Fishing articles’ team effort only goes so far

It’s something I’ve picked up on lately. I go out to photograph one of our experts for a Trout Fisherman feature and at the end of the day I find myself incorporated in one of the more unlikely uses of a collective noun.

“We had to work hard for our fish today, Jeff.”

“We struggled this morning, Jeff but we managed to pull it round after lunch.”

“We got some good fish for our troubles, Jeff.”


I was taking photographs. The only thing I pulled the trigger on all day was an F16 exposure at 1/250 second.

You cast. You caught. You brought home the bacon trout.

But I’m grateful for your generosity. These are more inclusive times, after all and I can think of one man who’d lap up the ‘we’ thing and probably push it a notch further.

So I’ll take it. I was standing pretty close to you, after all…


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