Trout Fisherman issue 477 – Black Loch feature

As promised in the latest issue, where we feature Scotland’s Black Loch Fishery, a photograph of the flies which work well there at various times of the year is set out below. The flies were kindly provided by Black Loch regular George Learmonth, who showed me around when I visited the Stirlingshire water last month. Dressings for each fly accompany the photo.

Black Loch flies

1 – UV Cormorant – hook: size 10 B175; thread: black Uni; body: uv tinsel; wing: black marabou; cheeks: jungle cock

2 – Peacock Buzzer – hook: size 12 B170; thread: black Uni; body: peacock herl; rib: yellow synthetic quill; cheeks: Mirage

3 – Single Decker – hook: size 12 B160; thread: Light Cahill Uni; body: pale yellow seal’s fur; rib: dark brown thread; wing: CdC; tail: Coq de Leon fibres

4 – Black Loch Sedge – hook: size 12 B830; thread: olive Uni; butt: Orkney peach seal’s fur; body: blend of deer hair and hare fur; wing: CdC sedge-type roof; hackle: dark red game

5 – Dry Kate McLaren – hook: size 12 B170; thread: black Uni; tail: golden pheasant crest sunburst; body: black seal’s fur; rib: silver wire; wing: CdC; legs: knotted black cock pheasant; front hackle: dark red game

6 – Green Beetle – hook: size 14 B175; thread: black Uni; body: peacock herl under Loco foam; hackle: black cock

7 – Squirmy Booby – hook: size 6 Short Shank Special; thread: fire-orange Uni; tail: hot pink single squirmy; body: black and blue 16mm Fritz; eyes: yellow foam

8 – Candy Floss Booby – hook: size 10 or 12 B175; thread: fire-orange Uni; tail and wing: candy-pink marabou; body: Mirage, coloured underside with neon-yellow Sharpie pen; eyes: yellow foam

9 – Cat Booby – hook: size 12 B175; tail: white marabout with uv tinsel under; body: fluoro-yellow chenille (small); wing: white marabou with crinkle flash; eyes: 4mm white foam; head: micro-red uv Fritz

Flies 8 and 9 are pictured in more detail below…



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