Not your father’s workplace disciplinary code…

I was prompted to wonder what any of our ancestors, indeed, would have made of my conversation with one of Trout Fisherman‘s regular contributors this lunchtime.

Explaining how he hadn’t been able to access the Korean fishing videos to which I linked yesterday, he told me that his company now has strict Internet filters in place.

This follows discovery by the bosses of a pornography archive among nightshift workers that by all accounts made Hugh Hefner’s mansion look like the Vatican.

In an act of compassion almost unheard of among senior executives, management instituted a two-day amnesty. Lose the filth in 48 hours and you keep your job. No exceptions.

According to my ‘mole’, this sword of Damocles concentrated workers’ minds wonderfully, turning the company car park into a hive of activity normally unknown beyond Hyde Park Corner.

“I knew it were bad,” he tells me, “when one bloke flew back from Tenerife just to clear his hard drive…”


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