Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 23

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here atTaunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 23:

Blackdyke Trout Fishery, Norfolk

Weather conditions slowly improving and we hope to restock in the next couple of weeks.

Sport is becoming a little easier now the lakes are starting to cool down. Simon Nicols from Annfield Plain caught 14 fish using Buzzers and Diawl Bachs. John Boyle from Hawick caught 11 fish on a Yellow Owl. Rodney Burn from Blyth kept three fish and returned four using a Pink Bloodworm, Tinnie and a black lure. Alan Sheppard from Stakeford caught seven fish using a Hare’s Ear and Buzzers. Ogle Brown from Ashington caught seven fish using an Invicta. Davie Fisher kept two fish and returned eight using Daddies. Matty Divine from Hadson caught 11 fish using nymphs, returning an 8lb 3oz rainbow to Chatton Lake. Davie Kay from Morpeth caught nine fish returning a 6lb 2oz and 8lb 8oz rainbow. David Astbury from Embleton kept three fish and returned two, one being a 7lb brown trout to Ross Lake. Chatton Angling Ladies Club member Caroline Brown was delighted with her catches, and she also lost one at the net. Fishery closing at 7.30pm this week.

Elinor Trout Fishery, Northamptonshire

For the week September 12-18 the 85 anglers caught 209 fish of which 132 were returned. Best fish of 5lb 14oz was taken by Chris Walker, of Lutterworth, who fished a Cat’s Whisker from the boat. A brown of 5lb 8oz was caught by Lazloe Boden, of Northampton, on a Daddy, also from the boat. Four days of hot weather at the start of last week put on hold an improvement in the fishing, but a return to normal early season temperatures will soon see an improvement. Throughout the last two months we’ve stocked almost twice as many fish as have been taken out. Elinor should start fishing well very soon. Weed beds are starting to break up and it’s noticeable on calm days that fish are rising over most parts of the lake. There are good numbers of daddies starting to hatch which will provide some good surface sport. Most fish are coming to floating line with a bright Blob/FAB on the point with Crunchers/Diawl Bachs. Some boats have had good bags on an intermediate with white/green lures. Best boat areas are the dam, boat bay, east arm, brookside. Boats doing best down the middle.

Sunday November 13 is the date for the Dave Hughes Memorial Fur & Feather. Fishing is from 9am to 3pm, entry £25 which includes fishing fees (£5 for season ticket holders). Boat or bank fishing available. Proceeds from the raffle will be split between Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation.


Eyebrook Trout Fishery, Leicestershire

Eyebrook season ticket holder Stuart Bilsdon of Uppingham has been catching plenty of hard-fighting rainbow trout on Daddies. Gary Legge fished Claret Hoppers and caught 10 rainbows while boat fishing. Ian Simmons and Neil Benjamin caught on Daddies and Bibios. Season ticket holder Bill Whittle of Grantham was content with a brace of fish taken on a Green and White Tadpole and included a brown trout of 3lb 9oz. Bill also caught nine fish last week from the main basin on Black Buzzers. The winning pair in ‘Bennetts Bash’ boat-fishing competition, organised by Mick Bennett, were Tim Polito and Calum Naylor with eight fish for 14lb 13oz. Runners up were Nodder Bennett and Adi Naylor with six fish for 11lb 10oz. With the water now cooling and the weed beds slowly dying back, the resident trout are now being more frequently caught on Daddies and floating fry patterns.

Pike fishing starts on October 1 using lures and sea dead baits only and a number of boats have been allocated on each day. For more information and rules regarding predator fishing go to and click on the predator motif.


Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery, Grampian

Quite a hard week with hot weather and then varied cold to hot, which doesn’t help settle fish into feeding hard. Still, fish were caught although not in big numbers and you needed to think about your fishing and find where the fish were. On bright days search shaded water and around weed beds where fish will seek shelter from the sun and will be more tempted to take. Open, bright water will produce little. Dry flies worked as did Buzzers and Damsels and olive was the dominant colour overall. Some good catches this week included Slater Scott with 12, Rob Harding on seven, Stephen Devanny with nine, Tom Anderson seven, Blair MacDonald eight, Mark Bell nine, Eddie Kane 10, and Billy Campbell 11. Dave Wright had a nice fish of 5lb 14oz, Harry Buchan one of 5lb 9oz, Archie Miller one at 6lb. Averages were down due to the heat at around two fish per session showing just how tough it was. When it cooled down things did come to life and it was good on the dries but so many fish were on and off according to anglers.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

Anglers have enjoyed some fantastic sport in less than ideal conditions. Fish have begun to search every nook, cranny and bay for food, boosting the bank and boat fishing, particularly in the harder to reach areas. Amongst the notable trout catches this week was Norman Rushton who took a 4lb 11oz brown. John Brimble tempted a brown of 28 inches. John also landed a 4lb perch earlier in the week. Phil Green recorded the best bag of the week, tempting 16 fish to his boat using nymphs on a floating line close to the bank.

Boat anglers have seen the return of the margin-feeding fish. Many of the shallow bays are seeing numbers of fish, particularly in rocky areas, succumbing to the fabled GRHE. Other common catching flies include Buzzers, Diawl Bachs and Crunchers, usually dark or red in colour. The best techniques continue to be floating lines with Diawl Bachs and Crunchers strung between Boobies on the point and Hare’s Ears on the dropper.

It is noticeable that fish are following shoals of last year’s large roach fry. Targeting these fish can sometimes be a little tricky, although injecting some pace into the lure or fly when they are nearby is tempting the fish to chase. Good areas reported this week include Hill Farm, West Bank, the middle (drifting), the dam, Rainbow Point, Sanctuary Bay, G Buoy and Deep Water Point. Try Pig Bay, Pylon Point and Rectory Bay as there are plenty of fish to be had in these areas. Fish are right up in the water so look for the tell-tale signs of them feeding and be cautious of spooking them in shallow water.

There has been a fair amount of pressure on the bank this week with anglers practicing for the Troutmasters final. From Hill Farm down to Church Walk anglers have taken plenty of fish. Many of the anglers are wading out and practising their Grafham shuffle, disturbing the shrimp and then fishing the areas they have disturbed. We suggest using a prod stick for safety and working in a ‘U’ shape for maximum effect. The techniques are much the same as for boat fishing with Boobies, Diawl Bachs, Hoppers and Buzzers being commonly used, fished washing-line style.

Over the coming weeks we are hoping to improve access by cutting back overgrown vegetation aiming to continue further towards Marlow Bay. Any suggestions or requests you may have, please don’t’ hesitate to approach a ranger regarding bank maintenance.

There was much excitement at Grafham on Sunday with Gavin Watts recording a massive 29lb 14oz pike. Some lovely perch have been taken up to 4lb 11oz on lures. Reports are coming in of some nice double-figured zander with a few whispers of a 14lb fish being landed. Regrettably a small number of zander have been popping up dying or dead in recent days. Zander struggle when caught in deep water and they suffer from swim bladder malfunction. To avoid causing death the best option is to give the fish a chance at equalising the pressure on the way up during the fight. A slow and steady pressure with plenty of pauses as you gain line is essential for the fish to equalise properly. If you are unsure please approach fishery staff for more information.

Fifteen GWFFA club members fished their third and final boat match on Saturday September 17. The weather conditions were awful with high winds restricting fishing to the north shore. Some anglers did well using intermediate lines with Blobs and nymphs and others on full floating lines. The anglers managed 50 fish including a spectacular 4lb 11oz brown trout caught by Norman Rushton. Novice angler and new member John Abrey from Barton Mills managed two fine rainbows on a floating line with traditional wets on what was his first boat trip. First was Derek Bravington with eight fish for 15lb 10oz, 2nd Mark Brinkman, eight fish for 14lb 4oz; 3rd David Spall, six fish for 13lb 12oz. Best rainbow 4lb 1oz taken by Alan Taylor.


Millbuies Trout Fishery, Grampian

Fishing was good providing you fished toward the margins and pulled fish from their hiding places under the tree lines. Open water, which was bright, was not as fruitful. Dries were best with Shipman’s Buzzers and Greenwells doing well, also Kate McLarens and Black Pennells. Both lochs doing well and there are no weeds worries this year which has been good. There are no evening sessions now as the nights start to draw in fast.


Packington Trout Fishery, Warwickshire

Last week 50 rods caught 95 fish for an average of 1.90. The hot bright weather through the week made it very difficult but on the more overcast and cooler days the fishing was better. The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb rainbow caught by R. Harwood of Bedworth who caught it on a Buzzer fished on a floating line from Cocks Close. Kevin Brookes of Tamworth caught eight fish from a boat on Cocks Close with the biggest at 4lb and these all came to a Daddy Longlegs fished on a floating line. Paul Flanner of Kempsay fished catch and release from a boat on Cocks Close and he used a black nymph to tempt nine fish. John Riley of Atherstone caught eight fish, again from a boat on Cocks Close and these were caught on Black Buzzers. On the Park Meadow pool, Mark Goldney of Nuneaton caught eight fish to 3lb 8oz using small Buzzers on a floating line. The fish are still in shoals and the boat anglers are finding them easier than the bank anglers. As the weather cools the bank fishing will improve and further stocking this week will definitely make the fishing better.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Fish are still up in the water and have been found in increasing numbers in the Narrows and bowl at the causeway. Bank anglers are finding fish right in the margins feeding on shrimp and snails. Mark Bradbury had a lovely brown estimated at 5lb. It took a Shrimp pattern and was returned to the water unharmed. There have been plenty of fish in the 3lb bracket coming to the net. Daddy longlegs are starting to show now so Daddy patterns and Hoppers will work. Boat anglers on drifts across the Narrows or bowl are fishing these patterns on floating lines and reporting plenty of sport. The Polish Lure Anglers Match on September 17 saw anglers report over 200 pike and perch caught with a pike of 94cm weighing around 25lb, as well as perch up to 4lb.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Ravensthorpe has been on terrific form this week with some excellent sport and a rod average of 6.2. The fish are up in the water and taking dries. Best methods have been floating line with Foam Daddies or Hoppers. Blobs and Diawl Bachs have also been taking fish. Frazer Duffy junior had a good day on Sunday taking 14 fish on Daddies and Blobs. Many other anglers have had catches into double figures on the same method. Best rainbow 2lb 8oz taken by Mark Draper. The dam is also producing a few fish. Alan Duffin took three fish on Black Buzzer and a small Minkie and lost another three. Best boat area is the main bowl. Best bank is the dam.


Rutland Water, Rutland

Rutland is producing some fantastic specimen fish – particularly browns. Phil Welbourn of Deeping took a personal best brown of 5lb 14oz while fishing fry patterns from the boat. He returned another fish the same day of around 3lb. David Mann, who is also a season ticket holder, brought a cracking brown of 4lb 7oz to the scales. Other anglers are encountering these superb fish in the 3-5lb range, and the majority are being returned. The best rainbow recorded last week went to one of the WaterAid competitors, Paul Fratwell who netted a well-conditioned 4lb 1oz rainbow. He also had two more nice fish, with all three weighing just under 11lb. Paul fished fry patterns down the South Arm. The aerators are holding plenty of rainbows and a good number of boat anglers are recording limits there. Bank fishing is fairly steady although there are fish close in with Normanton, Sykes Lane and the peninsula weed beds providing one or two fish.

The annual WaterAid boat competition, supported by Rutland Water Fly Fishers, has run since 2002, and to date has raised some £200,000 for the charity. At present they are engaged in providing water and improved sanitation to underdeveloped countries: mainly in Africa. This year’s event took place on September 16 and RWFF provided boat men as guides for the day. The RWFF guide with the winning pair of novices who caught the best bag was Mick Connor from Oakham.

Five boats fished in Round A of the Anglian Water Rudder match on September 17 with a lot of fish caught. Dave Porter and Steve Crowder won with 15 fish for 29lb 10oz. Roy and Colan Bartram were second with 13 fish for 27lb 4oz. Third place went to Chris Binley and Adi Naylor with 10 fish for 20lb 9oz. Roy Bartram took the best fish of the match, a brown of 3lb 7oz.

Prospects look good with many methods working, from fry patterns, dries and nymphs (bank and boat) to rudder and lure fishing in general. There are plenty of daddy longlegs about, with big hatches of small buzzers late afternoon/evening. Corixa, sticklebacks/fry and snails are featuring in the trout’s diet.

Please note that all boats are booked October 1-5 inclusive as Rutland Water hosts the Final of the Anglian Water Airflo International.

The Autumn Pairs takes place on Saturday October 8. This is a popular match with rudder and non-rudder sections (no fly size restrictions). Match hours are 9am to 5pm – please call the lodge on 01780 686441 to find out more or to book.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

A large number of golden trout are currently appearing in the catch returns. These highly visible fish are giving anglers a lot of sport as they can be targeted as they cruise round the ponds. Sometimes they can cause a huge amount of frustration as they totally ignore the fly that has been dropped almost on their nose but generally they are happy to take whatever is offered to them! In addition to the golds there are quite a few light blue trout being stocked which are a very unusual colour and are also very visible in the water.

Over the course of the week the fish were still mostly in the top couple of feet of the water although in windy conditions they went a bit deeper. The area around the dam was usually the most productive although the boats and the island were also doing well. At the weekend, anglers using a fast retrieve were reporting a lot of follows although sometimes the fish were a bit harder to tempt to actually take the fly. A large variety of flies were successful with the favourites being Dancer, Damsel, Cat’s Whisker, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Buzzer, Invicta, Kate McLaren, Hopper and various dries, particularly on the small ponds. The fishery is now open 8am to 7.30pm every day.

Best bag this week went to John Mathieson, Doune, with four fish for 15lb 12oz including an 8lb rainbow and three golds. Some of the other anglers doing well included Alan Henderson, Grangemouth, 8lb rainbow; Robert Smith, Falkirk, in two visits, took seven for 17lb 8oz, including four golds, plus a further eight caught and released including two at around 8lb; Willie Martin, Stirling, five golds for 12lb 12oz; Greg Donaldson, Alloa, five for 12lb 8oz, plus four caught and released; Alan Stirling, Bonnybridge, five for 11lb 12oz; Sean McGill, Airdrie, five for 11lb 12oz; Frank Barr, Falkirk, four for 10lb 4oz, plus four caught and released; George Dobbie, Glasgow, four for 10lb; Peter Bryce, Alloa, four golds for 9lb 8oz; Ricky Goodwin, Larbert, three for 8lb 8oz including a blue; Dominic McAteer, 4lb rainbow; Kevin Gray, Camelon, caught and released 14; Stephen Campbell, Livingston, caught and released 10; Alex Joss caught and released seven.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Three Springs (lake one) catch and keep end has seen fish taking Buzzers and Bloodworms fished static, slow or under a bung. Daddies and Hoppers working well on top, and Cat’s Whiskers, Damsels, Dancers etc when the fish are in the mood to chase. The other end of the lake is now producing a few browns to black nymphs, GRHE etc. Lake two saw great Shipmans, Caddis, Elk Hair and Daddy moments on top. There seems to be longer periods of dry fly action here but buzzers and lures also having moments. Browns to 4lb and rainbows to 6lb recorded. Water crystal clear as ever. Stalking pool lake open again and all lakes are restocked next week.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

The unseasonably warm and sunny conditions have continued to keep the going very hard with the fish being reluctant to rise. Only the most patient of anglers willing to put in the hard work have been finding success. All bags, understandably, were in single figures with J. Wittenstall coming out top with a bag of four fish and T. Burgess showed great patience managing two fish on his half day visit. The best fish of the week was a fine 4lb rainbow caught by J. Wittenstall. With the recent proliferation of crane flies, Daddy Longlegs proved the most successful fly at the lakes this week with Blobs and CdCs also appearing on the sheets. The cooling temperatures towards the end of the week, especially early mornings, have seen the fish starting to move again and this should bode well for anglers wishing to fish the lakes this coming week.


Ynys y Fro Reservoirs, Gwent

Fishing on both ponds continues to improve, conditional upon the times of visiting i.e. early to mid morning and later sessions during the evening, and also on the location of fish, which on the bottom pond, continues to be from the dam and on the top pond at the shallow areas around Swan Bay and also at the inlet/road bank. On the top pond Graham Ingram Evans landed five good rainbows from Swan Bay using a Damsel Nymph, while Terry O’Connor fished on two occasions around the inlet to catch a total of 10 rainbows. On the bottom pond regular boat users Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell caught four and two fish respectively, while Mike Price and Adam Taylor landed four and three fish from their shared boat session. Ken Pascoe caught six fish from the boat off the dam. Around the banks both ends of the dam are providing good fishing with head bailiff John Mcindo enjoying an excellent late evening catch and release limit from the outlet using a combination of Green Buzzers and Bloodworm patterns. Roger Martin and Ken Bowring continue to take limits, with James Francis continuing his very good season with a further five trout landed on a Diawl Bach. Craig Bowles and Hugh Davies both caught four fish from the dam, with a three fish return being recorded by Alan Rees, Martin Williams, Rob Watkins and Ian Hewitt. New member Dave Price caught a brace of trout, with a similar catch being made by day ticket holder D. Stowell. The majority of catches are being made on Damsel variants, Diawl Bachs, Bloodworms and Cat’s Whiskers.

At the weekend an early morning start for James Francis saw him find three fish in Farmhouse Bay using a combination of Shipman’s Buzzers, small Pheasant Tail dries and Hoppers. Martin Rees fished into a strong head wind from the dam and managed a brace of trout, while Cardiff member Ivor Thomas found his fish via a late afternoon session. On the boats, regular users Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell caught four and two fish respectively while the Murphy brothers Arthur and Les landed six and four trout. Big shoals of fish are being seen both in the morning and late evening, but proving very difficult to catch. Ken Bowring used a Sherry Spinner spent fly during his week’s fishing which tempted four fish. The fly has a link to the blue winged olive which appears in early summer. Obviously a late arrival!


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