Casting a pain in more ways than one?

Bye-bye “girdle”, hello “posture enhancing athletic wear”. I’m no expert but if an evil alliance of casting and bad posture is taking a toll anywhere on your torso, it might be worth at least running Intelliskin by your chiropractor.

Produced by a company of the same name in California, the $95 (£60) tops are said to “to improve the way you ‘look, feel, perform and live'”, thanks to a tight build that forces the shoulders back and frees your chest from the prison of slouching.

“Better posture during activity can be helpful in preventing injuries. That is the theory Intelliskin lives on, and we at GearJunkie are not capable of confirming or debunking it. But Intelliskin founder Dr. Tim Brown has been working in this area of sports medicine for decades”

I’d be interested to hear from the oldest guy who dares wear one.


Pic of the Day – not entirely sure this is a house I’d want to enter.


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