102 fish for an average of 1.64. The fishing has been a little mixed with quite a few sunny days and no breeze giving hard fishing. But on the more overcast days it has been a lot better. The boats are still doing best but as the weather cools the bank fishing will improve. The biggest fish of the week was a 9lb 2oz rainbow caught by Ian Reeve of Rugby who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. It was the best of an eight fish catch taken on Black and Green Buzzers fished on a floating line. John Riley of Atherstone also used a Green Buzzer to tempt an 8lb 6oz rainbow from Cocks Close. Steve Gowan of Knowle caught six fish with the best at 8lb 12oz, which fell to a Bloodworm pattern fished on a floating line. Kevin Burgess of Birmingham had an eight fish catch with his best 4lb 12oz and these all fell to a Copper John pattern fished on a floating line. Terry Holder of Barwell fished the bank of Park Meadow and had four fish including a brown of 3lb using the washing-line tactic. Best patterns have been Black or Olive Buzzers, Damsel Nymph, sunken Daddies and Diawl Bach fished on floating lines. The fish have still been shoaling with the best areas around the lodge corner or the old boat jetty on Cocks Close.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

The cooling conditions and receding weed beds have had the fish coming more into the margins and feeding on the shrimp and snails. There has not been much fry action as yet, though there are huge shoals of fry in the various weed beds. The best bags have come from boats on drifts across the narrows and basin. Fish are still high in the water and have been responding to dries with CdCs working. Hoppers and Daddies have all caught fish.

Bank anglers have found fish in the margins on the Gravels and Stone Barn Bay as well as starting to show along Northfields shore. These fish are feeding almost exclusively on shrimp which are now showing in numbers. Floating lines with Hare’s Ear or Shrimp imitations are accounting for these fish.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Sport is variable with no rhyme or reason to the method. Fish still seem to be in the upper levels and continue to be taken on dries. Buzzers are taking a few fish on milder days fished just under the surface. Saturday October 1 was a red-letter day for pike anglers, being the first day for pike fishing on lure or static dead sea bait. The majority of the boats were booked for pike fishing with fish up to 30lb caught, this one a personal best for Mr Walton. Mr Sturt netted a 28lb specimen, another personal best and Pjak boated a 108cm beauty on a soft-bodied lure.


Rutland Water, Rutland

A superb 6lb 5oz brown was recorded by season ticket holder Graham Pearson. Graham was boat-fishing with John Seaton and the pair recorded 16 fish to their boat. Frank Humphrey, 75, was delighted to catch his personal best brown at 5lb 15oz. Frank targeted the weed beds down the South Arm with a White Humungus. There are reports of some very large browns showing in some areas and plenty of good sized specimens have been returned safely. There are only a few bank anglers about at the moment despite some fish being close in. Season ticket holder Matt Gregory bank fished and latched into a 5lb 7oz fish that fell to a Daddy Longlegs off the top. Scottish angler John Slavin, from Houston, made his annual pilgrimage to Rutland and caught plenty of fish with 51 rainbows between 2 and 4lb.

There has been plenty of surface activity with fry patterns and dries tempting the fish up. Key areas for boat anglers have again been the bottom of both arms and the main basin. A small number of bank anglers have fished with Normanton, New Zealand Point/Sailing Club and the Peninsula ‘creeks’ worth targeting.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

There was some excellent fishing this week, although some days were a bit harder than others. There are a large number of golds and blues in the ponds at present and these are caught frequently. As the end of the brown trout season approaches (October 6), the brownies have become more active and several feature in this week’s catch returns. After Thursday of this week all browns will have to be carefully returned to the water. For most of the week the fish remained in the top three feet of the water with many to be found just under the surface. Many anglers reported seeing fish following their flies right in to the edge before turning away to look for something else. The dam area, island and boats were all doing well although fish were getting caught all round the main pond. The small ponds continue to fish well and offer those choosing to fish them a great deal of sport as they are full of golds and light blues which can be easily seen and targeted. A large variety of flies were successful this week with the most popular patterns being Damsel, Daiwl Bach, Tadpole, Buzzer, Dancer, Cat’s Whisker, Cormorant, Sedge, and PTN. The fishery will be closing at 7pm every night this week.

George Dobbie, from Glasgow, caught four fish for 19lb 4oz including a 8lb 14oz rainbow and two golds; George Gemmell, Falkirk, in three visits, had eight for 23lb 4oz including a 5lb 1oz rainbow; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, in three visits, 11 for 30lb including six golds; Robert Nimmo, Stirling, in two visits, eight for 22lb plus eight caught and released; Danny Doherty, five for 14lb 4oz; Rab Bonar, Alloa, five for 13lb 4oz; Alan Stirling, Bonnybridge, five for 13lb 12oz; John Kierney, Broxburn, five for 13lb 8oz plus 11 caught and released; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, five for 13lb 2oz; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 11lb 4oz; Rab Smith, Falkirk, and  Alec Peachey, Hamilton, each with four for 11lb; Martin Watt, Airdrie, three blues and a gold from the small ponds; Eddie McKillop jnr, Glasgow, took three for 9lb 12oz plus two caught and released, and his dad, also Eddie, had three for 7lb 8oz; A. Mackay, Bonnybridge, three for 9lb; Tam Baillie, Kincardine, three for 8lb 8oz; Barry Hamilton, Muirhead, three for 7lb; Jim Craig, Balloch, two browns for 4lb 8oz; Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 20 fish.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Three Springs lake one was restocked with more than 250 fish. Fishing has been mainly to Hoppers, Daddy Longlegs and Shipman’s Buzzers with plain Green Buzzers also good. Fish are also willing to chase fry patterns and Damsels. Lake two is being restocked with more than 100 2lb 8oz-plus fish and is fishing to the same tactics as above. Daddies are best on here and good evening rises have started. The Stalking Pool (lake three) is having big fish turn up, both rainbows and browns to double figures, but all above 6lb. This pool is now open again after leaving the fish alone all summer. This is your best bet for a big fish as they go to over 20lb. This month’s £1 in a pot is adding up and winner takes all plus an all three lakes day ticket for catching the biggest fish. The new fish cleaning station and prep area has been completed.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

Fishing conditions have continued to improve with the arrival of the cooler autumn weather and the 23 visiting anglers certainly found more success than of late with the fish moving throughout the day. We also had the first double-figure bag for a while with J. Wittenstall’s catch of 10 fish. M. Smith caught five fish, R. MacCulloch had four fish while E. Carmichael took a bag of two fish. Blobs, Shipman’s, Snakes and Squirmy Worms are all taking fish.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

On the top pond member John Edwards caught a 3lb rainbow. The bottom pond has fished reasonably well during the week, with Ken Bowring landing nine fish over two visits, while Martin Williams caught a total of seven trout from his two day ticket sessions. Committee member Terry O’Connor caught three fish while two fish catches were recorded by Roger Martin, Keith Higgins and day ticket holders Craig Bowles and Dean Connelly. Day ticket visitors P. Lumford and Lee Patience caught four and three trout respectively, with each including a specimen of 2lb 8oz in their return. On the Association boats, Ken Pascoe caught six fish to 3lb over two sessions, while a five fish catch was made by Keith Higgins, with Bob Bradley and Lindsey Kirkwood each catching a brace of trout. Hugh Davies included a 3lb rainbow in his boat return. The dam area of the bottom pond has again seen most fish caught from both boat and bank.

At the weekend on the top pond Gwyn Davies landed three rainbow trout to 3lb 8oz, fishing from the Tump using a Goldhead GRHE. John Edwards continued his run of good catches from the top pond Hedge Bank with another fish at 3lb 6oz caught on a Corixa. The bottom pond has been challenging over the weekend but still resulted in Ken Pascoe landing a brace of fish from a boat session, using a Grey Hopper. Day ticket visitor Ben Jaillier caught two trout whilst Barrie Hurcombe, Keith Higgins, Terry O’Connor, John Ball and Craig Williams also found fish.


Thrunton Trout Fishery

There has been some cracking sport on both lakes this week with fry patterns being particularly successful. The latter part of the week saw the cool easterly wind put the fish deeper, but anglers soon found the correct depth with some good catches, larger fish and browns being recorded. Dries and natural patterns are also still working well when the correct conditions prevail and anglers who frequently move around the lakes and change flies have had  the most success. We would like to thank Aqua Contractors from Moffat for another good autumn weed harvest – great job Cameron and Davy!

We welcomed the Anchor Inn Fly Fishers from Eyemouth for a friendly competition with Mick Pawsley with the heaviest bag of 11lb 5oz.

alan-robinson-oct-16John Williams enjoyed 2 visits this week releasing 19 on montana’s, snatchers and cormorants on Long Crag while fellow Morpeth angler  Davy Kay returned 28 over his 2 sessions on black lures on Coe Crag. Howard Croston from Alnwick found hares ear’s to be successful as he targeted fish in the margins returning 9 browns. George Fisher from Annfield Plain returned 13 from Long Crag on tin heads and the GF fly to 9lb while Craster angler Alex Ainslie had another successful morning session landing 9 on cats whiskers and tadpoles. Peter Foster from Newcastle used a yellow dancer to attract 12 from Long Crag and John Pringle from Wooler returned 9 from both lakes on yellow and pink blobs. Ian Robinson  from Newcastle and Alan Robinson [pictured] from Morpeth  had enjoyable sessions landing 16 between them to 6lb 8oz on mitten flies and diawl bachs. Anthony Dinsmore from Cramlington safely released 21 over 2 sessions on hares ear’s from both lakes. Gregg Johnson from Ashington had ‘another great day’ leaving early after his limit of 14 from the boat on fry imitations and landing his first Thrunton double. Bedlington angler Mick Brown returned 20 from both lakes on a Cove’s PTN and Cramlington angler Michael Hall had 3 successful sessions netting 23 from both lakes on dries, fry patterns, nymphs and hoppers. Brian Scrowther from Stakeford enjoyed a short evening session landing 9 from Long Crag on 3 variations of PTN’s.

Fly Box:- Fry Patterns, Black Buzzers, Hares Ear’s, PTN’s, Diawl Bachs, Daddies, Hoppers, Cormorants, Cats Whisker, Bloodworms, Yellow Dancer and various other dries and lures.

Fishery Hours:- Open Daily 8.30pm to 6.30pm. Saturday-  5.00pm close

Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 30

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 30:


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

With the change in the temperature and pressure sport has improved this week. Lots of fish in the 3lb to 8lb being caught including some lovely brown trout. Ali Tait from Morpeth landed a beautiful 13lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake using a Black Spider. Cramlington Renegades had a great day on Saturday catching 26 fish between them. The best bag was five fish for 18lb 3oz by Mr A. Calvin. Members of the Chopwell Chancers fished on Saturday and everyone caught fish… apart from one member! Winner of the ‘friendly’ competition was Ross Dixon with a four bag weight of 14lb. Second was Gary Lynn with 13lb 7oz (four fish) and third Paul Snaith 12lb 7oz (four fish). Gary Lynn won the heaviest prize with a 7lb 12oz rainbow. Dunnydeer Lake and Ross Lake are fully booked on Saturday October 1 until 4pm – Chatton Lake will be open as usual. Fishery closing at 7pm this week.


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

With autumn well and truly upon us the fishing has been improving with a real mix of methods taking fish. There have been good returns of fish on everything from big lures on a sunk line, Buzzers on the washing-line and up to tiny dries. The Boathouse has still been holding a bit of colour but still fishing really well. The best flies on here have been a white lure, Black Buzzers, Okey Dokeys, bright FABs, Squirmys and dries. Mr Connell had 12 fish on a Green Okey Dokey. Mr Soave had three for 11lb with the biggest being 6lb 4oz. The Burnside has been very busy and as a result some days have seen the fish being very selective with very wee dries being the key to a good day’s sport. Floating Fry, various patterns under the bung and again white lures have been the best options. Mr Birse had 11 on a small fry. Mr Watson had 13 on a Blob under the bung.

Over the weekend the Rosyth Civil Service Angling Club were out over the two ponds and did very well keeping 12 fish for 27lb and returning another 170 fish up to 10lb with several in the 5-8lb range between the 24 anglers. The Woodside has been fishing exceptionally well with 38 anglers over the weekend landing 74 fish. The largest was taken by Mr Jackson weighing 5lb 7oz taken on Powerbait.

There will be a fundraising competition on the Boathouse and Burnside on October 16 to help raise funds for the Scottish Stillwater fly fishing team going to Wales at the end of October. Anyone looking to fish it or for more details call 01382 350777.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 52 rods caught 107 fish for an average of 2.05. The fishing has been a little difficult this week with the boat anglers still having more success. The biggest fish of the week was a 6lb rainbow caught by Ray Inman of Birmingham who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and it was the best of a six fish bag caught on lures. John Ponting of Sutton Coldfield caught seven fish on a catch and release ticket from a boat on Cocks Close and these all fell to a Buzzer on a floating line. Chris Gee of Solihull had six fish to 4lb again from a boat on Cocks Close and these all came to a Black Buzzer on a floating line. Best patterns have been small lures, Black Damsel, Goldhead Damsel, black or olive Buzzers, GRHE and dry Daddies. Best areas have been the old boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close.


Swanswater Trout Fishery, Stirlingshire

A mixed week of weather led to some mixed results. Earlier in the week the warmer, brighter and calmer days proved tougher and the fish were lying deeper than normal, around four to five feet. Midweek onwards proved an upturn in fortunes, topped off by an incredible day on Wednesday. This was when temperatures dropped a little, the cloud cover rolled in, accompanied by heavy spells of rain and a stronger breeze. Fish returned to more normal depths of around two to three feet and were more active. Many golden trout continue to feature in the returns, as the average size of them continues to rise. Areas around the dam and island fished best and it was a good week for mini lures such as Dancer, Cat, Damsel, and Zonker. Buzzers also took a lot of fish, particularly during the middle of the week, with the odd nymph such as Diawl Bach and PTN and wets like Kate McLaren also working when fish were higher in the water.

We continue to stock a large number of “strange” coloured trout. These highly visible trout seem to be causing some confusion as anglers are still not aware of what they are both catching and seeing in the ponds. One angler when asked if his fish was a Rainbow replied ‘yes but it’s kinda yellow’. It was a golden trout!

Frank Barr, from Falkirk, caught eight fish for 20lb 8oz including a 4lb rainbow, a blue and four golds; Tam Baillie, Kincardine, six for 16lb 12oz including four golds, in two visits; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 12lb 12oz including two golds; Greg Donaldson, Alloa, five for 12lb 12oz; Danny Doherty, Denny, four for 14lb 4oz including a 6lb 10oz rainbow; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 11lb 8oz; Paul Pathmore, Edinburgh, four for 10lb; Donald McMurchy, Fallin, three for 12lb 4oz including a 6lb 12oz rainbow and two golds; Alan Prentice, Clackmannan, three for 14lb including a 8lb 12oz rainbow; Robert Smith, Falkirk, and Robert Park, Lennoxtown, three for 8lb; Cameron Halley, West Linton, two for 6lb; Ian Fitzpatrick, Durham, 23 caught and released in two visits; Andy Cook, Durham, 19 caught and released in two visits; Geoff Gilbert, Isle Of Man, 39 caught and released over the week.


Thrunton Trout Fishery

As Autumn approaches and  the mornings and evenings are much cooler, the fish are now looking to feed up for winter. Despite the winds anglers have enjoyed some good sport on both lakes with bloodworms, buzzers and diawl bachs being the most successful. Anglers are finding dries are still working well under the cloud cover with lots of sedges showing on the water this weekend. The fish of the week, 17lb rainbow, was safely returned by Ian Robinson from Newcastle on a pink bloodworm but many fish, including blues and browns in the 4-10lb range have also been recorded.

Due to our continued improvement of the facilities at Thrunton, fishing on parts of Long Crag lake may be disturbed  on Monday/Tuesday, but Coe Crag will  be available as normal.

  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle fished cormorants static and netted 8 from Long Crag
  • Lol Seddon from Stakeford had ‘a cracking session’ netting 8 from both lakes on buzzers
  • Cramlington angler Ray Percy used a red apps bloodworm to return 16 to 6lb
  • Ian Callow from Dunbar released 7 from  Long Crag on diawl bachs and daddies
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington had ‘his day at Thrunton’ returning 20 to both lakes on diawl bachs and green buzzers
  • Lee Masterman from landed 8 , all off the top, on shipmans buzzers
  • Stu Ward from Westerhope kept 4 for 15lb 10oz and returned a further 4 on a black blue flash damsel and a ginger bloodworm
  • John Pringle from Wooler enjoyed his day returning 9 from both lakes
  • Darren Storey from Annfield Plain returned 14 from Long Crag lake on buzzers
  • Davy Kay from Morpeth released 16 from Coe Crag on his home tied flies
  • Shane Allison from Stanley safely returned 10 from both lakes on various blobs.
  • Trevor Bryant enjoyed his day netting 14 from both lakes on a yellow buzzer

Fly Box:- buzzers, diawl bachs, bloodworms, sedges, hoppers, cormorants, damsels, lures and other dries.

FISHERY HOURS Open daily 8.30am – 6.30pm. Saturday 5.00pm close


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending September 23 the 48 rods caught 63 trout for a rod average of 1.31. Breezier cooler weather has helped a bit this week though fish do seem a little more reluctant to feed in periods of bright sun. Like everywhere it seems to have been a long summer at Toft, but with conditions now starting to point in the right direction more fish are being seen actively feeding. All methods have their place at the moment with a mixture of dries and washing-line tactics taking the lion’s share of the fish. But don’t rule out fry patterns such as Minkies and Booby Minkies to create some noise on the surface. Season ticket holder Keith Walker spooned a fish to reveal it to be full of black buzzers. A quick change and matching the hatches resulted in more fish following in short order. Martin Rowson fished from a boat on a wet day and managed 15 fish, mainly on washing-line/Booby tactics taking fish about six inches down.

The Cancer Research fundraiser takes place this Saturday (October 1). Please contact Andy in the fishery office on 01673 878453 or by mobile 07850 351695 if you would like to take part.


West House Trout Lakes

On Saturday October 15 West House is hosting a free BBQ for all fisherman. The BBQ will be at 12.30 and there is no charge for anyone fishing. Put a note in your diary.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

Cooler conditions and cloud cover. The change in the weather to a more seasonable average certainly improved the fishing this week and the 22 visiting anglers saw improved success with the fish moving again. Anglers still had to show patience and the best of the week was ‘Mitch’ with a bag of five fish, followed by R. Bert who caught three fish. G. Mercer, P. Stonehouse and P. Barnet all had bags of two fish each. The best fish of the week were two 3lb specimens caught by R. Bert and G. Mercer. Blobs, Buzzers and CdCs all worked well with Owls making an appearance towards the end of the week. Now that the weather has become more autumnal the fish should continue to move, giving visiting anglers a fighting chance.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Reports indicate that the quality of fishing is very reasonable for the time of year, especially after such a long period of hot weather. On the bottom pond, boat anglers continue to find fish, especially off the dam. Ken Pascoe had a total return of nine fish from two sessions with Shaun Cotterell catching a similar number, again from two visits. Shaun’s regular boat partner, Keith Higgins landed five trout from his boat day and then added a further 10 fish from around the banks including a specimen rainbow of 3lb 4oz. Boat sessions for Les Murphy and Lindsay Kirkwood saw each land three trout. Around the banks of the bottom pond, but mainly off the dam, club president Martin Williams caught six fish from two visits, while Cardiff member Alan Rees managed two trout from each of his two afternoon sessions. Regular permit holders, Roger Martin and James Francis each caught three fish. A brace of trout was landed by Ian Hewitt, John Morgan and Colin Jones. Day ticket visitors finding value for money included Peter Williams with three fish caught using a Humungus pattern and Messrs C. and S. Jones each catching two rainbows. On the top pond day ticket holder Peter Dent landed three rainbows to 2lb 6oz with committee member Terry O’Connor also catching three fish from the road bank. A session around the shallow waters off Swan Bay, provided general treasurer Gwyn Davies with five trout caught on a combination of Corixa dries and Damsel Nymphs. Successful flies during the week include Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Diawl Bach variations, Hoppers and Daddy Longlegs. As for last week early and late sessions provide the best fishing and good shoals of fish have been seen on the bottom pond particularly off the dam and in Farmhouse and Pipe Bay.

At the weekend boat anglers on the bottom pond were still finding fish with regulars Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell landing seven fish each. The Murphy brothers Arthur and Les each registered two rainbows. One of the season’s most consistent fishermen, James Francis followed a very early session in Farmhouse Bay, which realised three fish caught on Diawl Bach and small Pheasant Tail flies, with an afternoon/evening boat ticket to catch a further five fish. Cardiff members Alan Rees and Ivor Thomas also fished from the bank over a similar time to record three and two trout respectively, caught on a combination of Yellow Blobs, Hoppers and Daddies. Day ticket visitor B. Hurcombe caught five fish to 2lb 3oz mainly from the dam. On the top pond a Corixa pattern tempted an excellent 3lb 7oz rainbow for association member John Edwards.



Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 23

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here atTaunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 23:

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk

Weather conditions slowly improving and we hope to restock in the next couple of weeks.

Sport is becoming a little easier now the lakes are starting to cool down. Simon Nicols from Annfield Plain caught 14 fish using Buzzers and Diawl Bachs. John Boyle from Hawick caught 11 fish on a Yellow Owl. Rodney Burn from Blyth kept three fish and returned four using a Pink Bloodworm, Tinnie and a black lure. Alan Sheppard from Stakeford caught seven fish using a Hare’s Ear and Buzzers. Ogle Brown from Ashington caught seven fish using an Invicta. Davie Fisher kept two fish and returned eight using Daddies. Matty Divine from Hadson caught 11 fish using nymphs, returning an 8lb 3oz rainbow to Chatton Lake. Davie Kay from Morpeth caught nine fish returning a 6lb 2oz and 8lb 8oz rainbow. David Astbury from Embleton kept three fish and returned two, one being a 7lb brown trout to Ross Lake. Chatton Angling Ladies Club member Caroline Brown was delighted with her catches, and she also lost one at the net. Fishery closing at 7.30pm this week.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire

For the week September 12-18 the 85 anglers caught 209 fish of which 132 were returned. Best fish of 5lb 14oz was taken by Chris Walker, of Lutterworth, who fished a Cat’s Whisker from the boat. A brown of 5lb 8oz was caught by Lazloe Boden, of Northampton, on a Daddy, also from the boat. Four days of hot weather at the start of last week put on hold an improvement in the fishing, but a return to normal early season temperatures will soon see an improvement. Throughout the last two months we’ve stocked almost twice as many fish as have been taken out. Elinor should start fishing well very soon. Weed beds are starting to break up and it’s noticeable on calm days that fish are rising over most parts of the lake. There are good numbers of daddies starting to hatch which will provide some good surface sport. Most fish are coming to floating line with a bright Blob/FAB on the point with Crunchers/Diawl Bachs. Some boats have had good bags on an intermediate with white/green lures. Best boat areas are the dam, boat bay, east arm, brookside. Boats doing best down the middle.

Sunday November 13 is the date for the Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather. Fishing is from 9am to 3pm, entry £25 which includes fishing fees (£5 for season ticket holders). Boat or bank fishing available. Proceeds from the raffle will be split between Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation.


Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire

Eyebrook season ticket holder Stuart Bilsdon of Uppingham has been catching plenty of hard-fighting rainbow trout on Daddies. Gary Legge fished Claret Hoppers and caught 10 rainbows while boat fishing. Ian Simmons and Neil Benjamin caught on Daddies and Bibios. Season ticket holder Bill Whittle of Grantham was content with a brace of fish taken on a Green and White Tadpole and included a brown trout of 3lb 9oz. Bill also caught nine fish last week from the main basin on Black Buzzers. The winning pair in ‘Bennetts Bash’ boat-fishing competition, organised by Mick Bennett, were Tim Polito and Calum Naylor with eight fish for 14lb 13oz. Runners up were Nodder Bennett and Adi Naylor with six fish for 11lb 10oz. With the water now cooling and the weed beds slowly dying back, the resident trout are now being more frequently caught on Daddies and floating fry patterns.

Pike fishing starts on October 1 using lures and sea dead baits only and a number of boats have been allocated on each day. For more information and rules regarding predator fishing go to and click on the predator motif.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

Quite a hard week with hot weather and then varied cold to hot, which doesn’t help settle fish into feeding hard. Still, fish were caught although not in big numbers and you needed to think about your fishing and find where the fish were. On bright days search shaded water and around weed beds where fish will seek shelter from the sun and will be more tempted to take. Open, bright water will produce little. Dry flies worked as did Buzzers and Damsels and olive was the dominant colour overall. Some good catches this week included Slater Scott with 12, Rob Harding on seven, Stephen Devanny with nine, Tom Anderson seven, Blair MacDonald eight, Mark Bell nine, Eddie Kane 10, and Billy Campbell 11. Dave Wright had a nice fish of 5lb 14oz, Harry Buchan one of 5lb 9oz, Archie Miller one at 6lb. Averages were down due to the heat at around two fish per session showing just how tough it was. When it cooled down things did come to life and it was good on the dries but so many fish were on and off according to anglers.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

Anglers have enjoyed some fantastic sport in less than ideal conditions. Fish have begun to search every nook, cranny and bay for food, boosting the bank and boat fishing, particularly in the harder to reach areas. Amongst the notable trout catches this week was Norman Rushton who took a 4lb 11oz brown. John Brimble tempted a brown of 28 inches. John also landed a 4lb perch earlier in the week. Phil Green recorded the best bag of the week, tempting 16 fish to his boat using nymphs on a floating line close to the bank.

Boat anglers have seen the return of the margin-feeding fish. Many of the shallow bays are seeing numbers of fish, particularly in rocky areas, succumbing to the fabled GRHE. Other common catching flies include Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers, usually dark or red in colour. The best techniques continue to be floating lines with Diawl Bachs and Crunchers strung between Boobies on the point and Hare’s Ears on the dropper.

It is noticeable that fish are following shoals of last year’s large roach fry. Targeting these fish can sometimes be a little tricky, although injecting some pace into the lure or fly when they are nearby is tempting the fish to chase. Good areas reported this week include Hill Farm, West Bank, the middle (drifting), the dam, Rainbow Point, Sanctuary Bay, G Buoy and Deep Water Point. Try Pig Bay, Pylon Point and Rectory Bay as there are plenty of fish to be had in these areas. Fish are right up in the water so look for the tell-tale signs of them feeding and be cautious of spooking them in shallow water.

There has been a fair amount of pressure on the bank this week with anglers practicing for the Troutmasters final. From Hill Farm down to Church Walk anglers have taken plenty of fish. Many of the anglers are wading out and practising their Grafham shuffle, disturbing the shrimp and then fishing the areas they have disturbed. We suggest using a prod stick for safety and working in a ‘U’ shape for maximum effect. The techniques are much the same as for boat fishing with Boobies, Diawl Bachs, Hoppers and Buzzers being commonly used, fished washing-line style.

Over the coming weeks we are hoping to improve access by cutting back overgrown vegetation aiming to continue further towards Marlow Bay. Any suggestions or requests you may have, please don’t’ hesitate to approach a ranger regarding bank maintenance.

There was much excitement at Grafham on Sunday with Gavin Watts recording a massive 29lb 14oz pike. Some lovely perch have been taken up to 4lb 11oz on lures. Reports are coming in of some nice double-figured zander with a few whispers of a 14lb fish being landed. Regrettably a small number of zander have been popping up dying or dead in recent days. Zander struggle when caught in deep water and they suffer from swim bladder malfunction. To avoid causing death the best option is to give the fish a chance at equalising the pressure on the way up during the fight. A slow and steady pressure with plenty of pauses as you gain line is essential for the fish to equalise properly. If you are unsure please approach fishery staff for more information.

Fifteen GWFFA club members fished their third and final boat match on Saturday September 17. The weather conditions were awful with high winds restricting fishing to the north shore. Some anglers did well using intermediate lines with Blobs and nymphs and others on full floating lines. The anglers managed 50 fish including a spectacular 4lb 11oz brown trout caught by Norman Rushton. Novice angler and new member John Abrey from Barton Mills managed two fine rainbows on a floating line with traditional wets on what was his first boat trip. First was Derek Bravington with eight fish for 15lb 10oz, 2nd Mark Brinkman, eight fish for 14lb 4oz; 3rd David Spall, six fish for 13lb 12oz. Best rainbow 4lb 1oz taken by Alan Taylor.


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

Fishing was good providing you fished toward the margins and pulled fish from their hiding places under the tree lines. Open water, which was bright, was not as fruitful. Dries were best with Shipman’s Buzzers and Greenwells doing well, also Kate McLarens and Black Pennells. Both lochs doing well and there are no weeds worries this year which has been good. There are no evening sessions now as the nights start to draw in fast.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 50 rods caught 95 fish for an average of 1.90. The hot bright weather through the week made it very difficult but on the more overcast and cooler days the fishing was better. The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb rainbow caught by R. Harwood of Bedworth who caught it on a Buzzer fished on a floating line from Cocks Close. Kevin Brookes of Tamworth caught eight fish from a boat on Cocks Close with the biggest at 4lb and these all came to a Daddy Longlegs fished on a floating line. Paul Flanner of Kempsay fished catch and release from a boat on Cocks Close and he used a black nymph to tempt nine fish. John Riley of Atherstone caught eight fish, again from a boat on Cocks Close and these were caught on Black Buzzers. On the Park Meadow pool, Mark Goldney of Nuneaton caught eight fish to 3lb 8oz using small Buzzers on a floating line. The fish are still in shoals and the boat anglers are finding them easier than the bank anglers. As the weather cools the bank fishing will improve and further stocking this week will definitely make the fishing better.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Fish are still up in the water and have been found in increasing numbers in the Narrows and bowl at the causeway. Bank anglers are finding fish right in the margins feeding on shrimp and snails. Mark Bradbury had a lovely brown estimated at 5lb. It took a Shrimp pattern and was returned to the water unharmed. There have been plenty of fish in the 3lb bracket coming to the net. Daddy longlegs are starting to show now so Daddy patterns and Hoppers will work. Boat anglers on drifts across the Narrows or bowl are fishing these patterns on floating lines and reporting plenty of sport. The Polish Lure Anglers Match on September 17 saw anglers report over 200 pike and perch caught with a pike of 94cm weighing around 25lb, as well as perch up to 4lb.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Ravensthorpe has been on terrific form this week with some excellent sport and a rod average of 6.2. The fish are up in the water and taking dries. Best methods have been floating line with Foam Daddies or Hoppers. Blobs and Diawl Bachs have also been taking fish. Frazer Duffy junior had a good day on Sunday taking 14 fish on Daddies and Blobs. Many other anglers have had catches into double figures on the same method. Best rainbow 2lb 8oz taken by Mark Draper. The dam is also producing a few fish. Alan Duffin took three fish on Black Buzzer and a small Minkie and lost another three. Best boat area is the main bowl. Best bank is the dam.


Rutland Water, Rutland

Rutland is producing some fantastic specimen fish – particularly browns. Phil Welbourn of Deeping took a personal best brown of 5lb 14oz while fishing fry patterns from the boat. He returned another fish the same day of around 3lb. David Mann, who is also a season ticket holder, brought a cracking brown of 4lb 7oz to the scales. Other anglers are encountering these superb fish in the 3-5lb range, and the majority are being returned. The best rainbow recorded last week went to one of the WaterAid competitors, Paul Fratwell who netted a well-conditioned 4lb 1oz rainbow. He also had two more nice fish, with all three weighing just under 11lb. Paul fished fry patterns down the South Arm. The aerators are holding plenty of rainbows and a good number of boat anglers are recording limits there. Bank fishing is fairly steady although there are fish close in with Normanton, Sykes Lane and the peninsula weed beds providing one or two fish.

The annual WaterAid boat competition, supported by Rutland Water Fly Fishers, has run since 2002, and to date has raised some £200,000 for the charity. At present they are engaged in providing water and improved sanitation to underdeveloped countries: mainly in Africa. This year’s event took place on September 16 and RWFF provided boat men as guides for the day. The RWFF guide with the winning pair of novices who caught the best bag was Mick Connor from Oakham.

Five boats fished in Round A of the Anglian Water Rudder match on September 17 with a lot of fish caught. Dave Porter and Steve Crowder won with 15 fish for 29lb 10oz. Roy and Colan Bartram were second with 13 fish for 27lb 4oz. Third place went to Chris Binley and Adi Naylor with 10 fish for 20lb 9oz. Roy Bartram took the best fish of the match, a brown of 3lb 7oz.

Prospects look good with many methods working, from fry patterns, dries and nymphs (bank and boat) to rudder and lure fishing in general. There are plenty of daddy longlegs about, with big hatches of small buzzers late afternoon/evening. Corixa, sticklebacks/fry and snails are featuring in the trout’s diet.

Please note that all boats are booked October 1-5 inclusive as Rutland Water hosts the Final of the Anglian Water Airflo International.

The Autumn Pairs takes place on Saturday October 8. This is a popular match with rudder and non-rudder sections (no fly size restrictions). Match hours are 9am to 5pm – please call the lodge on 01780 686441 to find out more or to book.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

A large number of golden trout are currently appearing in the catch returns. These highly visible fish are giving anglers a lot of sport as they can be targeted as they cruise round the ponds. Sometimes they can cause a huge amount of frustration as they totally ignore the fly that has been dropped almost on their nose but generally they are happy to take whatever is offered to them! In addition to the golds there are quite a few light blue trout being stocked which are a very unusual colour and are also very visible in the water.

Over the course of the week the fish were still mostly in the top couple of feet of the water although in windy conditions they went a bit deeper. The area around the dam was usually the most productive although the boats and the island were also doing well. At the weekend, anglers using a fast retrieve were reporting a lot of follows although sometimes the fish were a bit harder to tempt to actually take the fly. A large variety of flies were successful with the favourites being Dancer, Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Buzzer, Invicta, Kate McLaren, Hopper and various dries, particularly on the small ponds. The fishery is now open 8am to 7.30pm every day.

Best bag this week went to John Mathieson, Doune, with four fish for 15lb 12oz including an 8lb rainbow and three golds. Some of the other anglers doing well included Alan Henderson, Grangemouth, 8lb rainbow; Robert Smith, Falkirk, in two visits, took seven for 17lb 8oz, including four golds, plus a further eight caught and released including two at around 8lb; Willie Martin, Stirling, five golds for 12lb 12oz; Greg Donaldson, Alloa, five for 12lb 8oz, plus four caught and released; Alan Stirling, Bonnybridge, five for 11lb 12oz; Sean McGill, Airdrie, five for 11lb 12oz; Frank Barr, Falkirk, four for 10lb 4oz, plus four caught and released; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 10lb; Peter Bryce, Alloa, four golds for 9lb 8oz; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, three for 8lb 8oz including a blue; Dominic McAteer, 4lb rainbow; Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 14; Stephen Campbell, Livingston, caught and released 10; Alex Joss caught and released seven.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Three Springs (lake one) catch and keep end has seen fish taking Buzzers and Bloodworms fished static, slow or under a bung. Daddies and Hoppers working well on top, and Cat’s Whiskers, Damsels, Dancers etc when the fish are in the mood to chase. The other end of the lake is now producing a few browns to black nymphs, GRHE etc. Lake two saw great Shipmans, Caddis, Elk Hair and Daddy moments on top. There seems to be longer periods of dry fly action here but buzzers and lures also having moments. Browns to 4lb and rainbows to 6lb recorded. Water crystal clear as ever. Stalking pool lake open again and all lakes are restocked next week.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

The unseasonably warm and sunny conditions have continued to keep the going very hard with the fish being reluctant to rise. Only the most patient of anglers willing to put in the hard work have been finding success. All bags, understandably, were in single figures with J. Wittenstall coming out top with a bag of four fish and T. Burgess showed great patience managing two fish on his half day visit. The best fish of the week was a fine 4lb rainbow caught by J. Wittenstall. With the recent proliferation of crane flies, Daddy Longlegs proved the most successful fly at the lakes this week with Blobs and CdCs also appearing on the sheets. The cooling temperatures towards the end of the week, especially early mornings, have seen the fish starting to move again and this should bode well for anglers wishing to fish the lakes this coming week.


Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Fishing on both ponds continues to improve, conditional upon the times of visiting i.e. early to mid morning and later sessions during the evening, and also on the location of fish, which on the bottom pond, continues to be from the dam and on the top pond at the shallow areas around Swan Bay and also at the inlet/road bank. On the top pond Graham Ingram Evans landed five good rainbows from Swan Bay using a Damsel Nymph, while Terry O’Connor fished on two occasions around the inlet to catch a total of 10 rainbows. On the bottom pond regular boat users Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell caught four and two fish respectively, while Mike Price and Adam Taylor landed four and three fish from their shared boat session. Ken Pascoe caught six fish from the boat off the dam. Around the banks both ends of the dam are providing good fishing with head bailiff John Mcindo enjoying an excellent late evening catch and release limit from the outlet using a combination of Green Buzzers and Bloodworm patterns. Roger Martin and Ken Bowring continue to take limits, with James Francis continuing his very good season with a further five trout landed on a Diawl Bach. Craig Bowles and Hugh Davies both caught four fish from the dam, with a three fish return being recorded by Alan Rees, Martin Williams, Rob Watkins and Ian Hewitt. New member Dave Price caught a brace of trout, with a similar catch being made by day ticket holder D. Stowell. The majority of catches are being made on Damsel variants, Diawl Bachs, Bloodworms and Cat’s Whiskers.

At the weekend an early morning start for James Francis saw him find three fish in Farmhouse Bay using a combination of Shipman’s Buzzers, small Pheasant Tail dries and Hoppers. Martin Rees fished into a strong head wind from the dam and managed a brace of trout, while Cardiff member Ivor Thomas found his fish via a late afternoon session. On the boats, regular users Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell caught four and two fish respectively while the Murphy brothers Arthur and Les landed six and four trout. Big shoals of fish are being seen both in the morning and late evening, but proving very difficult to catch. Ken Bowring used a Sherry Spinner spent fly during his week’s fishing which tempted four fish. The fly has a link to the blue winged olive which appears in early summer. Obviously a late arrival!

Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 16

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here atTaunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 16:

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Fish have been putting up a good fight this week with many anglers struggling to get them to the net. Sport has predominantly been top of the water with dries working well. Another week of lovely brown trout being caught and fish in the 4lb to 8lb bracket. D. Johnston from Coldstream caught a 6lb 4oz rainbow from Ross Lake using a Black Dancer. The fly box has been Sedges, Hoppers, Black Gnats, Daddies, Hare’s Ears, Spiders and Diawl Bachs. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday September 17 at 9.30am in the lodge, everyone welcome to join in, £20 per person and £5 per child, The fishery is open to all other anglers on this day. The fishery is closing at 8pm this week.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

It’s been a great week with a rod average of 5.57, despite the turbulent weather. With the changeable conditions anglers are reporting sudden feeding spells followed by quieter periods. Notable catches this week include 19 fish taken by Ryan Campbell in a single session. Simon Lucas took the best bag of the week with 25 fish taken mostly from the middle. The best rainbow was landed by Alan Taylor with a 4lb 1oz specimen. P. Rees came close with a 4lb rainbow. Boat anglers are catching most consistently in the clearer and colder water. There’s a variation of up to four degrees in the surface temperature between the bank and the deeper water. It’s worth moving away from the shallow banks and trying for the fish further out. The best techniques are to fish floating lines with fast glass tip, with Diawl Bachs and Crunchers strung between Boobies on the point and Hare’s Ears on the dropper. Fishing an intermediate and pulling quickly is also tempting lots of good fish.

Some of the best spots reported this week include Savages Creek, between the two boils (drifting), the middle (drifting), the dam, Rainbow Point, Sanctuary Bay and a return in form for G Buoy and Deep Water Point. Other areas worth a try are outside the nature reserve and off the fishing lodge car park, particularly on Shrimp patterns.

The bank fishing has been improving. Snails are still the main food source with shrimp and fry also popular food items. Diawl Bachs and Buzzers are producing when fished washing-line method and left to drift in an arc or retrieved on a slow figure of eight. Mander car park (at the fishing lodge) is a great place to wade with fish coming very close in during the morning and evening.

Bank improvement work continues with a walkway from the Seat to Sludge Point now re-opened. Give Sludge Point a try – wade out and cast into the reachable wind lanes. With the rocky ground and sunken stumps take a prod stick and don’t forget your Hare’s Ears and Shrimp patterns.

If you would like to volunteer as a bailiff to help marshal the banks during the Troutmasters Final on September 19 or to assist at the weigh in we would love to hear from you. There are morning or afternoon sessions, or join us for the whole day. Please email or call 07801 674683.

Due to stock taking please note that items of tackle etc will not be available to purchase from 11am on September 20 and 21. The Lodge will remain open for boat hire and permit sales.

The Anniversary Pairs Boat Match takes place on September 24. The match will be fished to relaxed international rules, drifting boats and no time bonus. With cash prizes and concluding with a barbecue with drinks it promises to be a very enjoyable day. Call the fishing lodge on 01480 810531 to enter or email

The Lure Angling Society hosted a predator match at Grafham this week. Perch were targeted and plenty were caught. The LAS will be back at Grafham for their Zander match on September 25.

Some very good fish were caught in the AMFC team event including a 3lb 7oz rainbow for Ashley Cannon (captain of RNRMAA) which was the best fish overall. Terry Bayes (captain Mid Northants TFA) took the best bag at 20lb 13oz. Team result:

1st Hanningfield FA, 6 points; 2nd GWFFA B, 5; 3rd RNRMAA, 4; 4th Mid Northants TFA, 3; 5th Invicta FFC ‘B’, 2; 6th Soldier Palmers ‘B’, 1.


PackingtonTrout Fishery, Warwickshire

The trout day ticket fishery re-opened on Saturday with heavy rain greeting the anglers on the first day. The fishing was really patchy with the new stock fish shoaling around the wires bank and anglers getting onto the shoals early had the best of the sport. Mr G. Hood of Nuneaton caught 11 fish, six up to 3lb were returned using small Cat’s Whisker on floating lines. Ben Stubbs of Atherstone also caught 11 fish including an 8lb rainbow which was safely returned. Cat’s Whiskers and Black Tadpoles accounted for all of his fish. By Sunday the wind had turned full circle and the fish were on the opposite banks into the old boat jetty corner and it was here that Kevin Burgess of Birmingham fished from a boat to catch eight fish to 4lb. As the weather cools the fish will spread out and make the fishing better, particularly for those fishing from the bank.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Anglers have enjoyed some good sport this week and combined with a fantastic match fished by members of the AMFC at the weekend, contributed to the rod average of 4.6. At the beginning of the week the south/south westerly wind and wet weather meant that most of the success was had by fishing from the Gravel Bank, Sermans and off Rigby Point. The boat anglers, still fishing in the Narrows and the main basin, dam and Sailing Club Bays, did catch but not in huge quantities as the fish stayed close in to the bank, feeding on shrimp and snail. Getting on the bank early has produced good results with plenty of fish rising and keen to take anything that was offered to them.

Later in the week the wind changed to a north westerly direction. Most boats recorded fish, especially Messrs Millard, Doutre, Jenkins and Thorp from Scotland who enjoyed a three-day holiday. There were two good-sized browns caught this week. One of 4lb 5oz was taken by boat angler Roger Griffiths and the other, taken by Dave Struthwick on a dry, came from the bank. Dave also had many other rainbows on Snail patterns.

Pitsford Water has hosted a number of competitions recently and here are some of the results:
Alex Booth Flyfishers – 1st John Marshall, 6 fish for 12lb 4oz; 2nd Jeff Savage, 6 fish for 10lb 8oz; 3rd Mike Smith, 4 fish for 7lb 14oz; 4th Vic Byrne, 4 fish for 6lb 8oz.

Police No6 Regional Qualifier – 17 anglers caught 62 fish for a rod average of 3.6. Mark Edgson-Wright was top rod with 8 fish for 16lb 1oz; Rob Price was runner up with 8 fish for 15lb 8oz. The best fish weighed 4lb 5oz and was caught by Roger Griffiths.

AMFC Group 1 result– Anglers caught 250 fish for a rod average of 6.9. Mike Laycock took the biggest fish at 4lb 1oz. The best bag (including time bonus) went to John Frank (Bewl) with 21lb 7oz. Lloyd Thompson (Fish Hawks) took second place weighing in 18lb 9oz. Peter Hartley (Grafham A) was a very close third with 18lb 8oz. Team results: Fish Hawks 6 points; Bewl 5; Rutland 4; Soldier Palmers A 3; Tunbridge Wells 2; Grafham A 1.

EMFC Results – Anglers took 60 fish for a rod average of 3. Gary Howe and Mark Searle won with a bag weight of 24lb 9oz. Pat Sweeney took the biggest fish at 3lb 5oz.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Sport has improved. Chris Johns landed eight fish from a boat drifting across open water. Chris used floating line with Daddies fished just under the surface. Pete Webb landed 10 fish from a boat with floating line and Orange Hoppers. Mick O’Farrell and Richard Slater opted to fish small dries and had 19 fish to their boat. Alan Duffin fished from the dam on Sunday and landed two fish with floating line and Buzzers. He also lost a couple. Best boat area is the Main Bowl, best bank is the dam.


Rutland Water, Rutland

Boat anglers have dominated sport this week. Anglers are catching numerous limits in the main basin with many other fish returned. One boat recorded 40 fish, many of them around 2lb 8oz. Boat anglers headed down the arms in pursuit of the larger specimens. Season ticket holder Toff Crowther, of Oakham, fished amongst the many weed beds in the south arm with fry patterns. Toff enticed nine fish including a superb brace of rainbows weighing 5lb 7oz (best rainbow of the week) and 5lb 3oz, plus another three rainbows and four browns. Keith Jones also travelled up to the Arms and returned eight browns, including the best brown of the week at 5lb 10oz. Keith also had three rainbows all over 3lb on the same day. Paul Wild fished on ‘soggy’ Saturday (the wettest day of the week) and was rewarded with browns up to and around 6lb. Large patterns, Snake Humungus etc are accounting for most of these fish.

A few bank anglers fished along the Normanton bank and the peninsula. Fish were showing in these areas but difficult to tempt.

Prospects look excellent with anglers anticipating a good ‘back end’ to the season. It looks like this is already under way – especially for boat anglers with quality browns and rainbows feeding on sticklebacks, snails and corixa. The huge shoals of this year’s roach and perch fry don’t seem to be included in the diet yet. Current tactics with fry patterns include Floating Fry, Suspender Minkies etc on floating lines. Alternatively try medium sink lines, Snakes, Humungus, Minkies stripped back almost immediately to good affect, upgrade your leader strength to 10 or 12lb breaking strain to avoid damage.
On Saturday October 8 the Autumn Pairs match will be fished from 9am to 5pm. This popular match has two sections; one rudder and the other for non-rudder. When booking please specify which section you will be fishing in. Normal prices apply with £5 per person pools money. Fished to reservoir rules so no fly size restrictions.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

There was another excellent week of sport. The water remained relatively clear despite heavy rain on and off during the week. For the first part of the week the fish were just under the surface although they were a bit deeper at the weekend. They are looking to chase something at the moment so a relatively fast retrieve was necessary. A wide range of flies were working with almost anything black being the most successful. Favourite patterns included small black lures such as Ace of Spades, Ally McCoist and Black Fritz, nymphs including Cormorant, Buzzer and Diawl Bach, and wet flies like Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Spider and Bibio. Although the fish were not interested in dry flies on Swanswater, quite a few fish were taken on CdCs and other dries on the small ponds over the weekend.

A good number of fish over 6lb were taken again this week with one lucky angler taking home four fish for nearly 23lb over the course of the week. Several golds and blues also featured in the catch returns. Many anglers are enjoying a lot of sport in the small ponds where the fish are often nearer the surface and the golds are very visible. The fishery is still open from 8am to 8pm every day.

Michael Cummings, Bannockburn, had a great week using his brand new 4wt rod. On Tuesday he landed two fish for 10lb 8oz including an 8lb 8oz rainbow, the first fish he had caught with his new rod. He returned on Wednesday and landed a cracking 9lb 6oz rainbow! Both fish gave a great fight and were played for around 20 minutes each. Later in the week he landed a 3lb rainbow.

Doing well from the boat was Gary Waugh, Cumbernauld, with five fish for 17lb 8oz including an 8lb 8oz rainbow and two golds, plus two caught and released. Also amongst the big fish was Martin Stewart, Glasgow, with a 7lb blue and 6lb rainbow. Other good bags included Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb 8oz; Martin Watt, Airdrie, five for 10lb 10oz including four golds from the small ponds, plus one caught and released; Eddie McKillop jnr, Glasgow, three for 9lb 10oz including two golds and a tiger; and his father, also Eddie, three for 8lb plus two caught and released; John Kearney, Broxburn, three for 8lb 4oz; Robert Anderson, Crossgates, kept five from the Millpond, and returned a further 14; Arthur Martin, Dollar, caught and released seven.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Lake 1 saw a weekend of sport to fry patterns, Green Buzzers and Daddy Longlegs on top. On the hotter midweek days a Buzzer or Blob under an indicator was the only method. Good evening rises now and one full bank of lake one has been deweeded. Lake two fishing to Damsels, Snakes, Daddies, Shipman’s, Cat’s Whiskers, Dancers and Green/Black Buzzers. On very hot days fish were 10 feet under a bung. Great evening rises also on here. Lake three to reopen soon after the cooling rain.


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending September 9 the 59 rods caught 109 trout for a rod average of 1.85. Cooler evenings and cloudier days are needed and this should hopefully kick start some feeding activity. Best patterns have been orange dries and orange palmers fished through the surface. Also the washing-line with Diawl Bachs and small fry-type Booby patterns such as Cat’s Whiskers and Sparklers fished very slowly taking a good few fish. Many fish are showing a shift in feeding habits more towards fry now and the next few weeks should see some interesting sport with some full-tailed rainbows and browns putting in an appearance. For those that prefer a more active style of fishing a floating or slow intermediate line with a Humungus pattern stripped just under the surface can bring results.

Evening tickets are now finished but the ‘fish90’ promotion will run for a little longer. Purchase either a four or six fish ticket and bring a fishing colleague for free, sharing the bag limit of course. Remember to mention ‘fish90’ when you book or pay to qualify for the deal.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

The continued warm weather has kept the going hard with fish staying in the deeps and rising very rarely, if at all. Bag numbers have remained low and only the most patient of anglers have found success in these conditions. One dedicated angler with the patience to match was N. Puncheon who managed a bag of nine fish, far outweighing all other bags of the week. Mr Puncheon also caught the best fish of the week, an impressive 4lb rainbow. Anglers have resorted to a number of flies to improve the odds with CdCs, Hoppers and Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ears being the most successful.


Ynys y fro Reserviors, Gwent

The improvement in general weather conditions has allowed NRFFA to add a further stocking to include a number of good sized rainbows to the top pond. This should continue to improve fishing for both reservoirs as temperatures reduce, evidenced on the top pond by dry fly specialists Graham Ingram Evans and Gwyn Davies. Both fished the shallower waters from the Swan’s Nest to the Hedge Bank, with Graham landing two excellent fish of 3lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz caught on a Damsel pattern, while Gwyn used a Shipman’s Buzzer to catch his specimen fish, both weighing 2lb 8oz. On the bottom pond boat anglers continue to find fish, mainly off the dam. Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell shared a boat to land seven fish each whilst Cowbridge members Craig Bowles and Dave Smith caught five and two fish respectively on their boat ticket. James Francis preceded his afternoon/evening boat session, which realised four fish, with a session from the bank to land a matching number again from the dam. Around the banks of the bottom pond Ken Bowring included a further two limits to his season’s total as well as eight trout from two further visits. Roger Martin totalled 12 fish when he fished alongside Ken while Ken Pascoe caught 14 trout over three days. John James totalled six fish as did Gino Alonzi who then landed a catch and release limit of eight fish from a second visit. Steve Curtis recorded a further five rainbows while Doctor John Morgan landed a three fish catch. Catching a brace of fish were Del Haines, Colin Jones, day ticket visitor Carl Williams, Alan Rees, Eddie Ricci and Alun Paul. The majority of fish were caught on Damsels, Diawl Bachs, Shipman’s Buzzers and Daddies, while a Red Sedge pattern was particularly effective during late evening visits.

At the weekend Graham Ingram Evans continued his successful visits to the top pond with an excellent six fish catch and release total, including a rainbow trout weighing 3lb 4oz. The shallow water around the Swan Pond provided Graham’s catch, and again a Damsel fly was most effective. On the bottom pond, regular boat user Ken Pascoe caught five trout from the area in front of the dam, while the dam bank gave Martin Rees a catch of five fish, all taken on a Black Buzzer fished just under the surface. Roger Martin also recorded a five fish catch, while Dave Howells, Keith Higgins, John Eynon, James Francis and Fred Davies each landed two rainbows.


Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports


While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 9:

Avington Trout Fishery, Hampshire

Although the hot August weather meant some difficult fishing at times, the rewards have certainly been there for those who kept plugging away. An immaculate 15lb brown was caught from lake one by Shane Davis on a Black Stalking Bug. Shane found this fish very late in the day lurking in the shade under the tree right at the top of the lake. Mark Williamson braved the wet and windy conditions and was rewarded with brown of just over 12lb from lake two. He caught it using a Goldhead Blue-flash Damsel. A brown just shy of 11lb was taken from lake three by Ian Davidson, who stalked it from under the trees using a heavy stalking bug. Regular angler Richard Francis managed a lovely rainbow at just over 10lb from lake three. Adam Pagan caught a pristine 11lb 8oz rainbow from lake 2 using a small Black Buzzer. Regular angler Kevin Macey also managed to get in on the action with a lovely 10lb 8oz rainbow from lake two caught on a small Damsel. Fly choice this month has been difficult to determine with one day being completely different to the next. Lures have been most consistent in the morning period, especially the Damsel patterns, in the afternoon the smaller flies such as Buzzers and nymphs have produced a lot fish and the colour black seems to be the most popular. The fish are very reluctant to chase, so dropping the fly on their nose or slowly retrieving it past them seems to be the best method. The fishery will be closed for corporate events on September 7, 29 & 30; and October 7.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Early morning and evening have produced great dry fly sport, fish have been deeper through the day. Lovely brown trout have been coming to the net, also fish in the 4lb to 8lb bracket. Fly box this week has been CdCs, Buzzers, nymphs, Daddies, Bloodworms and small lures. Ben McDonald from Bedlington caught his first fish on a fly using a Green CdC. Jack Rowley (age five) from Longhoughton caught a fish from Ross Lake using a Yellow Dancer. The fishery is closing at 8pm.


Elan Valley, Powys

Some nice browns came from the Elan Valley reservoirs.

Mr Pritchard from Shrewsbury landed one of 2lb, and Mr Fordyce from Winforton caught one of 1lb 8oz. The reservoirs are filling fast, so fishing should be good for September. Hoppers and Daddy Longlegs should do well, and also Zulu and Montana. Elan Valley fishing season ends on October 17.


Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire

Season ticket holder Lindsay Bates of Gretton recently enjoyed a morning boat session and caught 12 decent rainbows on a combination of Pearly Wickhams and Invictas fished on a floating line. Ken Haken and John Smith of Bulwell went afloat and caught eight hard-fighting rainbows on Silver Invicta Muddlers. Graham Ramsay and party, from north of the border, all enjoyed frenetic boat fishing with most anglers recording limit bag catches and many other trout caught and released. The lads fished with a combination of Blobs, Daddies and Buzzers. Other flies that have been catching fish are Bibios, Snatchers, Crunchers and dry fly patterns including Bob’s Bits, small Daddies and CdC emergers including the Yellow Owl.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

A good week for the dry fly with conditions for most of the time perfect for sport. Fish active and feeding hard on the surface, or just below, so Buzzers and nymphs also doing well. A Greenwells Glory, an old traditional pattern, was the pick of the bunch, along with the Kate McLaren. Ian Morrison had eight fish on Buzzers, George Black had eight, Pete Green had 10, again on Buzzers, Stephen Barrie had a beauty of 6lb on a dry fly, Jim Eddie had nine. Other anglers averaged three and four fish per session and there was quite a few returned around 5 to 6lb. Blues are starting to feature well and it won’t be long before the Zonkers and fry patterns will be doing well.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
The best fish of the week was a lovely rainbow of 5lb 4oz taken by Pat Patel. This cracking fish was taken from the dam on a Black Buzzer. Mr Whitmore took a 4lb 4oz rainbow. Ryan Campbell landed 29 fish in a single session for the best bag of the week. The recent change in weather conditions has meant fish are reluctant to feed. Fish are right up in the water with anglers reporting that going beyond three feet is too deep. Remember though, that fish are more likely to spook when feeding in the surface layers.

Anglers are reporting mixed results with some taking bags over the 20 fish mark and others are struggling to get a pull. The best techniques are to fish floating lines with fast glass tips, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers strung between Boobies on the point and Hare’s Ears on the dropper. There are still plenty of snails about and these are abundant in stomach contents of the trout.

Areas fishing well include Savages Creek, between the two boils (drifting), the middle (drifting), the dam and Sanctuary Bay. Other areas worth a try are between G Buoy and the Willows. Rainbow Point has also been fishing well. The dam has been fishing very well with most fish coming early or late in the day.

We are doing some bank work around the Seat, cutting back overgrown grass and vegetation, to allow for easier access for anglers. It’s currently very shallow off the Seat, although wading out 20-30 yards to the deeper water is likely to produce fish, particularly on Shrimp patterns.

The start of the lure fishing season has been fantastic with plenty of fish landed. Perch up to 4lb have been caught with hauls of up to 200 perch per boat in a single session. A number of pike have also come out this week including two 20-pounders. Zander have also been on show with some fantastic doubles landed. Ash Bradley banked a trio of double-figure zander to 11lb and reported a total of 12 zander on the day.


Lllyngwyn, Powys

Heaviest fish of 6lb was taken by T. Eldridge, from Warwick, on a Buzzer. Best bag of three rainbows for 12lb fell to Harry Edwards, from Llandrindod. Rob Davies of Llandinam landed 14 fish but returned 13 – all on a Sparkler lure. Best flies are Buzzers, Montana, and small Damsels. The Llyngwyn Winter Competitions take place on Sunday November 6 (Rhayader Open) and Sunday December 18 (Fur and Feather).


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

The lochs have had great weather for fishing this week and fish have been rising well all over. Dries have done very well. Best areas are always around the margins and drawing fish out from under the tree lines as it’s a lot slower in the deeper water areas. Good returns of browns, blues and rainbows have been recorded and nymphs, Buzzers and wets have done very well. Lures are not as prolific on the lochs as it is a natural water and suited more to traditional methods. Best fish this week was 6lb 6oz.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

The rod average this week is a healthy 3.6 with both boat and bank anglers enjoying decent sport. Fish are in the top couple of feet and willing to chase.

The main basin continues to fish really well with drifts across the open water proving successful. There are also reports of fish now beginning to appear in numbers in the Narrows. Bank anglers have had some success with the best areas being the Gravels and Northfield Shore. The fish in these areas are now clearly feeding on shrimp and anglers using imitation patterns fished in the margins have had most success.

The EFFA match on September 1 was fished against an Army team when 24 anglers caught 119 fish for a rod average of 5. EFFA anglers caught 59 fish with the Army going one fish better at 60. However, EFFA won with a 3lb margin. Top individual was Ian Peberdy with seven fish for 15lb 13oz. Sean Hanlon was second with six fish for 14lb 10oz. Third place went to John Gammon with six fish for 14lb 2oz. The best fish was caught by David Froggatt with a rainbow of 3lb 15oz. The anglers observed a minute’s silence in memory of EFFA member Michael Stevens who sadly passed away on August 10.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire
A week of mixed sport and on some days trout have been difficult to tempt with fly. Season ticket holder Grant Gibson enjoyed some good sport on Thursday, taking eight fish on a Claret Hopper. His boat partner also took three fish on dries. Frazer Duffy Junior had a good day on Thursday taking five fish on Bob’s Bits. The fish are up in the water and small dries fished on top have been the best method. Claret Hoppers, small Daddies, Bob’s Bits, and CdCs are all worth trying, drifting across the main bowl. Bank anglers have been catching one or two fish from the dam or Platform 5. Small dries, Diawl Bachs or nymphs on a floating line are the best method.

The GWFFA Dry Fly Day and BBQ on Sunday August 21 saw 16 members fish with dry flies only. The bright and very windy conditions proved challenging from drifting boats. Most fish were caught in the calmer water near The Clump, The Domes and The Tall Willows. All the fish caught were released. Top angler on the day was Brian Calvert using a size 16 green CdC to tempt 10 fish. Other anglers caught on orange and fiery brown Bob’s Bits. Martin Brocklebank caught seven fish and Harley Smith had six. Best fish at 2lb 8oz was taken by Paul Miley.


Rutland Water, Rutland

The best fish of the week fell to Phil Welbourne of Market Deeping, who caught a lovely 5lb ¾oz rainbow. Boat fishing was good in the main basin, especially around the aerators, with some boats recording 16 fish within 3-4 hours with lures on sinking lines. Rudder anglers drifting through the main basin capitalised on this as well, trailing tube flies/snakes behind the boat. Anglers venturing down the arms were rewarded as well with Keith Jones, Toff Crowther and Graham Hayward all reporting numbers of good fish of 3lb-plus around the weed beds of the north and south arms.

Bank anglers are taking a few fish up to 4lb around the shoreline. Try and cover as much bank as you can, particularly the weed beds.

Prospects look very good if the weather remains settled. Fish are feeding on sticklebacks, fry (roach and perch), corixa, snails and shrimp.

Predator fishing started well for both zander and pike anglers. Numerous zander to 8lb have been taken and pike to 27lb with reports of three other pike over the 20lb mark.

Due to stock taking in the tackle shop, please note that items of tackle etc will not be available to purchase from 11am on September 14 and 15. The Lodge will remain open for boat hire and permit sales.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

A good week’s fishing with lots of fish showing on the surface, but unfortunately not much dry fly action to be had. Most fish are taking subsurface and down to a depth of around three feet, occasionally going deeper during the breezy spells. The healthy stocking of golds continue to provide an attractive target for anglers and figure highly in the returns. The bigger fish are also on the move and several cracking specimens of 6lb and over have been caught, with many of them being returned. The areas around the dam, the big tree and the island continue to be the most productive but the far bay is providing good catches too. The best flies varied from day to day with wet flies including Kate McLaren, Bibio and Black Spider proving the most successful. Other anglers caught on lures such as Hothead Damsel, Cat, Cormorant and Ally McCoist, while others had success with nymphs including Hare’s Ear and Diawl Bach.

Alan Burke, from Falkirk, caught two fish for 12lb 8oz including a 10lb 4oz rainbow; Davy Quinn, Dunfermline, three for 15lb including a 9lb 12oz rainbow; Robert Boyes, Linwood, five for 12lb 4oz plus five caught and released; Keith Lewis, South Queensferry, five for 13lb; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 12lb including a gold; Tam Baillie, Kincardine, four for 14lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow; John Moyes, Grangemouth, two for 9lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow; George Dobbie, Glasgow, two for 6lb; Brian Kerr, Stirling, three for 7lb; Brian McNeish, Stirling, four for 9lb 8oz; George Gemmell, Falkirk, three for 15lb including an 8lb rainbow; John Smith, Renfrew, 5lb 8oz rainbow; Brian Eadie, Stirling, 14 caught and released; Henry Fulton, Greenock, two for 11lb including an 8lb rainbow; Willie Keevan, Cowdenbeath, four for 11lb including a 5lb 4oz rainbow; Alan Brand, Edinburgh, two for 10lb 6oz including an 8lb rainbow.


Thornwood Springs Essex

Lake one continues a good run of youngsters catching their first fish when guided by a parent. Newcomers all going home with a few fish from here. Montanas with marabou tails, Cat’s Whiskers, Damsels and Blobs under a bung are working on still, bright days. If there is a good ripple try Daddies on top. The far end of this lake is now producing browns again and is now clear of weed. Lake two has been great on dry fly and lures, but also on Bloodworms and Blobs 10 feet down. Stalking pool opening soon and autumn fresh stocking arrives shortly.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Following the restocking of the bottom pond there has been a marked improvement in fish returns from both boat and bank anglers, with the bonus of some evening activity on the top pond. Dry fly specialist Graham Ingram Evans landed two good fish including a specimen of 2lb 10oz from the top pond. On the bottom pond boat anglers have concentrated on the areas off the dam and Farmhouse Bay. Lee Carroll and Keith Higgins both returned limits, while Shaun Cotterell caught his eight fish over two session. Mike Price and Andrew Taylor shared a boat to catch seven and five trout respectively. A brace of fish was recorded by Ken Pascoe and Hugh Davies, with the former adding a further limit from another boat session. Bank fishermen have found Farmhouse Bay providing most sport, with Keith Higgins moving from boat to bank to land an eight fish limit using Orange Blobs. Further limits were landed by Ken Bowring and James Francis, with the latter having a particularly good week having landed five fish from an earlier visit to the dam, using Diawl Bachs and Pheasant Tail patterns, followed by a further four fish from Farmhouse Bay. Roger Martin and Ken Bowring also fished in Pipe Bay to take 12 and eight fish respectively from three visits. Colin Jones fished three evening sessions to land a total of nine fish. Terry O’Connor also fished an evening session for his three fish. Two afternoon visits gave Cardiff member Ivor Thomas a total of five trout, and Alan Rees three fish. .Another evening visit provided Martin Rees with two trout when he fished Farmhouse Bay. Following a successful boat day earlier in the week, Craig Bowles added a further three fish to his season’s total from the bank while D. Bowles caught a brace of trout, including an excellent specimen of 4lb 2oz. Fellow Cowbridge member Dave Smith also landed two fish. Successful patterns have included Diawl Bach, Shipman’s Buzzers, Hoppers and Damsels, while fast-stripped Orange Blobs and fritz patterns have been effective, especially for boat anglers.

The weekend saw the dam on the bottom pond provide some excellent fishing, particularly during late afternoon/evening. Cardiff member Jeff Wilson used emergers to take a catch and release limit while Ken Bowring landed seven fish on a Damsel pattern. Roger Martin used the same fly for his five fish with fishery treasurer Colin Jones catching four rainbows on a Shipman’s Buzzer. A Shipman’s combined with a Diawl Bach nymph provided James Francis with three trout. Day ticket visitor Steve Docherty also fished the dam for his five rainbows, while a boat session realised a brace of fish for Les Murphy. On Saturday morning James Francis added another six fish to his weekend total, landing five in Farmhouse Bay and one fish from the boat bank. A Claret Shipman’s Buzzer and Diawl Bachs proved the successful method. Saturday also saw head bailiff John Mcindo land five fish using a Yellow Blob, while Ken Pascoe fished from a boat to land four fish, a number matched from the bank by Alan Rees.

The monthly returns for August record that despite some difficult weather conditions, over 400 fish were caught, with the vast majority coming from the bottom pond. The 500 members and day ticket holders gave a rod average of 0.8.