Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e December 16

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolkimg_6659

Another great week’s fishing with many anglers catching in high double figures. Cat’s Whiskers and Damsels are most successful, as they have been over the past several weeks. Thanks to all who attended the Fur & Feather event. The 17 anglers caught 22 fish in total and whilst the numbers weren’t high, all anglers but one caught a rainbow. Fishery closed Christmas Day but open usual hours every other day. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

The Fritz ‘n’ Flies competition was a great success with the 25 anglers catching 87 fish (many more were dropped) making the rod average 3.5. Congratulations to the qualifiers William Leach, Davie Kay, Alec Harvey (already qualified), Johnny McMahon, Robbie Bell (already qualified) Ian Scott, Gary Thompson, Billy King (already qualified) David Leemington and Alec Bowler. Due to popular demand there will be a third heat on Sunday January 29, 2017. To book a place please contact Jim Tuck on 07985 232437 (after 6pm) Limited spaces available.

Exceptional sport at Chatton, and even though Ross Lake has coloured slightly it is still producing fantastic sport that was proven in the competition on Sunday. Three double figure fish were returned this week. David Robinson from Netherton caught 10 fish in total, returning three at 2lb, six in the 4lb to 7lb bracket and also returning an 11lb rainbow to Chatton Lake. John Dobson from Prudhoe caught eight fish, keeping a 6lb and 4lb rainbow rainbow and returning a 13lb 8oz rainbow to Chatton Lake.. Malcolm Robinson, who took part in the Fritz ‘n’ Flies Competition on Sunday, returned a 12lb rainbow to Dunnydeer Lake. David Wafer from Wallsend caught a 7lb 2oz rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake using a Black and Green Tadpole. David kept two fish for a total weight of 11lb 3oz and returned one. Bob Tynan and Malcolm Halliman were delighted with their day, both caught 7lb-plus fish. Kevin Stewart from Amble caught a 6lb rainbow from Chatton Lake using a floating line and Pheasant Tail Nymph. Peter Davison from New Hartley caught 10 fish on Buzzers.

Rob Frame from West Denton returned nine fish using a Black Bunny Leech. Ken Glenton from Ashington caught 14 fish using Tinnies and Cats. Tom Brown from Ashington was delighted with a 6lb rainbow he returned to Chatton Lake, catching four fish in total.

The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday December 19 at 9.30am in the lodge, everyone welcome to come along.


Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire

For the week December 5-11 the 93 anglers caught 458 fish of which 363 were returned. A fantastic week especially since Wednesday with superb bank fishing. Some anglers who had large catches were Andy Lane with 35 fish, Derek Benamore 33, Matt Harris 26, Bill Stewart 22, Jim Nixon 21. Damsels, Bloodworm and Crunchers taking the bulk of the fish on floaters or midge-tips. Best fish at 6lb 8oz for Jim Nixon, from Kettering, and 5lb 2oz to Voldemars Rumbahs, on a white and green lure from the boat. Best bank areas are Brookside, gravel bar, Goodfellows and dam. Best boat areas the dam and Goodfellows. Best patterns are Apps’ Bloodworm, small Damsel, Green Cruncher, black/green or white/green lures, Candy or Tequila Blob/FAB.

Elinor is open for day ticket anglers until December 31. Season permit anglers may bank fish the whole of January. The 2017 season starts on Saturday February 11.


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

It’s been a very busy weekend. The reopening of the Bankside pool and the lovely weather saw loads of anglers out enjoying the December warmth. During this warmer snap there has been a lot of fish activity on the surface at times, this has helped the fishing with only a floating line or a slow glass being all that’s needed. There has even been a handful of fish on the Burnside being caught with dries. With the Bankside reopening on Saturday some good returns were always expected with all the new fish. Over the first two days 14 fish were killed for 48lb and 188 caught and released by a total of 22 anglers. There have been several nice rainbows up to 8lb caught as well as four browns up to 8lb caught and released. Most of the fish were caught using lures of various colours, pulled fast, as well as bugs and Squirmys fished under the indicator. Over the winter we will be offering a full day’s catch and release on this pond for £10 and two fish all day for £15.

The Boathouse wasn’t that busy this weekend but Mr Fleming and Mr Purvis had a good morning, keeping six for 19lb and put back another four, all caught on Blobs. Mr Whiteford had two fish for 6lb and returned seven on an Apps’ worm. The water is still very clear and a cautious approach is needed to get consistent results.

The Burnside has been very steady with some great returns being recorded. Mr Hesset had 19 fish on Apps’ and Squirmys up to 5lb. Mr McLaren had 16 on FABs and Buzzers up to 4lb. Mr Smith had 10 fishing a Hothead Damsel very fast just under the surface.

The Woodside has not had too many anglers fishing it but the ones that have ventured out have done really well. Over the weekend there were nine anglers who landed 26 fish for a total of 49lb. Powerbait and spinners were the most effective methods.

There are still spaces for the end of year competition being held on December 28. Entry is £20 with lunch included, please call 01382 350777 / 350213 for more details.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 52 rods caught 234 fish for an average of 4.50 fish. Another good week with plenty of good-sized fish coming out and most anglers catching their limits. Messrs T. Ali and Meah fished from a boat on Cocks Close and both caught 8lb fish in their five fish limits. These all fell to Cat’s Whiskers fished on a slow sinking line. Dean Piper of Milton Keynes caught four fish from Cocks Close and a superb brown trout estimated between 8 and 10lb from Park Meadow, which was safely returned. All Dean’s fish fell to an orange and white lure on a floating line. Glenn Fraser of Birmingham caught four fish from a boat on Cocks Close and his best was a 7lb 10oz rainbow, which fell to a Cat’s Whisker. Dimitor Velkov of Sutton-in-Ashfield caught an 8lb rainbow from the bank of Cocks Close and this fell to a Cat’s Whisker. Anglers have enjoyed success from the bank and boats with both pools in good form at the moment. Cat’s Whisker has been the top fly but plenty of fish are coming to various lures such as Minkies, Black Tadpole and big Goldhead Damsels. Natural patterns such as Diawl Bach, Bloodworm and Black Buzzer are also accounting for a few fish.

The trout fishery will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. We would like to wish all our customers a merry Christmas and ‘tight lines’ for the new year. Further details and bookings, please ring 01676 522754.


Rutland Water, Rutland
A great week’s fishing for both bank and boat anglers. Season ticket holder Stuart Ross reported five rainbows off the bank with his best fish weighing 5lb, another going to 4lb, two over 3lb and the smallest at 2lb 6oz. Stuart used Suspender Minkies and floating fry. Bert Chambers, another season ticket holder, had a 5lb plus rainbow off the Peninsula and also recently returned a 6lb-plus brown which fell to a Hopper. Paul Runes of Middlesbrough came down to Rutland on Friday with good friend Ben Race. The pair had a ‘field day’ catching a total of 18 specimens.

The following day Paul fished a ‘friendly’ boat competition organised by Iain Barr. Paul recorded the best rainbow at 4lb 3oz and his total bag was four fish for 12lb 7oz. Twelve anglers caught an impressive 131 fish to their boats; in Iain’s words “sport was phenomenal”. The best rainbow was returned by Iain as he had already caught his four fish limit of rainbows, Iain estimated this specimen to be around 5lb 8oz – 5lb 12oz. Keith Jones won this friendly match with an impressive 24 fish for 40lb 1oz. The best brown was estimated at 6lb 8oz.

Prospects look very good with quality rainbows showing close in over the dying weedbeds. These fish are feeding on corixa, snails, shrimp and fry. In the deeper water fry patterns are accounting for good numbers of fish.

Zander, perch and pike are showing to predator anglers using 40-50 gram jigs in most cases. Zander are being taken up to 10lb, perch around the 1lb 8oz mark and pike in double figures.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

The week started cold and frosty, and the fish were hard to tempt, but from Wednesday onwards, when the weather turned unseasonably mild, things improved greatly as the fish became much more active. They were to be found two to three feet down in the water with the golds very visible in all three ponds. On Swanswater the dam and the island were the best areas, although the boats were also doing well. Favourite patterns included lures such as Dancer, Woolly Bugger, and Humungus, with fish also taking Buzzers, Diawl Bach, various wet flies, and, unusually for December, a few dries, particularly on the Meadow Pond on Saturday. This week also saw the departure of our long-term employee, Alan, who after more than 20 years working here has decided to move on. The fishery management would like to wish Alan, his wife and their baby daughter all the very best for the future.

Frank Barr, from Falkirk, in two visits, caught eight for 26lb including three golds and two blues, plus seven caught and released. Rab Bonar, Alloa, on two tickets, caught eight for 24lb including four golds and two blues. Ian Whitelaw, Dunipace, five for 16lb, plus six caught and released; Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb 12oz plus three browns caught and released; Les Cooper, Dunblane, four for 11lb 12oz, plus six caught and released; Rab Smith, Airth, four for 11lb 8oz, plus caught and released; Allan Laing, Carluke, three for 8lb 8oz; Alan Armstrong, Dollar, two golds for 7lb 12oz; Malcolm Miller, Clackmannan, two for 7lb 2oz including a 5lb blue; Tom Pate, Alloa, two for 7lb; Heather Johnston, Neilston, two for 6lb 12oz; Graeme Arthur, Stirling, caught and released nine in two visits; Jim Dougall, Kincardine, caught and released three including a rainbow estimated at 8lb.


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending December 9 the 39 rods caught 117 trout for a rod average of three. Surprisingly mild weather greeted anglers as Toft entered the final full week of the season. Fish remained very active in the gin clear water, although catching them at times has been tricky. The best approach has been to use a washing-line set-up with a Minkie Booby on the point and small Buzzer or Bloodworm patterns on the droppers. Those prepared to sit it out on small dries have also done well at times and the seasonal sinking line and Booby tactics have accounted for a fair few fish, a Black and Gold Booby being quite a good pattern. The total amount raised during the October charity day in aid of Cancer Research UK was £678.50, a great effort.

Sunday December 18 is the final day of the trout season and the friendly Fur & Feather match. Season tickets cease to be valid after this date.

December 28-30 inclusive, fly only from 8am, £10 catch and release ticket, £15 four fish limit – no other tickets or concessions available on these special days.

The following dates are any method, and the price is £10 all catch and release: Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 January inclusive; Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 January inclusive; Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 January inclusive; Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 January inclusive. For pike fishing at Toft, charges are £10 on the any method days for a single rod or £17.50 for two rods (a maximum of two rods per angler). Those wishing to fish for trout on an any-method basis are only allowed to use one rod. Boat charges are £6 for a rowing boat or £13 for a boat and engine.

The 2017 season reopens at 7.30am on Saturday February 4.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.


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