Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 30

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here at Taunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 30:


Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

With the change in the temperature and pressure sport has improved this week. Lots of fish in the 3lb to 8lb being caught including some lovely brown trout. Ali Tait from Morpeth landed a beautiful 13lb rainbow from Dunnydeer Lake using a Black Spider. Cramlington Renegades had a great day on Saturday catching 26 fish between them. The best bag was five fish for 18lb 3oz by Mr A. Calvin. Members of the Chopwell Chancers fished on Saturday and everyone caught fish… apart from one member! Winner of the ‘friendly’ competition was Ross Dixon with a four bag weight of 14lb. Second was Gary Lynn with 13lb 7oz (four fish) and third Paul Snaith 12lb 7oz (four fish). Gary Lynn won the heaviest prize with a 7lb 12oz rainbow. Dunnydeer Lake and Ross Lake are fully booked on Saturday October 1 until 4pm – Chatton Lake will be open as usual. Fishery closing at 7pm this week.


Forbes of Kingennie, Tayside

With autumn well and truly upon us the fishing has been improving with a real mix of methods taking fish. There have been good returns of fish on everything from big lures on a sunk line, Buzzers on the washing-line and up to tiny dries. The Boathouse has still been holding a bit of colour but still fishing really well. The best flies on here have been a white lure, Black Buzzers, Okey Dokeys, bright FABs, Squirmys and dries. Mr Connell had 12 fish on a Green Okey Dokey. Mr Soave had three for 11lb with the biggest being 6lb 4oz. The Burnside has been very busy and as a result some days have seen the fish being very selective with very wee dries being the key to a good day’s sport. Floating Fry, various patterns under the bung and again white lures have been the best options. Mr Birse had 11 on a small fry. Mr Watson had 13 on a Blob under the bung.

Over the weekend the Rosyth Civil Service Angling Club were out over the two ponds and did very well keeping 12 fish for 27lb and returning another 170 fish up to 10lb with several in the 5-8lb range between the 24 anglers. The Woodside has been fishing exceptionally well with 38 anglers over the weekend landing 74 fish. The largest was taken by Mr Jackson weighing 5lb 7oz taken on Powerbait.

There will be a fundraising competition on the Boathouse and Burnside on October 16 to help raise funds for the Scottish Stillwater fly fishing team going to Wales at the end of October. Anyone looking to fish it or for more details call 01382 350777.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 52 rods caught 107 fish for an average of 2.05. The fishing has been a little difficult this week with the boat anglers still having more success. The biggest fish of the week was a 6lb rainbow caught by Ray Inman of Birmingham who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and it was the best of a six fish bag caught on lures. John Ponting of Sutton Coldfield caught seven fish on a catch and release ticket from a boat on Cocks Close and these all fell to a Buzzer on a floating line. Chris Gee of Solihull had six fish to 4lb again from a boat on Cocks Close and these all came to a Black Buzzer on a floating line. Best patterns have been small lures, Black Damsel, Goldhead Damsel, black or olive Buzzers, GRHE and dry Daddies. Best areas have been the old boat jetty corner and the high bank of Cocks Close.


Swanswater Trout Fishery, Stirlingshire

A mixed week of weather led to some mixed results. Earlier in the week the warmer, brighter and calmer days proved tougher and the fish were lying deeper than normal, around four to five feet. Midweek onwards proved an upturn in fortunes, topped off by an incredible day on Wednesday. This was when temperatures dropped a little, the cloud cover rolled in, accompanied by heavy spells of rain and a stronger breeze. Fish returned to more normal depths of around two to three feet and were more active. Many golden trout continue to feature in the returns, as the average size of them continues to rise. Areas around the dam and island fished best and it was a good week for mini lures such as Dancer, Cat, Damsel, and Zonker. Buzzers also took a lot of fish, particularly during the middle of the week, with the odd nymph such as Diawl Bach and PTN and wets like Kate McLaren also working when fish were higher in the water.

We continue to stock a large number of “strange” coloured trout. These highly visible trout seem to be causing some confusion as anglers are still not aware of what they are both catching and seeing in the ponds. One angler when asked if his fish was a Rainbow replied ‘yes but it’s kinda yellow’. It was a golden trout!

Frank Barr, from Falkirk, caught eight fish for 20lb 8oz including a 4lb rainbow, a blue and four golds; Tam Baillie, Kincardine, six for 16lb 12oz including four golds, in two visits; Willie Martin, Stirling, five for 12lb 12oz including two golds; Greg Donaldson, Alloa, five for 12lb 12oz; Danny Doherty, Denny, four for 14lb 4oz including a 6lb 10oz rainbow; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 11lb 8oz; Paul Pathmore, Edinburgh, four for 10lb; Donald McMurchy, Fallin, three for 12lb 4oz including a 6lb 12oz rainbow and two golds; Alan Prentice, Clackmannan, three for 14lb including a 8lb 12oz rainbow; Robert Smith, Falkirk, and Robert Park, Lennoxtown, three for 8lb; Cameron Halley, West Linton, two for 6lb; Ian Fitzpatrick, Durham, 23 caught and released in two visits; Andy Cook, Durham, 19 caught and released in two visits; Geoff Gilbert, Isle Of Man, 39 caught and released over the week.


Thrunton Trout Fishery

As Autumn approaches and  the mornings and evenings are much cooler, the fish are now looking to feed up for winter. Despite the winds anglers have enjoyed some good sport on both lakes with bloodworms, buzzers and diawl bachs being the most successful. Anglers are finding dries are still working well under the cloud cover with lots of sedges showing on the water this weekend. The fish of the week, 17lb rainbow, was safely returned by Ian Robinson from Newcastle on a pink bloodworm but many fish, including blues and browns in the 4-10lb range have also been recorded.

Due to our continued improvement of the facilities at Thrunton, fishing on parts of Long Crag lake may be disturbed  on Monday/Tuesday, but Coe Crag will  be available as normal.

  • Jim Burtle from Newcastle fished cormorants static and netted 8 from Long Crag
  • Lol Seddon from Stakeford had ‘a cracking session’ netting 8 from both lakes on buzzers
  • Cramlington angler Ray Percy used a red apps bloodworm to return 16 to 6lb
  • Ian Callow from Dunbar released 7 from  Long Crag on diawl bachs and daddies
  • Mick Brown from Bedlington had ‘his day at Thrunton’ returning 20 to both lakes on diawl bachs and green buzzers
  • Lee Masterman from landed 8 , all off the top, on shipmans buzzers
  • Stu Ward from Westerhope kept 4 for 15lb 10oz and returned a further 4 on a black blue flash damsel and a ginger bloodworm
  • John Pringle from Wooler enjoyed his day returning 9 from both lakes
  • Darren Storey from Annfield Plain returned 14 from Long Crag lake on buzzers
  • Davy Kay from Morpeth released 16 from Coe Crag on his home tied flies
  • Shane Allison from Stanley safely returned 10 from both lakes on various blobs.
  • Trevor Bryant enjoyed his day netting 14 from both lakes on a yellow buzzer

Fly Box:- buzzers, diawl bachs, bloodworms, sedges, hoppers, cormorants, damsels, lures and other dries.

FISHERY HOURS Open daily 8.30am – 6.30pm. Saturday 5.00pm close


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending September 23 the 48 rods caught 63 trout for a rod average of 1.31. Breezier cooler weather has helped a bit this week though fish do seem a little more reluctant to feed in periods of bright sun. Like everywhere it seems to have been a long summer at Toft, but with conditions now starting to point in the right direction more fish are being seen actively feeding. All methods have their place at the moment with a mixture of dries and washing-line tactics taking the lion’s share of the fish. But don’t rule out fry patterns such as Minkies and Booby Minkies to create some noise on the surface. Season ticket holder Keith Walker spooned a fish to reveal it to be full of black buzzers. A quick change and matching the hatches resulted in more fish following in short order. Martin Rowson fished from a boat on a wet day and managed 15 fish, mainly on washing-line/Booby tactics taking fish about six inches down.

The Cancer Research fundraiser takes place this Saturday (October 1). Please contact Andy in the fishery office on 01673 878453 or by mobile 07850 351695 if you would like to take part.


West House Trout Lakes

On Saturday October 15 West House is hosting a free BBQ for all fisherman. The BBQ will be at 12.30 and there is no charge for anyone fishing. Put a note in your diary.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

Cooler conditions and cloud cover. The change in the weather to a more seasonable average certainly improved the fishing this week and the 22 visiting anglers saw improved success with the fish moving again. Anglers still had to show patience and the best of the week was ‘Mitch’ with a bag of five fish, followed by R. Bert who caught three fish. G. Mercer, P. Stonehouse and P. Barnet all had bags of two fish each. The best fish of the week were two 3lb specimens caught by R. Bert and G. Mercer. Blobs, Buzzers and CdCs all worked well with Owls making an appearance towards the end of the week. Now that the weather has become more autumnal the fish should continue to move, giving visiting anglers a fighting chance.


Ynys y fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Reports indicate that the quality of fishing is very reasonable for the time of year, especially after such a long period of hot weather. On the bottom pond, boat anglers continue to find fish, especially off the dam. Ken Pascoe had a total return of nine fish from two sessions with Shaun Cotterell catching a similar number, again from two visits. Shaun’s regular boat partner, Keith Higgins landed five trout from his boat day and then added a further 10 fish from around the banks including a specimen rainbow of 3lb 4oz. Boat sessions for Les Murphy and Lindsay Kirkwood saw each land three trout. Around the banks of the bottom pond, but mainly off the dam, club president Martin Williams caught six fish from two visits, while Cardiff member Alan Rees managed two trout from each of his two afternoon sessions. Regular permit holders, Roger Martin and James Francis each caught three fish. A brace of trout was landed by Ian Hewitt, John Morgan and Colin Jones. Day ticket visitors finding value for money included Peter Williams with three fish caught using a Humungus pattern and Messrs C. and S. Jones each catching two rainbows. On the top pond day ticket holder Peter Dent landed three rainbows to 2lb 6oz with committee member Terry O’Connor also catching three fish from the road bank. A session around the shallow waters off Swan Bay, provided general treasurer Gwyn Davies with five trout caught on a combination of Corixa dries and Damsel Nymphs. Successful flies during the week include Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Diawl Bach variations, Hoppers and Daddy Longlegs. As for last week early and late sessions provide the best fishing and good shoals of fish have been seen on the bottom pond particularly off the dam and in Farmhouse and Pipe Bay.

At the weekend boat anglers on the bottom pond were still finding fish with regulars Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell landing seven fish each. The Murphy brothers Arthur and Les each registered two rainbows. One of the season’s most consistent fishermen, James Francis followed a very early session in Farmhouse Bay, which realised three fish caught on Diawl Bach and small Pheasant Tail flies, with an afternoon/evening boat ticket to catch a further five fish. Cardiff members Alan Rees and Ivor Thomas also fished from the bank over a similar time to record three and two trout respectively, caught on a combination of Yellow Blobs, Hoppers and Daddies. Day ticket visitor B. Hurcombe caught five fish to 2lb 3oz mainly from the dam. On the top pond a Corixa pattern tempted an excellent 3lb 7oz rainbow for association member John Edwards.



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  1. Great fishing spots Jeffrey. All these spots looks great and amazing. When considering fish density and natural beauty Chatton Trout Fishery is my favorite here. Thanks for the great post. Keep these things coming mate. Cheers.

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