Trout Fisherman Troutmasters Reports w/e September 16

img_6659While we’re waiting for the magazine’s new website to go live, these reports will be posted on the TF blog here atTaunted By Waters.

The following relate to w/e September 16:

Chatton Trout Fishery, Northumberland

Fish have been putting up a good fight this week with many anglers struggling to get them to the net. Sport has predominantly been top of the water with dries working well. Another week of lovely brown trout being caught and fish in the 4lb to 8lb bracket. D. Johnston from Coldstream caught a 6lb 4oz rainbow from Ross Lake using a Black Dancer. The fly box has been Sedges, Hoppers, Black Gnats, Daddies, Hare’s Ears, Spiders and Diawl Bachs. The Chatton Ladies Angling Club are meeting on Saturday September 17 at 9.30am in the lodge, everyone welcome to join in, £20 per person and £5 per child, The fishery is open to all other anglers on this day. The fishery is closing at 8pm this week.


Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire

It’s been a great week with a rod average of 5.57, despite the turbulent weather. With the changeable conditions anglers are reporting sudden feeding spells followed by quieter periods. Notable catches this week include 19 fish taken by Ryan Campbell in a single session. Simon Lucas took the best bag of the week with 25 fish taken mostly from the middle. The best rainbow was landed by Alan Taylor with a 4lb 1oz specimen. P. Rees came close with a 4lb rainbow. Boat anglers are catching most consistently in the clearer and colder water. There’s a variation of up to four degrees in the surface temperature between the bank and the deeper water. It’s worth moving away from the shallow banks and trying for the fish further out. The best techniques are to fish floating lines with fast glass tip, with Diawl Bachs and Crunchers strung between Boobies on the point and Hare’s Ears on the dropper. Fishing an intermediate and pulling quickly is also tempting lots of good fish.

Some of the best spots reported this week include Savages Creek, between the two boils (drifting), the middle (drifting), the dam, Rainbow Point, Sanctuary Bay and a return in form for G Buoy and Deep Water Point. Other areas worth a try are outside the nature reserve and off the fishing lodge car park, particularly on Shrimp patterns.

The bank fishing has been improving. Snails are still the main food source with shrimp and fry also popular food items. Diawl Bachs and Buzzers are producing when fished washing-line method and left to drift in an arc or retrieved on a slow figure of eight. Mander car park (at the fishing lodge) is a great place to wade with fish coming very close in during the morning and evening.

Bank improvement work continues with a walkway from the Seat to Sludge Point now re-opened. Give Sludge Point a try – wade out and cast into the reachable wind lanes. With the rocky ground and sunken stumps take a prod stick and don’t forget your Hare’s Ears and Shrimp patterns.

If you would like to volunteer as a bailiff to help marshal the banks during the Troutmasters Final on September 19 or to assist at the weigh in we would love to hear from you. There are morning or afternoon sessions, or join us for the whole day. Please email or call 07801 674683.

Due to stock taking please note that items of tackle etc will not be available to purchase from 11am on September 20 and 21. The Lodge will remain open for boat hire and permit sales.

The Anniversary Pairs Boat Match takes place on September 24. The match will be fished to relaxed international rules, drifting boats and no time bonus. With cash prizes and concluding with a barbecue with drinks it promises to be a very enjoyable day. Call the fishing lodge on 01480 810531 to enter or email

The Lure Angling Society hosted a predator match at Grafham this week. Perch were targeted and plenty were caught. The LAS will be back at Grafham for their Zander match on September 25.

Some very good fish were caught in the AMFC team event including a 3lb 7oz rainbow for Ashley Cannon (captain of RNRMAA) which was the best fish overall. Terry Bayes (captain Mid Northants TFA) took the best bag at 20lb 13oz. Team result:

1st Hanningfield FA, 6 points; 2nd GWFFA B, 5; 3rd RNRMAA, 4; 4th Mid Northants TFA, 3; 5th Invicta FFC ‘B’, 2; 6th Soldier Palmers ‘B’, 1.


PackingtonTrout Fishery, Warwickshire

The trout day ticket fishery re-opened on Saturday with heavy rain greeting the anglers on the first day. The fishing was really patchy with the new stock fish shoaling around the wires bank and anglers getting onto the shoals early had the best of the sport. Mr G. Hood of Nuneaton caught 11 fish, six up to 3lb were returned using small Cat’s Whisker on floating lines. Ben Stubbs of Atherstone also caught 11 fish including an 8lb rainbow which was safely returned. Cat’s Whiskers and Black Tadpoles accounted for all of his fish. By Sunday the wind had turned full circle and the fish were on the opposite banks into the old boat jetty corner and it was here that Kevin Burgess of Birmingham fished from a boat to catch eight fish to 4lb. As the weather cools the fish will spread out and make the fishing better, particularly for those fishing from the bank.


Pitsford Water, Northamptonshire

Anglers have enjoyed some good sport this week and combined with a fantastic match fished by members of the AMFC at the weekend, contributed to the rod average of 4.6. At the beginning of the week the south/south westerly wind and wet weather meant that most of the success was had by fishing from the Gravel Bank, Sermans and off Rigby Point. The boat anglers, still fishing in the Narrows and the main basin, dam and Sailing Club Bays, did catch but not in huge quantities as the fish stayed close in to the bank, feeding on shrimp and snail. Getting on the bank early has produced good results with plenty of fish rising and keen to take anything that was offered to them.

Later in the week the wind changed to a north westerly direction. Most boats recorded fish, especially Messrs Millard, Doutre, Jenkins and Thorp from Scotland who enjoyed a three-day holiday. There were two good-sized browns caught this week. One of 4lb 5oz was taken by boat angler Roger Griffiths and the other, taken by Dave Struthwick on a dry, came from the bank. Dave also had many other rainbows on Snail patterns.

Pitsford Water has hosted a number of competitions recently and here are some of the results:
Alex Booth Flyfishers – 1st John Marshall, 6 fish for 12lb 4oz; 2nd Jeff Savage, 6 fish for 10lb 8oz; 3rd Mike Smith, 4 fish for 7lb 14oz; 4th Vic Byrne, 4 fish for 6lb 8oz.

Police No6 Regional Qualifier – 17 anglers caught 62 fish for a rod average of 3.6. Mark Edgson-Wright was top rod with 8 fish for 16lb 1oz; Rob Price was runner up with 8 fish for 15lb 8oz. The best fish weighed 4lb 5oz and was caught by Roger Griffiths.

AMFC Group 1 result– Anglers caught 250 fish for a rod average of 6.9. Mike Laycock took the biggest fish at 4lb 1oz. The best bag (including time bonus) went to John Frank (Bewl) with 21lb 7oz. Lloyd Thompson (Fish Hawks) took second place weighing in 18lb 9oz. Peter Hartley (Grafham A) was a very close third with 18lb 8oz. Team results: Fish Hawks 6 points; Bewl 5; Rutland 4; Soldier Palmers A 3; Tunbridge Wells 2; Grafham A 1.

EMFC Results – Anglers took 60 fish for a rod average of 3. Gary Howe and Mark Searle won with a bag weight of 24lb 9oz. Pat Sweeney took the biggest fish at 3lb 5oz.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Northamptonshire

Sport has improved. Chris Johns landed eight fish from a boat drifting across open water. Chris used floating line with Daddies fished just under the surface. Pete Webb landed 10 fish from a boat with floating line and Orange Hoppers. Mick O’Farrell and Richard Slater opted to fish small dries and had 19 fish to their boat. Alan Duffin fished from the dam on Sunday and landed two fish with floating line and Buzzers. He also lost a couple. Best boat area is the Main Bowl, best bank is the dam.


Rutland Water, Rutland

Boat anglers have dominated sport this week. Anglers are catching numerous limits in the main basin with many other fish returned. One boat recorded 40 fish, many of them around 2lb 8oz. Boat anglers headed down the arms in pursuit of the larger specimens. Season ticket holder Toff Crowther, of Oakham, fished amongst the many weed beds in the south arm with fry patterns. Toff enticed nine fish including a superb brace of rainbows weighing 5lb 7oz (best rainbow of the week) and 5lb 3oz, plus another three rainbows and four browns. Keith Jones also travelled up to the Arms and returned eight browns, including the best brown of the week at 5lb 10oz. Keith also had three rainbows all over 3lb on the same day. Paul Wild fished on ‘soggy’ Saturday (the wettest day of the week) and was rewarded with browns up to and around 6lb. Large patterns, Snake Humungus etc are accounting for most of these fish.

A few bank anglers fished along the Normanton bank and the peninsula. Fish were showing in these areas but difficult to tempt.

Prospects look excellent with anglers anticipating a good ‘back end’ to the season. It looks like this is already under way – especially for boat anglers with quality browns and rainbows feeding on sticklebacks, snails and corixa. The huge shoals of this year’s roach and perch fry don’t seem to be included in the diet yet. Current tactics with fry patterns include Floating Fry, Suspender Minkies etc on floating lines. Alternatively try medium sink lines, Snakes, Humungus, Minkies stripped back almost immediately to good affect, upgrade your leader strength to 10 or 12lb breaking strain to avoid damage.
On Saturday October 8 the Autumn Pairs match will be fished from 9am to 5pm. This popular match has two sections; one rudder and the other for non-rudder. When booking please specify which section you will be fishing in. Normal prices apply with £5 per person pools money. Fished to reservoir rules so no fly size restrictions.


Swanswater Fishery, Stirlingshire

There was another excellent week of sport. The water remained relatively clear despite heavy rain on and off during the week. For the first part of the week the fish were just under the surface although they were a bit deeper at the weekend. They are looking to chase something at the moment so a relatively fast retrieve was necessary. A wide range of flies were working with almost anything black being the most successful. Favourite patterns included small black lures such as Ace of Spades, Ally McCoist and Black Fritz, nymphs including Cormorant, Buzzer and Diawl Bach, and wet flies like Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Spider and Bibio. Although the fish were not interested in dry flies on Swanswater, quite a few fish were taken on CdCs and other dries on the small ponds over the weekend.

A good number of fish over 6lb were taken again this week with one lucky angler taking home four fish for nearly 23lb over the course of the week. Several golds and blues also featured in the catch returns. Many anglers are enjoying a lot of sport in the small ponds where the fish are often nearer the surface and the golds are very visible. The fishery is still open from 8am to 8pm every day.

Michael Cummings, Bannockburn, had a great week using his brand new 4wt rod. On Tuesday he landed two fish for 10lb 8oz including an 8lb 8oz rainbow, the first fish he had caught with his new rod. He returned on Wednesday and landed a cracking 9lb 6oz rainbow! Both fish gave a great fight and were played for around 20 minutes each. Later in the week he landed a 3lb rainbow.

Doing well from the boat was Gary Waugh, Cumbernauld, with five fish for 17lb 8oz including an 8lb 8oz rainbow and two golds, plus two caught and released. Also amongst the big fish was Martin Stewart, Glasgow, with a 7lb blue and 6lb rainbow. Other good bags included Danny Doherty, Denny, five for 13lb 8oz; Martin Watt, Airdrie, five for 10lb 10oz including four golds from the small ponds, plus one caught and released; Eddie McKillop jnr, Glasgow, three for 9lb 10oz including two golds and a tiger; and his father, also Eddie, three for 8lb plus two caught and released; John Kearney, Broxburn, three for 8lb 4oz; Robert Anderson, Crossgates, kept five from the Millpond, and returned a further 14; Arthur Martin, Dollar, caught and released seven.


Thornwood Springs Trout Fishery, Essex

Lake 1 saw a weekend of sport to fry patterns, Green Buzzers and Daddy Longlegs on top. On the hotter midweek days a Buzzer or Blob under an indicator was the only method. Good evening rises now and one full bank of lake one has been deweeded. Lake two fishing to Damsels, Snakes, Daddies, Shipman’s, Cat’s Whiskers, Dancers and Green/Black Buzzers. On very hot days fish were 10 feet under a bung. Great evening rises also on here. Lake three to reopen soon after the cooling rain.


Toft Newton Trout Fishery, Lincolnshire

For the week-ending September 9 the 59 rods caught 109 trout for a rod average of 1.85. Cooler evenings and cloudier days are needed and this should hopefully kick start some feeding activity. Best patterns have been orange dries and orange palmers fished through the surface. Also the washing-line with Diawl Bachs and small fry-type Booby patterns such as Cat’s Whiskers and Sparklers fished very slowly taking a good few fish. Many fish are showing a shift in feeding habits more towards fry now and the next few weeks should see some interesting sport with some full-tailed rainbows and browns putting in an appearance. For those that prefer a more active style of fishing a floating or slow intermediate line with a Humungus pattern stripped just under the surface can bring results.

Evening tickets are now finished but the ‘fish90’ promotion will run for a little longer. Purchase either a four or six fish ticket and bring a fishing colleague for free, sharing the bag limit of course. Remember to mention ‘fish90’ when you book or pay to qualify for the deal.


Witton Castle Lakes, Co Durham

The continued warm weather has kept the going hard with fish staying in the deeps and rising very rarely, if at all. Bag numbers have remained low and only the most patient of anglers have found success in these conditions. One dedicated angler with the patience to match was N. Puncheon who managed a bag of nine fish, far outweighing all other bags of the week. Mr Puncheon also caught the best fish of the week, an impressive 4lb rainbow. Anglers have resorted to a number of flies to improve the odds with CdCs, Hoppers and Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ears being the most successful.


Ynys y fro Reserviors, Gwent

The improvement in general weather conditions has allowed NRFFA to add a further stocking to include a number of good sized rainbows to the top pond. This should continue to improve fishing for both reservoirs as temperatures reduce, evidenced on the top pond by dry fly specialists Graham Ingram Evans and Gwyn Davies. Both fished the shallower waters from the Swan’s Nest to the Hedge Bank, with Graham landing two excellent fish of 3lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz caught on a Damsel pattern, while Gwyn used a Shipman’s Buzzer to catch his specimen fish, both weighing 2lb 8oz. On the bottom pond boat anglers continue to find fish, mainly off the dam. Keith Higgins and Shaun Cotterell shared a boat to land seven fish each whilst Cowbridge members Craig Bowles and Dave Smith caught five and two fish respectively on their boat ticket. James Francis preceded his afternoon/evening boat session, which realised four fish, with a session from the bank to land a matching number again from the dam. Around the banks of the bottom pond Ken Bowring included a further two limits to his season’s total as well as eight trout from two further visits. Roger Martin totalled 12 fish when he fished alongside Ken while Ken Pascoe caught 14 trout over three days. John James totalled six fish as did Gino Alonzi who then landed a catch and release limit of eight fish from a second visit. Steve Curtis recorded a further five rainbows while Doctor John Morgan landed a three fish catch. Catching a brace of fish were Del Haines, Colin Jones, day ticket visitor Carl Williams, Alan Rees, Eddie Ricci and Alun Paul. The majority of fish were caught on Damsels, Diawl Bachs, Shipman’s Buzzers and Daddies, while a Red Sedge pattern was particularly effective during late evening visits.

At the weekend Graham Ingram Evans continued his successful visits to the top pond with an excellent six fish catch and release total, including a rainbow trout weighing 3lb 4oz. The shallow water around the Swan Pond provided Graham’s catch, and again a Damsel fly was most effective. On the bottom pond, regular boat user Ken Pascoe caught five trout from the area in front of the dam, while the dam bank gave Martin Rees a catch of five fish, all taken on a Black Buzzer fished just under the surface. Roger Martin also recorded a five fish catch, while Dave Howells, Keith Higgins, John Eynon, James Francis and Fred Davies each landed two rainbows.



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