Flooding: where do anglers stand?

It’s obviously a relatively marginal concern, given the hell some of my countrymen have gone through since Christmas, but the floods that have plagued Britain for two months now make me wonder what anglers should make of the situation, particularly with the world and his wife now taking a long hard look at our rivers and how we ‘improve’ them.

So this blog post from Theo Pike is welcome, collating as it does a number of pertinent links in which knowledgeable people who aren’t chasing votes explain exactly what’s what and how we might go about putting it right.

 “My own call on this?” says Pike. “There’ll be no overnight solutions to our current mess of sheepwrecked uplands, maize-silted rivers and concrete-covered floodplains, not to mention the perched-and-canalised problems epitomised by the photo at the top of this blog.

“But if this winter’s jetstream propels us as a nation towards working in harmony with natural processes, rather than wilfully opposing them and actually believing we can conquer nature…without getting properly slapped for our pains…

“… I think that’ll be a start.”

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