A new tool for the tackle box – the Hook&Roll lure retriever

A brief diversion from fly fishing, to announce a new product for those of you who fish baits and lures.

Full disclosure: wearing my copywriter’s hat, I just put the Kickstarter page together for the guys launching the Hook&Roll lure retriever, so it would be a poor show if I didn’t give their efforts a mention here.

They’ve come up with a lure retriever that improves on those that went before; allowing you to retrieve snagged lures more than 30 metres away, with a device they claim is ruthlessly effective in dislodging snagged or jammed lures.

I had initial reservations over the price, but then I discovered what American anglers in particular hand over at their local fishing tackle store for high-end lures.

If you fish six times a year over snag-free terrain, then the Hook&Roll isn’t for you. If you’re out there most days, on the other hand, dangling your Slick Lures, Slayer lures or Rapala X-Rap where angels fear to tread, this thing could pay for itself within weeks.

More details here.

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