Pink strikes a dodgy note with anglers

pexels-photo-366063.jpegOh, the irony. Just a week ago, our latest issue went to bed, including an article on women in fishing.

In my Wading In column (on the newsstands next Wednesday) I asked several women anglers to tell me what they liked and hated about attempts to boost female participation.  The good points varied but on the bad, they were within a whisker of unanimity – tackle and clothing manufacturers short on empathy, and still labouring under the  misapprehension that the use of pink in their products seals the deal avec les femmes…

Leaving me in something of a quandary. Do I tell those behind the XtraTuf Women’s Ankle Deck Boot, or leave them in blissful ignorance?


The acceptable face of flat-earthing

Daffodils and bunnies

Maybe I can be accused of flying in the face of reality, on this day of the vernal equinox, when the sun is directly in line with the Equator and the daylight hours are as long in Perth, Scotland as they are in Perth, Western Australia.

But I don’t care, and unlike the flat-earth fraternity, who are supposedly back in vogue and who have apparently never happened upon a single photo of Earth taken by Apollo astronauts, I have a modicum of hard reality on my side.

For all that I, too, am getting excited about a fresh year of fishing in shirtsleeves, I have known snow in late March. Hell, I’ve known snow in April, when silly mid-ons crouching in five sweaters and a blizzard are almost standard fare among cricket photographers.

The wind remains knife-like and the barbecue area in my garden about as inviting as a wartime trench.

So this is one Luddite stance I continue to take with pride.

To borrow from Jim Royle, first day of spring my a**e.

Kayak convenience may have its limits

Kayak on lake
I’ve never done it, I am quite taken with the independence of kayaking. No impatiently waiting for your mate at the jetty; no throwing of lurid shapes as you wait for the starter cord to elicit a response; no being in thrall to fuel levels while fishing the far end of the lake.

But this

Even before I touch or try a folding kayak, there’s a perception issue.

It may be unique to me, but some things in my life must be so utterly dependable, that to discover they are capable of being folded and unfolded lends them an air of domesticity that seems fragile against the backdrop of their usual environment.

Put it this way; I wouldn’t want to fly a foldable airliner, be wired to a foldable defibrillator, or have to fend off intruders with a foldable shotgun.

So it is with my kayak, which I would ideally want to be fashioned from ancient wood, decorated with the original native-American markings and projecting the intermittent whiff of decaying elk. Anything which speaks to durability and numerous satisfied customers: I’ll worry later about getting it into the shed.

Nonetheless, I wish the Coho Folding Kayak makers well, as I would any new enterprise. However many they need to sell before being able to laugh about paranoid land-lubbers in the media, may they do so before the summer’s out.

Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e December 16

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolkimg_6659

Another great week’s fishing with many anglers catching in high double figures. Cat’s Whiskers and Damsels are most successful, as they have been over the past several weeks. Thanks to all who attended the Fur & Feather event. The 17 anglers caught 22 fish in total and whilst the numbers weren’t high, all anglers but one caught a rainbow. Fishery closed Christmas Day but open usual hours every other day. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

The Fritz ‘n’ Flies competition was a great success with the 25 anglers catching 87 fish (many more were dropped) making the rod average 3.5. Congratulations to the qualifiers William Leach, Davie Kay, Alec Harvey (already qualified), Johnny McMahon, Robbie Bell (already qualified) Ian Scott, Gary Thompson, Billy King (already qualified) David Leemington and Alec Bowler. Due to popular demand there will be a third heat on Sunday January 29, 2017. To book a place please contact Jim Tuck on 07985 232437 (after 6pm) Limited spaces available.

Exceptional sport at Chatton, and even though Ross Lake has coloured slightly it is still producing fantastic sport that was proven in the competition on Sunday. Three double figure fish were returned this week. David Robinson from Netherton caught 10 fish in total, returning three at 2lb, six in the 4lb to 7lb bracket and also returning an 11lb rainbow to Chatton Lake. John Dobson from Prudhoe caught eight fish, keeping a 6lb and 4lb rainbow rainbow and returning a 13lb 8oz rainbow to Chatton Lake.. Malcolm Robinson, who took part in the Fritz ‘n’ Flies Competition on Sunday, returned a 12lb rainbow to Dunnydeer Lake. David Wafer from Wallsend caught a 7lb 2oz rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake using a Black and Green Tadpole. David kept two fish for a total weight of 11lb 3oz and returned one. Bob Tynan and Malcolm Halliman were delighted with their day, both caught 7lb-plus fish. Kevin Stewart from Amble caught a 6lb rainbow from Chatton Lake using a floating line and Pheasant Tail Nymph. Peter Davison from New Hartley caught 10 fish on Buzzers.

Rob Frame from West Denton returned nine fish using a Black Bunny Leech. Ken Glenton from Ashington caught 14 fish using Tinnies and Cats. Tom Brown from Ashington was delighted with a 6lb rainbow he returned to Chatton Lake, catching four fish in total.

The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday December 19 at 9.30am in the lodge, everyone welcome to come along.


Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire

For the week December 5-11 the 93 anglers caught 458 fish of which 363 were returned. A fantastic week especially since Wednesday with superb bank fishing. Some anglers who had large catches were Andy Lane with 35 fish, Derek Benamore 33, Matt Harris 26, Bill Stewart 22, Jim Nixon 21. Damsels, Bloodworm and Crunchers taking the bulk of the fish on floaters or midge-tips. Best fish at 6lb 8oz for Jim Nixon, from Kettering, and 5lb 2oz to Voldemars Rumbahs, on a white and green lure from the boat. Best bank areas are Brookside, gravel bar, Goodfellows and dam. Best boat areas the dam and Goodfellows. Best patterns are Apps’ Bloodworm, small Damsel, Green Cruncher, black/green or white/green lures, Candy or Tequila Blob/FAB.

Elinor is open for day ticket anglers until December 31. Season permit anglers may bank fish the whole of January. The 2017 season starts on Saturday February 11.


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

It’s been a very busy weekend. The reopening of the Bankside pool and the lovely weather saw loads of anglers out enjoying the December warmth. During this warmer snap there has been a lot of fish activity on the surface at times, this has helped the fishing with only a floating line or a slow glass being all that’s needed. There has even been a handful of fish on the Burnside being caught with dries. With the Bankside reopening on Saturday some good returns were always expected with all the new fish. Over the first two days 14 fish were killed for 48lb and 188 caught and released by a total of 22 anglers. There have been several nice rainbows up to 8lb caught as well as four browns up to 8lb caught and released. Most of the fish were caught using lures of various colours, pulled fast, as well as bugs and Squirmys fished under the indicator. Over the winter we will be offering a full day’s catch and release on this pond for £10 and two fish all day for £15.

The Boathouse wasn’t that busy this weekend but Mr Fleming and Mr Purvis had a good morning, keeping six for 19lb and put back another four, all caught on Blobs. Mr Whiteford had two fish for 6lb and returned seven on an Apps’ worm. The water is still very clear and a cautious approach is needed to get consistent results.

The Burnside has been very steady with some great returns being recorded. Mr Hesset had 19 fish on Apps’ and Squirmys up to 5lb. Mr McLaren had 16 on FABs and Buzzers up to 4lb. Mr Smith had 10 fishing a Hothead Damsel very fast just under the surface.

The Woodside has not had too many anglers fishing it but the ones that have ventured out have done really well. Over the weekend there were nine anglers who landed 26 fish for a total of 49lb. Powerbait and spinners were the most effective methods.

There are still spaces for the end of year competition being held on December 28. Entry is £20 with lunch included, please call 01382 350777 / 350213 for more details.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 52 rods caught 234 fish for an average of 4.50 fish. Another good week with plenty of good-sized fish coming out and most anglers catching their limits. Messrs T. Ali and Meah fished from a boat on Cocks Close and both caught 8lb fish in their five fish limits. These all fell to Cat’s Whiskers fished on a slow sinking line. Dean Piper of Milton Keynes caught four fish from Cocks Close and a superb brown trout estimated between 8 and 10lb from Park Meadow, which was safely returned. All Dean’s fish fell to an orange and white lure on a floating line. Glenn Fraser of Birmingham caught four fish from a boat on Cocks Close and his best was a 7lb 10oz rainbow, which fell to a Cat’s Whisker. Dimitor Velkov of Sutton-in-Ashfield caught an 8lb rainbow from the bank of Cocks Close and this fell to a Cat’s Whisker. Anglers have enjoyed success from the bank and boats with both pools in good form at the moment. Cat’s Whisker has been the top fly but plenty of fish are coming to various lures such as Minkies, Black Tadpole and big Goldhead Damsels. Natural patterns such as Diawl Bach, Bloodworm and Black Buzzer are also accounting for a few fish.

The trout fishery will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. We would like to wish all our customers a merry Christmas and ‘tight lines’ for the new year. Further details and bookings, please ring 01676 522754.


Rutland Water, Rutland
A great week’s fishing for both bank and boat anglers. Season ticket holder Stuart Ross reported five rainbows off the bank with his best fish weighing 5lb, another going to 4lb, two over 3lb and the smallest at 2lb 6oz. Stuart used Suspender Minkies and floating fry. Bert Chambers, another season ticket holder, had a 5lb plus rainbow off the Peninsula and also recently returned a 6lb-plus brown which fell to a Hopper. Paul Runes of Middlesbrough came down to Rutland on Friday with good friend Ben Race. The pair had a ‘field day’ catching a total of 18 specimens.

The following day Paul fished a ‘friendly’ boat competition organised by Iain Barr. Paul recorded the best rainbow at 4lb 3oz and his total bag was four fish for 12lb 7oz. Twelve anglers caught an impressive 131 fish to their boats; in Iain’s words “sport was phenomenal”. The best rainbow was returned by Iain as he had already caught his four fish limit of rainbows, Iain estimated this specimen to be around 5lb 8oz – 5lb 12oz. Keith Jones won this friendly match with an impressive 24 fish for 40lb 1oz. The best brown was estimated at 6lb 8oz.

Prospects look very good with quality rainbows showing close in over the dying weedbeds. These fish are feeding on corixa, snails, shrimp and fry. In the deeper water fry patterns are accounting for good numbers of fish.

Zander, perch and pike are showing to predator anglers using 40-50 gram jigs in most cases. Zander are being taken up to 10lb, perch around the 1lb 8oz mark and pike in double figures.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

The week started cold and frosty, and the fish were hard to tempt, but from Wednesday onwards, when the weather turned unseasonably mild, things improved greatly as the fish became much more active. They were to be found two to three feet down in the water with the golds very visible in all three ponds. On Swanswater the dam and the island were the best areas, although the boats were also doing well. Favourite patterns included lures such as Dancer, Woolly Bugger, and Humungus, with fish also taking Buzzers, Diawl Bach, various wet flies, and, unusually for December, a few dries, particularly on the Meadow Pond on Saturday. This week also saw the departure of our long-term employee, Alan, who after more than 20 years working here has decided to move on. The fishery management would like to wish Alan, his wife and their baby daughter all the very best for the future.

Frank Barr, from Falkirk, in two visits, caught eight for 26lb including three golds and two blues, plus seven caught and released. Rab Bonar, Alloa, on two tickets, caught eight for 24lb including four golds and two blues. Ian Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 16lb, plus six caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb 12oz plus three browns caught and released; Les Cooper, Dunblane, four for 11lb 12oz, plus six caught and released; Rab Smith, Airth, four for 11lb 8oz, plus caught and released; Allan Laing, Carluke, three for 8lb 8oz; Alan Armstrong, Dollar, two golds for 7lb 12oz; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, two for 7lb 2oz including a 5lb blue; Tom Pate, Alloa, two for 7lb; Heather Johnston, Neilston, two for 6lb 12oz; Graeme Arthur, Stirling, caught and released nine in two visits; Jim Dougall, Kincardine, caught and released three including a rainbow estimated at 8lb.


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending December 9 the 39 rods caught 117 trout for a rod average of three. Surprisingly mild weather greeted anglers as Toft entered the final full week of the season. Fish remained very active in the gin clear water, although catching them at times has been tricky. The best approach has been to use a washing-line set-up with a Minkie Booby on the point and small Buzzer or Bloodworm patterns on the droppers. Those prepared to sit it out on small dries have also done well at times and the seasonal sinking line and Booby tactics have accounted for a fair few fish, a Black and Gold Booby being quite a good pattern. The total amount raised during the October charity day in aid of Cancer Research UK was £678.50, a great effort.

Sunday December 18 is the final day of the trout season and the friendly Fur & Feather match. Season tickets cease to be valid after this date.

December 28-30 inclusive, fly only from 8am, £10 catch and release ticket, £15 four fish limit – no other tickets or concessions available on these special days.

The following dates are any method, and the price is £10 all catch and release: Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 January inclusive; Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 January inclusive; Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 January inclusive; Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 January inclusive. For pike fishing at Toft, charges are £10 on the any method days for a single rod or £17.50 for two rods (a maximum of two rods per angler). Those wishing to fish for trout on an any-method basis are only allowed to use one rod. Boat charges are £6 for a rowing boat or £13 for a boat and engine.

The 2017 season reopens at 7.30am on Saturday February 4.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

What’s in My Flybox?

Pressure of space meant that we had to hold the following segment back from the Ledcrieff & Lairds Trout Fisheries feature in the latest issue of Trout Fisherman, which hits the newsstands today.


Colin Shepherd [the Ledcrieff regular who kindly helped us out on our visit] talks haemorrhoids, Genghis Khan and other favourite flies…


1.   Rubber-legged Damsel

“This is my own design and it does well at Ledcrieff. It’s loaded with ‘triggers’ – the legs, the bit of sparkle in the body and the bead that gives it an up and down movement when you retrieve it.”

2.  The Genghis

“Some west coast guys who I met at Butterstone Loch came up with it but they had a yellow and white tail on theirs. I think the reason they called it The Genghis Khan was to do with the black and green colouring but I can’t tell you more than that!  

“The body is mixed in with a few bits of tinsel and a guinea fowl hackle underneath it, Diawl Bach style, then a gold bead and some black seal fur near the bead to spike it up so it looks like legs.”

3.  Midge

“This is my fly when the fish are on caenis – tying thread body, Coq de Lyon tail and a bit of white Aero Dry Wing. I have a lollypop stick with bits of Velcro strips stuck on either end: I apply some Gink to the Aero Wing with the fluffy Velcro, squeeze it with amadou, and fluff up the Aero Wing with the stubbly Velcro. It will sit on the water for hours.”

4.  Humungus variant

“I bought a few of these when I was down at Rutland, as I’d gone down expecting to fish Buzzers but had to change method. I did well with it at Carrot Creek there and it’s also proved popular with pike! I think the silver Flashabou underbelly attracts them.”

5.  Egg-laying Blob

“I don’t fish this one much but it has good memories. In 2010 [TF 403] I sent a thing to TF’s Fly-Master called The Blobble – a Blob with a small pom-pom dangling from its bottom by a piece of nylon. The person judging it called it “a Blob with haemhorroids” but added that it would certainly rattle the rainbows. After that, other people cottoned on and I was up at Kingennie and guys were using these egg-laying Blobs, with a bead nestling in the Blob, so it sits facing downwards when fished under a bung and the fish come and hit them.”


Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e November 18

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolkimg_6659

A decent week’s fishing even though the weather was interchangeable. Bank and boats fishing well with fish being caught from most areas of the lake. Washing-line tactics with floater or midge-tip working along with intermediate lines and mini lures. Fish were rising on calmer days with Cat’s Whiskers having the best results. On Sunday December 11 Blackdyke is hosting a Fur and Feather event for a maximum of 20 anglers. Entry is £20 including lunch. Eyebrook tackle shop will be in attendance and offering prizes. Call 07525 730447 for details or to sign up.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Malcolm Halliman from Newcastle was delighted with a 6lb 8oz rainbow he caught using a Black Dancer. He just beat his friend Bev Tynan from North Shields who caught a 6lb 6oz rainbow on a Yellow dancer. Lovely fish in the 3lb to 7lb bracket coming to the net this week. Fish are in the first four foot of water and depending on weather conditions and time of day dries are working but mainly lures and Bloodworms. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday November 19 at 9.30am in the fishing lodge. Everyone welcome to come along. Entry £20 includes fishing, tuition and lunch. The fishery is open as usual to all anglers on this day. The first heat of the Fritz ‘n’ Flies Competition is being held on Sunday November 20, anyone wishing to take part please ring Jim Tuck on 07985 232437 after 6pm or the fishery 01668 215226. Only one lake is being used for the competition, two lakes available to fish for everyone else. Gift vouchers available from the fishery. Closing at 4.30pm this week.


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

There has been a real mixture of all types of weather at Kingennie this week, and that has been reflected in the returns. Overall it has been a very positive week, which has seen water levels rise to almost perfect conditions, although clarity has been struggling occasionally. The Boathouse Pool has again fished well with most anglers catching decent numbers. Mr Fleming took four fish for 13lb and returned a further 11, mainly on a Yellow Dancer. Mr Purvis also did well taking four fish for 12lb 8oz and returning six. The Diawl Bach worked its magic for Mr McHaddie who returned 18 fish on a catch/release option, while Mr Riddell returned 15. Methods and patterns were very varied and the best results were obtained by those who changed and adapted to the altering conditions.

On the Burnside Pool there has been substantial surface activity which several anglers used to full advantage. Mr Rutherford released an impressive 21 fish; Mr Low wasn’t far behind with 16; Ken Jones had 15 and Mr Sutherland took two fish for 4lb 12oz and released at least another dozen. Anything from lures, through Squirmies and Cat Bugs to Buzzers and dries have all worked at some stage.

Powerbait and spinners have again ruled on the Woodside Pool (any legal method) with most anglers catching. The Harris party took six rainbows for a total weight of 11lb and the Laings had six for 10lb 12oz.

Repairs to the Bankside Pool have been completed, together with some substantial excavations. Water-levels are now perfect and the silt is beginning to fine out. Restocking will be carried out within the next couple of weeks with a view to reopening around Saturday December 10.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

The weather conditions have helped with the sport, and fish are also fighting harder in the colder water, which suits them better. They do come on and go off throughout the day, depending on weather, but there is plenty of good sport to be had for those who venture onto the water. Intermediate lines are best as fish go down deeper. They won’t be chasing much so slower tactics often do best. Best flies to use are colourful in white, lime and orange. Over the week plenty of fish were reported. Mark Bell had 23, Barry Ward had 12, Tom Anderson had 10, Jamie Arthur nine, Chris Johnston had 13 with a cracking fish of 13lb, Andrew More had 12, Neill Smith had a 4lb fish in his returns and Willie McRobbie had a fish of 5lb 15oz. Others were returned with some fish ranging from 4lb to 8lb.

The Glenbuies Flyfishing club Xmas Bash in aid of club funds will be held on December 27 at the Glen of Rothes. Open to all anglers with a limit of 40 places, 9am start. Cost £30 which includes lunch. Prizes include a Hardy rod worth £400-plus for the winner, second £75 plus FNF fly-tying materials and leader, third £25 plus two H. Morgan DVDs and leader. Also prize for heaviest fish and other prizes plus a fantastic raffle, kindly donated by local businesses and individuals. Tickets are £1 per strip and can be bought from any club member or the Glen of Rothes. Closing date for entrants is December 18. To book a place contact J. Rhind on 07746 587516, G. Gormley on 07823 539161, N. Smith on 07549 236241 or Glen of Rothes on 01340 831888.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

Two anglers stand out from the crowd this week, each with a fantastic bank haul. Firstly Mr Ward managed a fantastic 15 fish from the bank during his day out. Keith Jones continues his tremendous run of form with an incredible 18 fish. Generally speaking the quick change in weather conditions has seen fishing steady with a respectable rod average of 4.61 for the week. The rapidly changing conditions have seen boat fishing toughen up. Good days are still being had by those targeting fry feeders in deeper water and by those anglers fishing close to the shore with Shrimp patterns in shallower water. It is also useful to have lures in the box to tempt the fish to pull. Now the clarity is coming back into the water it may be worth boat fishing each spot for a longer time period to allow the swim to settle down.

Some fantastic bank fishing is being had, predominantly around the north shore. However, areas fishing well now include Perry Point, the Seat, Mander car park and the Harbour Arms – so all well worth a try. Methods are much the same as last week although many anglers are catching well on lures when things start to slow down. Currently the most productive fishing is early in the mornings or late afternoons.

Just a reminder that the Harbour View Café is open mid week 8am to 3pm and 11am to 4pm at the weekend.

Now a lot more anglers are wading, we would like to reiterate the wash down procedures. It is absolutely essential that you wash down after your session finishes and we suggest fully drying all your equipment after use to help stop the spread of the non-native killer shrimp. Thank you all for your co-operation.


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

The lochs are now closed for the season and will reopen next year.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 57 rods caught 269 fish for an average of 4.72. A good week on the Cocks Close pool with plenty of fish being caught to a variety of tactics and some nice fish coming out too. The largest fish of the week was a 12lb rainbow caught by regular angler Rod Lacey of Nuneaton who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. He fished a Diawl Bach on a floating line that also tempted another 24 fish that were all safely returned. Ian Reeve and M. Currall of Rugby shared a boat on Cocks Close and caught 19 fish between them including fish of 5lb 9oz and 4lb 12oz with Montana Nymph, Cat’s Whisker and Black Buzzers. Another regular Dave Bratby of Birmingham, who always fishes from the bank, had a couple of good days last week catching 10 fish to 8lb on the best day and these fell to a Bloodworm pattern fished on a long leader and floating line. Mick Hill of Birmingham also caught 10 from the bank and these all came to an Okey Dokey pattern fished on a floating line. The best areas have been the old boat jetty corner, high bank and sandbank of Cocks Close. Park Meadow has been quiet but a few fish are being caught around the dam wall area. Best flies are Cat’s Whisker, Black Tadpole, Diawl Bach, GRHE, Bloodworm, Minkies and Goldhead Damsels.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Pitsford has continued to fish well from both bank and boat with some good backend fish to be had. The rod average for the week is 2.9. Plenty of quality browns have been reported and although out of season, these fish are giving great sport when hooked. Please take care and return all browns. Shrimp and fry patterns are best from both bank and boat.

Pitsford hosted the popular annual Fur and Feather Pairs boat match on Sunday when the 42 anglers caught 124 fish for a rod average of 3, with seven of the pairs catching their 10-fish limit. The match was won by Rob Edmunds and Gary Geoghan with 10 fish for 20lb 11oz. Pip Jeffs and Ashley Cooper took second place with 10 fish for 19lb 13oz. Father and son the Davis Boys were third with 10 fish for 18lb 11oz.


Press Manor Fishing Lakes, Derbyshire

The trout lake is fishing well using black and green lures and dries. Best dries and midge patterns and Griffiths Gnats. Many good bags also coming to Black Buzzers on a floating line. Trout lake is open seven days this week. From Sunday November 20 the lake will be open Saturdays and Sundays, and after a few requests from anglers, will also open on a Wednesday until Christmas.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Anglers have enjoyed great sport from both the bank and the boats. Alan Duffin boosted his rod average for the season on Tuesday when he brought 16 fish to the bank on a Minkie fished on a floating line off Mongers Bank. Alan returned on Thursday to catch another six fish on Minkies and Buzzers. Dave McSeveney fished from a boat in the same area on Friday and caught 15 fish on a Pink Blob. Pike fishing has been quite slow this week with only a few smaller fish caught, although Mr Butler had a 10lb rainbow on a whole mackerel whilst fishing for pike.


Rutland Water, Rutland

Anglers who put in the effort were rewarded with fish in several areas last week. Season ticket holder Martin Hearth caught four fish off the peninsula, while Rutland Water senior ranger Andy Ainscough caught four rainbows on small floating fry. The Old Disabled Bay also saw fish being caught, along with Whitwell and Ernies Point where Cameron Neil returned a quality brown, estimated at around 8lb. Dan Pitcher fished last Friday and caught and released three browns from the fishing lodge frontage. Although only a few anglers boat-fished last week, Rob Keber from Leicester had two good trips and plenty of sport, despite the colder weather. Rob had rainbows up to and around 3lb 8oz to 4lb. He also returned a 6lb-plus brown on his first visit. Rutland Water will host its popular Fur and Feather bank match on Sunday December 4. Please call the fishing lodge for more information on 01780 686441 (open 8am to 2pm, 7 days a week).


Swanswater Trout Fishery, Stirlingshire

All three ponds continue to fish extremely well with the fish still very active. The snow and frost midweek cooled the water temperature down to 3.5oC but it was back up to 6oC by the weekend. For most of the week the fish were all over the main pond with the bank from the dam to the boats the most productive at the start of the week. As the temperature rose towards the end of the week, the fish were also to be found moving up and down the channel with the island, roadside and far bay the best areas. A wide variety of tactics was successful with one or two fish taking dries on the surface and others taking six feet down. Buzzers, fished static, were taking fish, as were lures stripped back as fast as possible. Wet flies and nymphs fished with a moderate retrieve also attracted fish at certain times. The goldies are still being landed in large numbers and are giving anglers a lot of sport as they are very visible in the clear water. The Fishery is currently open every day from 8am to 4.30pm.

Alec Peachey, from Hamilton, caught three fish for 13lb including a 7lb 8oz rainbow, plus a brown returned; Ian Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 14lb 12oz plus four caught and released; Alan Brand, Edinburgh, five for 14lb, plus a brown returned; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 12lb; Frank Barr, Falkirk, four for 12lb 8oz including a 5lb rainbow, plus three fish returned including two browns; Frank Turner, Alloa, four for 12lb 12oz; Davy Thomson, Alva, four for 12lb 8oz plus one caught and released; Allan Whitton, Stirling, four for 11lb 12oz; Alex Knox, Glasgow, three for 11lb 8oz; Cameron Brown, Stirling, three for 10lb 12oz including two golds, bigger one at 4lb 12oz, plus two caught and released; Jim Speirs, Falkirk, three golds for 10lb; Tommy Wilson, Alexandria, three for 9lb 8oz; Robert Nimmo, Stirling, three for 9lb 8oz, plus three caught and released; David McArthur, Falkirk, three golds for 9lb; Willie Walker, Falkirk, a gold and a blue for 6lb 8oz; Alex Britton, Bellshill, two for 6lb 8oz plus a brown returned; Tom Pate, Alloa, two golds for 6lb 4oz; Eddie Wells, Balerno, a 4lb gold; Jamie Sutherland caught and released 19 in two visits; Liam Dyet, Bathgate, caught and released 10.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

On lake one all sorts of flies are catching on the catch and release end including Damsels, Cat’s Whiskers, Buzzers and Blobs. The brown trout section is now producing at least three browns a day mainly to small skinny naturals like PTNs, Diawl Bachs, GRHE and Crunchers. A few rising fish also tempted to dries such as Klinkhamers and CdCs. Lake two saw more surface activity but fish were being pretty selective. Most anglers caught on Buzzers, Montana and Diawl Bachs fished very slow, or Snakes and fry patterns fished the same. Browns also caught on here to the same methods. On lake three fish are being recorded daily now but they are much deeper and falling to Olive Damsels. There is another Orvis skills day here this Sunday.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

The 2016 season returns indicate that over 7600 fish were caught from the two ponds (top pond 1500, bottom pond 6100). There were a total of 4800 recorded visits made up of 3400 permit holders and 1400 day tickets. The final rod average was 1.6 fish per visit. On the top pond 37 brown trout were caught and released demonstrating that the Association policy of mandatory return of all brown trout caught plus further stockings in the season to come, will provide a very good head of brown trout in future years. Insofar as Troutmasters badges are concerned, 20 badges were awarded to a number of permit holders and day ticket visitors, with vice president Ken Bowring achieving six badges in total. The Association was represented at the 2016 Troutmasters final at Grafham reservoir by Fisheries Treasurer, Colin Jones, who finished in a creditable 27th place out of 80 finalists.


Thrunton Trout Fishery

Bloodworms and various lures have been working well for anglers determined to enjoy their sport amidst showers and autumn sunshine. Some excellent sport and some good bags were had as anglers braved the elements with several fish still being caught on dries. Fish of the week was  caught and superbly released by Ian Callow from Dunbar – a 20+ rainbow from Coe Crag.

It was great to see such a  large number of juniors enjoying some excellent fly tyinginstruction from Paul Griffin in the Lodge on Saturday (right). Their talent and enthusiasm is always  impressive! Best bloodworm went to 12yr old Shaun Silk and best diawl bach went to 10 year old Charlie Cookson. A huge thank you to Paul, John Whitehall and Bob Smith for your help and support. 

·         Brad Mackie from Newcastle brought 11 to the net from both lakes on Bloodworms

·         Ali Tait from Morpeth returned 8 from the bank & 19 from the boat on 2  visits this week on bloodworms and various other flies with 3 at 9lb

·         Davy Kay from Morpeth enjoyed 3 sessions releasing 12, 6 & 9 from Coe Crag on Bloodworms and black lures

·         Craster angler Alex Ainslie enjoyed his session landing 10 on a black zonker

·         Darin Ferguson from Ashington had a good day returning 8 on diawl bachs and black zonkers to 10lb

·         Dunbar anglers R. Thomson and Ian Callow used diawl bachs and blobs to net 10 and 9 with Ian landing the fish of  the week at an estimated 20lb+

·         Willie Emery from Newbiggin  found various lures to be very successful returning 13 back to Long Crag

·         Alan Stead from Blyth enjoyed his day  netting 9 on bloodworms and an ace of spades to 10lbs

·         Pete Davison from New Hartley returned 13 from both lakes on blobs

·         Rob Frame from West Denton used bloodworms to bring 14 to the net

·         Stu Younger from Blyth also used bloodworms to return 12 from both lakes 

Flies of the Week:-  amber, red, yellow and olive Bloodworms, diawl bachs, zonkers, damsels, the occasional dry fly and various lures 

Fishery Hours Open Daily 8.30am – 4.30pm


Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e October 28

Wimg_6659hile we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e October 28:

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk
Thanks to everyone that came to our small open day. What a weekend of excellent fishing with 39 fish caught and some anglers, including Martin Smith, catching in double numbers. Floating lines best off the bank with Cat’s Whiskers and Damsels seeming to work best. Restocking again on Wednesday October 26. As from November 1 the two-fish four hour catch and release ticket price will be increasing from £15 to £18. No further price changes. OAPs still £15, four fish all day ticket still £25, Wheelyboat £10 and row boats £5.

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland
Fish have been quite deep this week with lures and Bloodworms working best. Many fish in the 4lb to 9lb bracket have been coming to the net. Robert Hedley from Morpeth caught rainbows of 9lb 4oz and 5lb 4oz. He kept five fish for 20lb 5oz and returned a further four. Brian Graham from Seahouses was delighted with a lovely 3lb rainbow. Colin Blakey from Ponteland caught a 5lb 3oz rainbow from Chatton Lake on a small Damsel. John Brown from Ashington caught seven fish (four hour ticket) using a black lure and Bloodworm. Peter Davison from New Hartley caught 18 fish on a mixture of flies. Ali Tait from Morpeth caught 16 fish. Robert Hall from Morpeth caught 10 fish on a Hare’s Ear and Yellow Dancer. G. Fisher from Annfield Plain kept two fish and returned 11 using an Egg fly. Matty Divine from Hadson caught 18 fish, best being 9lb. Julian Bales from Wooler caught nine fish using green and black patterns. Closing at 6pm this week, stocking weekly.

Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire
The English Disabled Fly Fishers Association Fur and Feather boat competition was held on Wednesday October 19, 2016 when 19 EDFF members fished Eyebrook for the last outing of the season. Although the day was breezy, with a brisk northerly wind, thankfully the rain did not make an appearance. A couple of days earlier the wind had been in a better quarter, and the rod average was much higher, but with the cooler and stronger wind, the fish seemed harder to come by. There were a few blanks, and most anglers came back with hardluck stories of fish that had got away. Top rod for the day was Horace Wood with five fish landed. The rod average for the 19 anglers was only 1.5, but would have been a lot higher if all the missed fish had stuck. Harold Pritchett caught the heaviest fish, a rainbow weighing 2lb 7oz. Syngenta held their annual corporate event at the fishery and the eventual winner of this event was Gareth Debenham with six fish.
Pike fishing began at the beginning of the month with lures and sea deadbaits. One of the best fish caught weighed 20lb and was taken by Andy Baldock of Northampton on a lure. Sean Cahill caught a fine ‘mid teen’ pike on a lure, as did Adam Ford of Milton Keynes with a well-conditioned 16lb pike. Jobe Burnham caught a 13lb pike, and many other anglers caught good numbers of jacks. More recently a 25lb 10oz pike was caught on a floatfished dead bait by James Dawson.

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian
Cooler temperatures drove the fish into deeper water and intermediate lines were needed to achieve any chance of a fish, although some did persist with floating lines and even dry fly, taking a few fish on milder days. That’s the nature of flyfishing and being able to adjust as temperatures change quickly overnight. Overall though its been a good week of fishing with good numbers being caught and lures now taking over from smaller flies. Slater Scott had 21 fish, Alec Beattie had 17, Graham Murray had 11 and included a nice blue of 4lb, Jimmy Rhind had 20 with a cracking fish of 9lb, Neill Smith had 10, Frank Kendall had a fish of 7lb 11oz and Eddie Kane had eight including fish of 7lb 2oz and 4lb 7oz. Best flies have been Yellow Dancers, White Fritz and black and green lures. A lot of blues being caught now and they fight hard at this time of year. The Glen is open all year round, even when there is ice about there is always plenty of open water for fishing. There will be a Club open competition on December 27 with good prizes including a Hardy rod. This event is open to everyone and is in aid of club funds. Lunch is included.
Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian
With the weather holding the lochs will stay open as long as possible before finally closing for the season. Fishing has been decent with a good mix of browns and rainbows caught. All fish are in top quality condition, which bodes well for next season.  

Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire
Last week 75 rods caught 295 fish for an average of just under four per rod. The fishing continues to improve with plenty of fish being caught on both Cocks Close and Park Meadow pools. The largest fish of the week was an 8lb 14oz rainbow caught by Mr M. Currall of Rugby who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close. It was the biggest in an 11 fish catch and they came to Diawl Bachs and Cat’s Whiskers. Mr Currall’s boat partner Ian Reeve from Rugby also had a good day, catching eight fish to 4lb 12oz on similar patterns. Dave Bratby of Birmingham is currently enjoying good success on the bank of Cocks Close and his best day last week saw him catching 14 fish to 4lb 8oz using small Goldhead Cat’s Whiskers on a floating line. Ray Inman of Birmingham fished from a boat on Cocks Close and caught 22 fish to 6lb which all came to a Cat’s Whisker fished on an intermediate line. The fish are still shoaling on Cocks Close with the old boat jetty corner and the high bank the best areas last week. On Park Meadow, the fish are more spread with the dam wall the top area. Best patterns have been Cat’s Whisker, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Pheasant Tail, Black Buzzer and White Minkies.

Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire
If you’ve not been fishing at Swanswater this week then you have missed out on some superb autumn weather and some excellent fishing. The golds continue to provide fantastic sport, and an element of frustration as they can often be seen in the clear water turning away just before they take the fly. Water clarity is excellent and conditions are very good all round. The fish were well spread out and were generally in the top two feet. Fish are still being seen, and occasionally taken on the top of the water which is unusual for this time of year. At the weekend there were signs that the fish were going a wee bit deeper as the day went on, mostly due to the cold east wind. Favourite patterns included Dancer, Buzzer, Cat’s Whisker, Cormorant, Damsel, Hopper, Viva and various wet flies, with a few fish being taken on dry flies on the small ponds. The fishery is open 8am to 6pm every day.
Rab Bonar, from Alloa, caught three fish for 15lb including a 9lb 4oz rainbow; Andy Tervit, Paisley, a 9lb rainbow; Michael Morhulec, Crossgates, two fish for 10lb 14oz including a 7lb 10oz rainbow; Alan Birrell, five for 18lb 4oz including a 6lb 8oz rainbow; Greig Donaldson, Alloa, three golds for 10lb 12oz; Frank Barr, Falkirk, in two outings, eight for 24lb 4oz plus four caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 12lb 12oz; Robert Anderson, Longrigg, five for 12lb plus 16 caught and released; Stuart Irvine, Wrexham, four for 12lb 12oz; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 12lb 8oz; E. Canon, four for 12lb 12oz plus two caught and released; Rab Nimmo, four for 11lb 12oz plus two browns caught and released; Gregor Bulloch, Polmont, three for 10lb 10oz; Brian Fyfe, Cowdenbeath, three for 10lb 8oz; Allan Burke, Falkirk, three for 10lb plus two caught and released; David Black, Lochgelly, three for 9lb 12oz plus two caught and released; Alan Harvey, Renfrew, three for 9lb 12oz; Peter Paterson, Menstrie, two for 6lb 8oz; Rab Smith, Falkirk, two for 8lb; Marius Botezatu, Stirling, four for 11lb; Brian Eadie, Stirling, four for 8lb 8oz from the small ponds, plus seven caught and released; Willie Nyguist, Stirling, two golds for 7lb 4oz; Keith Murphy, Bannockburn, two for 7lb; Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 20.

Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex
Both ends of Three Springs (lake one) are producing lots of fish. The browns are now fully out of summer slumber and been caught most days now to Black Snakes, Damsels and black nymphs. Some stunning evening activity and bolting fish. Muddlers fished at dusk giving great sport on here. Lake two is producing to dries, Klinkhamers, CdCs, Daddies and Hoppers one day, and the next fish are taking fry patterns, Damsels, Dancers, Cat’s Whisker, Humungus etc. Very lively hard-fighting fish and marginal big browns to stalk. Stalking pool tactics all deeper down for big residents.

Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire
For the week-ending October 21, the 97 anglers caught 356 fish for a rod average of 3.7. Fishing remains good although anglers are perhaps required to do a little more work for them. As the water clears further the fish have become a little more picky so it pays to have a stealthy and varied approach. A key piece of advice is to keep moving, don’t stay rooted to a spot for too long. If nothing is doing within 20 minutes or so then have a move or change your point fly. Successful flies are Boobies, FABS and Minkie/fry patterns for the point, with a Buzzer, Diawl Bach or Cruncher for the dropper. Fish are actively fry feeding so watch out for them. A few fish out around 4lb this week, Horncastle angler John Golland landing a nice fish of 4lb and best of the week at 4lb 4oz to K. Masling on a fry pattern.

Witton Castle Lakes
Anglers who enjoy their sport and are willing to put in the effort have had some reward, even with conditions against them. N. Puncheon took a bag of four fish while B. Richardson, D. Williams and A. Clark all caught three fish each. As for the best fish of the week – a number of anglers have been catching fish in the 3 to 3lb 8oz range. Flies finding success this week, were Buzzers and CdC varieties. With temperatures lifting a little and with light winds this should help improve the chances this week.

Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent
The bottom pond has produced some very good fishing for boat users during this week. Craig Bowles and Shaun Cotterell both took catch and release limits, with Shaun having previously landed four fish from an earlier session alongside boat partner Keith Higgins. Keith caught a total of 11 fish from his two boat tickets. Regular boat user Ken Pascoe caught seven fish with the same total being achieved by Hugh Davies. Dave Smith landed six fish with three fish being recorded by Lindsey Kirkwood. Ian Oxley also found fish on his boat ticket. Around the banks of the bottom pond Ken Pascoe added another two fish to his boat total with Dave Arlotte catching two fish on successive days. Ken Bowring landed three fish with Steve Curtis, James Francis, John Edwards and Chris Daniel also finding the bottom pond productive. On the top pond, Gwyn Davies used a Corixa fly to good effect taking two fish over 2lb from the shallow waters around Swan Bay whilst fish were also landed by Brian Wareham, Ken Bowring, Roger Martin, Martin Rees and Jeff Wilson. Most effective flies on the bottom pond were Grey Hoppers and Shipman’s Buzzers, while, with the exception of Gwyn Davies, most fish landed from the top pond were caught on lures and sinking lines.
At the weekend the bottom pond provided the better fishing, with brothers Arthur and Les Murphy each landing two fish. James Francis found fish in Farmhouse Bay using a PTN and Diawl Bach, while Adrian Connor used a Black Buzzer to take a trout around 2lb from Pipe Bay. Members are reminded that the reservoirs close on Monday October 31 and are anticipated to reopen for the 2017 season on the first Saturday of March (4th). The post season work party has been arranged for Saturday November 5 from 10am onwards with the AGM set for Thursday November 17 at Risca RFC commencing at 7.30pm. Members will receive notices of the meeting around the end of October.