I only wanted to talk about fishing…

Sometimes it’s the peripheral stuff that grabs your attention in this job.

I can’t remember how we got onto the subject of The Archers while I was preparing to interview David Moore for one of our ‘talking heads’ video slots recently but the former Anglian Water executive, now spending ‘retirement’ working for the Angling Trust, stunned me with the revelation that the long-running radio drama was once as much a news outlet as a soap opera.

David’s father was involved with the National Farmers’ Union and apparently, because illiteracy among farmers and farmworkers was still relatively common 50-60 years ago, any important developments in agriculture were somehow worked into the script of The Archers, as it was the best way anyone could think of to make sure word got out there.

If it gets a bit quiet down the pub this evening, you can lob that one into the conversation…


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