Mating belongs to all – you read it here second


Pic courtesy of t.germeau

It’s a prime example of life being unfair: you have a really good cause to promote, but jazzing it up to appeal to media and the wider audience can be sooo hard.

Congratulations, then, to those behind a Finnish campaign to highlight and help the plight of migratory fish, that will see grocery firm K Group join forces with WWF.

“K Group and WWF Finland will jointly map different parts of Finland to find obstacles in migratory fish spawning grounds and in a spirit of cooperation with local landowners, local K-retailers and volunteers make the spawning grounds once again accessible for fish. The aim is to generate more awareness of and discussion about Finland’s endangered migratory fish populations”.

All of which seems destined to meet that same wowless factor fate, until you read that the campaign slogan is ‘Kuteminen kuuluu kaikplle’, and even more exciting in its English form – ‘Mating Belongs To All’.

Now you’re talking.

I’m in no position to prognosticate on the fate of Finland’s migratory fish, but I can hazard a more qualified guess that if the campaign starts pitching Mating Belongs To All sweatshirts to the nation’s young adults, it may not lack for funding.


Fishing ads of distinction

Take this to a hundred other companies in the fishing trade and they’d spit the dummy.

“Where’s the product?!”

“It doesn’t even mention fishing?!”

“What the *** are you morons on…?!”

If that’s you, allow me to offer you an alternative view of this sales pitch.

Some of us like the soft sell, just as we like being told a nice story in a world full of ugly ones. Nor do we regard “less is more” as an accidental oxymoron.

So we read this, enjoy the whimsy and may well subconsciously remember the firm responsible next time we’re in the market for eyewear.

And there are more of us than you think.

Banana Ad


They still advertise like this…?

Every now and then, my assumption that western civilisation evolves at a more or less even tempo receives a jarring wake-up call. Today is one of those occasions.

Somewhere in Ohio, apparently, it is still 1978.

How the years slip away and Benny Hill’s face moves into crisper focus, as I watch someone called Joe Jordan and R&R Bait & Tackle combine their promotional efforts around  a single theme. And fishing.

Joe at least, might just have got away with his part of the deal, so willing was I to extend him the benefit of the doubt and assume that the bikini’d young woman who opens the clip is his wife or girlfriend. On reflection, he may feel that the part where he has to check what her name is should never have survived the first edit.

This, however, pales alongside the advertising intermission at the 33-second mark. It’s not the body of Bikini Woman number 2, holding up an ‘Open Seven Days a Week Sign’ in the floats aisle, that lingers in the memory, so much as the body language.

This is either a model, slowly coming to terns with the fact that she’s drawn the day’s short straw down at the agency, or else a long-suffering staff member mentally calculating  before our eyes what ‘taking one for the team’ will cost her employer in bonuses and free bait.

We return to Joe and his associate, reeling in bass and pike in northern Michigan, before popping back to R&R at the 4:47 point, where a young woman in hot pants (probably the accountant) wants to tell us that you can’t go wrong with Weld-craft fishing boats. Lest there be any doubt on that score, the camera cuts to a photo of the said vessel, with another woman in a bikini draped across its back end, clearly savouring every second aboard “the most reliable, durable boat on the planet”.

All told, this peek into Joe and R&R’s parallel universe runs to almost 12 minutes, and even as you hope that there might yet be some ironic, self-aware punchline that makes everything all right, the clip blindsides you once more, closing with a quote from St Paul’s letter to the Philippians – I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.

Whether it’s Joe or the proprietors of R&R Bait and Tackle whose strength needs occasional replenishment isn’t entirely clear.

Trout Fisherman now available on iPad

Trout Fisherman issue 438 iPad version is on on sale now.

Visit the Apps store to get yours for only £2.99. Plus see free sample version that gives you a taste of what you can expect.

There are fly tying videos in issue 438, as well as extra gallery pictures and drop down scroll text with extra fishing tactics.

More sample pages here.

It’s a brave new world for us,so all but the most gratuitous abuse and criticism will be gratefully received.

I hate ‘Perfect Family’ advertising

Here’s how it happens in reality.

Younger Kid has to stop mid-sprint because his coat zipper has jammed half-way up.

Older Kid’s too cool for running, so dawdles by the tide line, effecting world-weariness and quietly hoping you’ll be so distracted that you won’t notice him dragging on a surreptitious cigarette.

And that gorgeous creature who simply insisted on carrying the lugworm bucket? She’s actually in the car because those wave-ridged beaches do nothing for her Achilles tendonitis. And she’s gorgeous in somewhat more subtle ways.

Within 20 minutes, Older Kid hates what the wind is doing to his hair, you’re looking at the bird’s-nest from hell and Younger Kid is wishing that, just once, you’d bring him fishing when the wind’s at his back.

And Subtly-Gorgeous is yelling that we need to be making a move because she’s realised Coronation Street starts in 47 minutes.

Having studied her Timex watch.

Official: The Most Interesting Man in the World is a fly fisherman

Who knew?

“You might not think it at first glance, but Jonathan Goldsmith is the most interesting man in the world. The actor has achieved notoriety for his role in Dos Equis beer commercials with the famous last line: “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I choose Dos Equis…

“…It’s an ad campaign that has taken on a life of its own, becoming part of popular culture, and with the lines often popping up in everyday conversations.  Dos Equis saw sales increase as soon as they started airing the ads five years ago and Goldsmith says the work has made him millions…

“…His mom was a model. He loves sailing, reading and fly fishing with his dad’s rod.”

Stay smug, my friends…


Pic of the Day

Fishing for compliments

An overseas company sent us photos of some ‘flies’ they’d like us to review. Let’s just say there was a propellor involved.

Thanks but no thanks, our editor told them.

They’ve just emailed back, calling him ‘pighead’.

Memo to emerging economies everywhere – you’ll only ever emerge so far if this is your idea of networking.

But thanks for the best laugh of the week.