The madness just gets PETA – take a bow Agent Whoever-You-Are – your work is nearly done…

ImageThe more I see of the stuff that comes out of PETA, the more I am forced to conclude that a field sports devotee and one of the most talented undercover agents ever, has wormed his way into the highest echelons of PETA’s PR machine and is blithely contriving one sensational own goal after another, with the aim of destroying our opponents from within.

Well what is the alternative explanation for PETA’s push for a memorial at the site of a road traffic accident that saw 1,600lb of fish perish? That’s a memorial for the fish, I should point out.

And it’s reported in the Los Angeles Times, not The Onion. (That was my immediate reaction, too.)

Someone thinks this will actually help PETA’s cause? Make them look more in touch with the constituency that they are trying to reach? If so, he or she should check the comments at the end of the Times’ article.

As tongue-in-cheek as it is, my theory looks more sound every time PETA opens its mouth. Maybe some background checks on the payroll mightn’t be entirely out of place…


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