Introducing ‘Backwoods Home Magazine’ – ‘Cosmopolitan’ for rural folk

If you’re a man or woman transformed by fishing; a former townie, perhaps, now seriously mulling over the logistics of making your hobby your lifestyle, I may have found the very publication to assist your quantum leap to rural living.

Notwithstanding my tongue-in-cheek headline, I’m rather taken with Backwoods Home Magazine (‘practical ideas for self-reliant living’) not least because if Recession II kicks off in earnest, this Oregon-based publication could well have the last laugh, with its host of tips and instructional pieces revolving around the dying art of standing on your own two feet.

As a columnist myself, compelled every month to come up with a headline that keeps both suits and designers happy, how I envy BM editor and columnist Dave Duffy. Every writer, once in his life, should enjoy the freedom to post his thoughts beneath the words Broke my stupid foot.

The abiding impact, however, comes from the ‘teasers’ employed on the magazine’s cover. Yes, I know, I recently posted on my own indifference where teasers are concerned but say this for the staff of Backwoods Home Magazine: in just a handful of words, you know exactly what they’re about and where they’re coming from:

  • Bartering
  • Build your own car wash
  • Raising rabbits
  • Ron Paul for President.


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