Boat seats envy…

Flicking through the latest issue of ODU Magazine, I couldn’t help but be struck by the ad for bass boat seating manufacturer Helmchair.

European football fans who remember how they felt when they first saw the type of dugout seating that now accommodates substitutes and coaches, will understand just how taken aback I was.

Seriously, fly anglers. We have a real problem here.

Put it this way. It’s dusk and you’re cruising the banks of your favourite lake, when you see the woman of your dreams out for a stroll. Sadly, Buster Bait Angler has spotted her too and your boats pull alongside simultaneously.

Smooth talk all you want. Who’s she going home with?


Or you?

Tackle companies, you’re always looking for that next frontier in customer satisfaction.

You know what you have to do.

[image courtesy of Chesi – Fotos CC]

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