Trout Fisherman Scottish Tour 2012 – Day 1

Every year, your correspondent spends a week north of the border gathering Caledonian content for the next 12 months.

In between the stuff that’s fit to print, comes a lot of stuff that isn’t. Which is what blogs are for.

It’s a little random but it’s out of my system. So for Day 1…

* Seen in a fishery toilet today:

Hygiene fetishists in angling. Who knew?

* Eyebrows may have once been raised when Glasgow was named City of Culture but I have to give it its due, it could be the finest cityscape in Britain – an urban sprawl juxtaposed against a backdrop of rolling hills and a motorway system that takes you right through its heart (see here, here and here). Highlight of the day – loved it.

* Reason One to love Crieff

Nothing lends a High Street style like an old-fashioned sweetshop.

* And Reason Two…

Review, you won’t be surprised to hear, to follow.

* Overheard at the lakeside…

“This copper looks over a farm wall and sees the farmer in a compromising position with one of his sheep. ‘Are you shearin’ that sheep?’ the copper asks. ‘No,’ says the farmer, ‘you’ll have to catch your own.'”


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