The reel deal? Call it 25 grand for this line holder…

Reel 1Not terribly au fait with America’s fishing hierarchy, I’m struggling to get my head round the idea of paying over $25,000 dollars for a fly reel.

I had wondered if it might be the fact it’s made by Jack Charlton, although whether even the handiwork of a 1966 World Cup winner who’s reinvented himself would run to 25 large, I had my doubts.

Turns out it’s not that Jack Charlton.

As for the reel’s original recipient, whose monogram is sculpted into its casing, there’s more on Ed Rice here. Clearly no stranger to a disgorger.

But 25 grand? It seems almost surreal for eBay, which I customarily treat as the online alternative to Poundland.

Even I, however, might be prepared to extend my usual pricing parameters, were video footage to go on sale showing the moment when the successful bidder’s spouse returns home and asks, “So what have you done with your day…?”

Oh yes; put me down for a tenner.

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