Road trip checklist – a dull topic made great

I’m exasperated that I can’t find a website link but that mood would only worsen were I to let a true podcast classic pass without handing it on to the multitude.

As much as it might tick the ‘worthy’ and ‘useful’ boxes, I’m yet to read a fishing trip checklist article that stirs the blood. It’s just not that kind of topic.

The Fly Fishing Consultant, however, has made a true silk purse from this procedural sow’s ear, not only putting the topic in audio form and going into a depth of detail that must surely make this broadcast a standard of the genre (take an altitude lighter with you to upland trips if you smoke because ordinary lighters don’t work at altitude?! Who knew?) but fleshing out the reasons for many of his suggestions with a wealth of personal experience anecdotes that had me laughing out loud in the office.

Given that many trips envisaged by the Consultant involve two guys in a truck, be prepared for tales of flatulence and, er, ‘waste disposal’ on the hoof that will confirm every female perception of guys off the leash.

But, damn, is it funny.

The best I can offer is that you open the iTunes programme, search ‘Fly Fishing Consultant’ and study the list of his podcast episodes – the one you’re after is S01E24 Fly Fishing and Road Trips. Forty-six inspired and informative minutes.



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