Surrey/Sussex visit – the good, the sweet and the disproportionate

Great trip down south last week, although Surrey and Sussex are not quickly negotiated by car, given the absence of motorways.

In Brighton on holiday two months ago, I caught up with some friends who have now retired to Bexhill-on-Sea and who surprised me by telling me how relatively cheap properties are down there, given the fact that there is no way of getting to London quickly, close though it looks on a map.

So a fair bit of rubber was burnt as the editor drove us from the M25 to Brighton and back again. Well worth it, however: after an excellent Q&A session with the members of the Fly Dressers’ Guild’s Sussex branch last Thursday night, we fished a local fishery on the Friday morning (to be featured in our November issue) that boasts perhaps the most palatial lodge I have seen to date: licensed for alcohol and offering a coffee and walnut cake to match the best. You know you’re somewhere that’s a cut above, when the magazine rack alternates Trout Fisherman with Vogue and Interior Design…

And the object lesson for any trout lake whose own lodge is still at the planning stage – you start with one of these beauties and then build around it…

Our overnight stop gave us the chance to walk around, though not fish, a delightful syndicate water. Look, but don’t touch, as it were. You might as well salivate impotently, as we did…

[click images to enlarge]

As for the ‘disproportionate’ bit, hats off to management at the hall where we were entertained by the Fly Dressers of Sussex. As a way of stopping people from absent-mindedly making off with the toilet key, this  really was something else…


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