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Kayak mag gets to the bottom of it

KayakIt’s a purely abstract exercise at my age but just as I’m intrigued by the idea of snowboarding yet underwhelmed by skiing, so I’m beginning to warm to the kayaking concept when boat fishing generally leaves me cold.

A minimalist thing, perhaps; ski-sticks and engines scratched from the equation, but whatever it is, I respond to kayaking in a way I never have to watching a grown man yank repeatedly on a starter cord.

That musing aside, I refer you to the latest Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine in the hope that the article on  page 60 may have some crossover benefits for those of you in long-term relationships with a boat seat. If not, well, I’ve had less-welcome extensions to my vocabulary than ‘kayak butt’. Hopefully, you have too.



The headline is from Field & Stream. The books, you’ll have to read for yourself but as for their titles, none come better than this. Click image for more details


I don’t know what it is about American publishers, but for covers, paper quality and titles, their books scream “read me” in a way rarely emulated by their UK counterparts. This is just the latest example. Would make me smile every time I saw it.

Latest ‘Trout Fisherman’ out now

Click on image for more details.

Trout Fisherman now available on iPad

Trout Fisherman issue 438 iPad version is on on sale now.

Visit the Apps store to get yours for only £2.99. Plus see free sample version that gives you a taste of what you can expect.

There are fly tying videos in issue 438, as well as extra gallery pictures and drop down scroll text with extra fishing tactics.

More sample pages here.

It’s a brave new world for us,so all but the most gratuitous abuse and criticism will be gratefully received.

Is that Theodore Gordon book really yours…?

I had the pleasure of Len Hird’s company when fishing in County Durham a fortnight ago. Sadly, the Bishop Auckland & District Angling Club chairman is not an entirely happy soul.

Seems he has made the fatal error which genuine book lovers make only once – lent one of his prized fishing volumes without making a note of the recipient – to someone who is either a very slow reader or else has overlooked the purely temporary basis of the transaction.

Len is now without his book and, more pertinently, without the faintest recollection whom it was benefited from his kindness. The culprit should be in no doubt, however: this particular gap on the Hird bookshelf has begun to rankle greatly.

After promising to try and jog some memories via social media, in fact, it occurs to me that Len’s case is perhaps best made by the distinguished actor, Mr Liam Neeson in the following clip. Replace the words “my daughter” with “The Complete Fly Fisherman – the notes and letters of Theodore Gordon” and you have a fair warning as to Len’s current frame of mind where his pride and joy are concerned.

And don’t even think about being as lippy as the guy on the other end of the line…

Latest Angling Trade focuses on writers’ trade

Trade mags aren’t normally known for their liveliness, whatever line of work you’re in but Angling Trade seems a cut above the norm.

Their latest issue gratifyingly widens the ambit of the brief to consider the role of angling writers in promoting the sport and how their relationship with editors and publishers can be mutually improved (pp44 and 48). Hats off to Ben Romans for being big enough to start one of the articles by recounting a tale against himself that is one of every editor’s worst nightmares. There but for the grace of God…

“Motivated by my mistake, I talked with other writers and editors about what’s lacking in publishing relations today, and what the protocol should be—notions to help writers, editors, photographers, and publishers (new and old) get on the same page…”

Angling businesses generally, meanwhile, would do well to study Geoff Mueller’s piece on the use of social media (p32), which spells out a simple home truth:

“The formula is this: promote fun and do not over-inundate your audience with a deluge of “buy me” messaging—even when a sale is the ultimate goal…”

Road trip checklist – a dull topic made great

I’m exasperated that I can’t find a website link but that mood would only worsen were I to let a true podcast classic pass without handing it on to the multitude.

As much as it might tick the ‘worthy’ and ‘useful’ boxes, I’m yet to read a fishing trip checklist article that stirs the blood. It’s just not that kind of topic.

The Fly Fishing Consultant, however, has made a true silk purse from this procedural sow’s ear, not only putting the topic in audio form and going into a depth of detail that must surely make this broadcast a standard of the genre (take an altitude lighter with you to upland trips if you smoke because ordinary lighters don’t work at altitude?! Who knew?) but fleshing out the reasons for many of his suggestions with a wealth of personal experience anecdotes that had me laughing out loud in the office.

Given that many trips envisaged by the Consultant involve two guys in a truck, be prepared for tales of flatulence and, er, ‘waste disposal’ on the hoof that will confirm every female perception of guys off the leash.

But, damn, is it funny.

The best I can offer is that you open the iTunes programme, search ‘Fly Fishing Consultant’ and study the list of his podcast episodes – the one you’re after is S01E24 Fly Fishing and Road Trips. Forty-six inspired and informative minutes.



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