Some people can’t even wait to load a reel as opening day nears…

I’m sure they’re all champing at the bit as trout season approaches Down Under but this…?!

Spear siezed [sic] on trout stream

Under-stated money quote…

“…the weapon was seized without incident, but Fish & Game consider it a serious matter to find someone with a spear near a stream closed to protect spawning trout”

I’m relieved to hear it. This is precisely why my own spear stays indoors at least until Easter’s behind us.

Do click on the link within the article, to photos of a slightly nonplussed Game Officer, Anthony van Dorp, in ‘Maasai warrior’ mode.

This was inevitable the moment Tenkara hit a mass audience, I suppose. You come up with one way of short-circuiting the process and it’s only a matter of time before the envelope gets pushed even further.

We’re now effectively down to a rod with a sharp end, no reel and no fly. And a whole new meaning to the the term ‘New Zealand-style‘.


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