‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ – the reviews are in…

“When the recessive style works with the characters and the kooky international-incident story, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen has an absorbing, old-fashioned sweetness…But when the blend of classic and hyper-contemporary are not working together they are working against each other, making for some pretty jarring tonal lurches.” – MovieLine

“This perhaps sounds like a hilarious movie. So it could be, in the hands of the masters of classic British comedy. Unfortunately, the director is the Swede Lasse…who sees it as a heart-warming romance and doesn’t take advantage of the rich eccentricity in the story.” – Roger Ebert

“Even though you know full well going in this is a feel-good film and there’s that sense of predictability within the story, it’s whole lot of fun to see it play out with this group of charismatic actors and talented filmmakers. This is a cute, quaint film that goes against the current when it comes to the traditional romantic comedy.” – VeryAware

“It’s basic stuff, but it works because the entire cast crafts fine human details into every moment to ensure the characters aren’t just cutouts. Moreover, it’s funny.” – The Province

“…less a classic fish-out-of-water tale than a fish-in-strange-waters tale, a study in diametric opposites that finds unexpected synchronies and moments of almost mystical harmony. Viewers who take the sheik’s advice and suspend their disbelief, even for a moment, may well find themselves hooked.” – Washington Post

“This not-quite-madcap piece may be a tad contrived, and inoffensive in the extreme. But somehow, this cast, this director and this writer make it all come off, as unlikely a delight as the very fishy story it is built on.” Centre Daily Times


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