What’s in My Flybox?

Pressure of space meant that we had to hold the following segment back from the Ledcrieff & Lairds Trout Fisheries feature in the latest issue of Trout Fisherman, which hits the newsstands today.


Colin Shepherd [the Ledcrieff regular who kindly helped us out on our visit] talks haemorrhoids, Genghis Khan and other favourite flies…


1.   Rubber-legged Damsel

“This is my own design and it does well at Ledcrieff. It’s loaded with ‘triggers’ – the legs, the bit of sparkle in the body and the bead that gives it an up and down movement when you retrieve it.”

2.  The Genghis

“Some west coast guys who I met at Butterstone Loch came up with it but they had a yellow and white tail on theirs. I think the reason they called it The Genghis Khan was to do with the black and green colouring but I can’t tell you more than that!  

“The body is mixed in with a few bits of tinsel and a guinea fowl hackle underneath it, Diawl Bach style, then a gold bead and some black seal fur near the bead to spike it up so it looks like legs.”

3.  Midge

“This is my fly when the fish are on caenis – tying thread body, Coq de Lyon tail and a bit of white Aero Dry Wing. I have a lollypop stick with bits of Velcro strips stuck on either end: I apply some Gink to the Aero Wing with the fluffy Velcro, squeeze it with amadou, and fluff up the Aero Wing with the stubbly Velcro. It will sit on the water for hours.”

4.  Humungus variant

“I bought a few of these when I was down at Rutland, as I’d gone down expecting to fish Buzzers but had to change method. I did well with it at Carrot Creek there and it’s also proved popular with pike! I think the silver Flashabou underbelly attracts them.”

5.  Egg-laying Blob

“I don’t fish this one much but it has good memories. In 2010 [TF 403] I sent a thing to TF’s Fly-Master called The Blobble – a Blob with a small pom-pom dangling from its bottom by a piece of nylon. The person judging it called it “a Blob with haemhorroids” but added that it would certainly rattle the rainbows. After that, other people cottoned on and I was up at Kingennie and guys were using these egg-laying Blobs, with a bead nestling in the Blob, so it sits facing downwards when fished under a bung and the fish come and hit them.”


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