Fishing ads of distinction

Take this to a hundred other companies in the fishing trade and they’d spit the dummy.

“Where’s the product?!”

“It doesn’t even mention fishing?!”

“What the *** are you morons on…?!”

If that’s you, allow me to offer you an alternative view of this sales pitch.

Some of us like the soft sell, just as we like being told a nice story in a world full of ugly ones. Nor do we regard “less is more” as an accidental oxymoron.

So we read this, enjoy the whimsy and may well subconsciously remember the firm responsible next time we’re in the market for eyewear.

And there are more of us than you think.

Banana Ad



The ultimate camera case? I was persuaded…

Secondary reason for posting this: those of you serious about your fishing photography have probably spent enough on it to make protecting your gear a priority while on the road or in the air. For you, the people at Pelican Cases believe they have the answer (hat tip to Moldy Chum for the link)…

Now, the primary reason for posting this: those of you in your mid-50s and older, who grew up watching British TV – how far did you get through this video before a certain episode of The Persuaders came to mind (where the denouement starts at the 49:07 mark)?

“You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been doing to that case…”

I set the bar at five seconds…

How’s your freeloading skill set?


Image by Scott Maxwell

What starts as an innocent enough eulogy to blagging freebies at fishing shows turns into a shameless masterclass in the art of proving that there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch.

Were the GoFishing Show still in existence, I and my colleagues manning the stands would have had a field day using the Golden Beetle’s pointers to unmask any copycat impostors.

As it is, should you be in the market for some top-of-the-range gear at this year’s CLA Game Fair, you might be well advised to leave your polo shirt in the wardrobe…

Possibly the best flyfishing blog post you’ll read this week

Flyfishing, etching by

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part nuts-and-bolts guide, part reflection on the wiles of marketing and those of us who fall for them, The Classical Angler has written a fascinating account of how slow-action fly rods were usurped by the busy-bee tempo of the stiff, modern counterpart and how they are gradually making a comeback.

Finally, I know that a stiff rod with slow action is not an oxymoron.

Flyfishing is lucky in this respect, for on a very different sporting playground, I once experimented with a couple of wooden-headed golf clubs that I suspect had been built not long after hickory was replaced by metal when it came to the club’s shaft.

Slow-action? Reach the top of your backswing with those whippy antiques and you could have poured yourself a Martini in the time it took for the clubhead to embark languidly on its return journey.  Had I ever been able to make the club’s unwinding coincide with the head’s impact with the ball, I’m sure the latter would have travelled some way but it was a timing exercise tantamount to catching lightning in a bottle.

With the exception of a few nostalgics who continue to play with hickory-shafted clubs for old times’ sake, golf’s past is past where clubs are concerned, yet fly anglers can still switch from one generation of rod manufacture to another and find their fishing enhanced for more than merely sentimental reasons, as The Classical Angler has explained so inspiringly.

“Now the generation of anglers that have never tasted this wine need to have the courage to question things, and pick up a rod like the Orvis Superfine Touch or Superfine Glass, and see what has been hidden behind the yellow curtain all these years.

Soft rods are coming back, and like the LP, the sound will be like nothing else since.”

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‘Front unloader’ waders, music to ears of a certain age

Those of you who may be experiencing a certain perishing of the bladder’s seal as years slip by, may find this thread worth keeping an eye on.

Caught somewhat short while up to my nicky-nacky-noos in the River Swale last month (link is for the benefit of our trans-Atlantic readers…) it occurred to me that the contest between de-layering speed and the fortitude of your urethral sphincter can become so finely-balanced as to be worth a place on a Japanese game show.

“The hell with landing on Mars,” I remember thinking to myself. “Just invent the front-zipper waders, someone…”

I had no idea they were already out there. The field test terms of reference could make interesting reading…

Fly fishing feng shui and the case for music

If pressure of space means that your fishing, audio and other kinds of gear must somehow co-exist in your man cave (or ‘study’ as we pretentious types still like to call it) you will need little convincing as to the benefits of multi-functionalism.

The accompanying photograph from my own haven – illustrating how a spare rod case and laptop speaker can co-exist in perfect harmony – will therefore hopefully leave you suitably inspired.

It gets the speaker out of the way and spares you the time and expense of putting up a shelf. I’m no expert in the field but the combination of a 4ft tube and foam lined lid seems to make for a passable acoustic experience. Exactly what the manufacturers had in mind, I’m sure.