Fish farm crisis, the Big Apple and a peach of a solution

A little fine-tuning of the logistics may be called for but could New York apartment owner Christopher Toole soon be the toast of Scottish and Scandinavian salmon fishermen?

Fish farming? Just take it in-house

‘A Bronx man who runs a fish farm in his 14th-floor apartment is being sued by his landlord in a building where neighbors claim the tanks leak and stink up their homes.’

Yes, but those indigenous strains in the Hudson River are untainted by the presence of farmed fish. Big picture, people; big picture.

Yet as much as his fellow tenants might be focusing more on his surname than his vision right now (‘Neighbors say Toole is responsible for several large leaks and drags his fish farming materials across the floor through the night‘) the man himself is so unabashed by the whole thing (“any publicity is good publicity”) he’d surely fit right in with the thick-skinned kindred spirits who fly the fish farm flag this side of the Atlantic, were we to bring him in on a consultancy basis.

For it strikes me that this is the perfect opportunity for fish farmers and all those politicians who routinely defend any nice little earner the industry against repeated concerns of anglers to reach out in the spirit of compromise and follow Toole’s splendid example.

A sofa moved here, a Welsh dresser sacrificed there and everyone’s happy.

Come on, Alex Salmond. Time to put your loft conversion where your mouth is.


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