Multi-task trout fishing, Korean style

Season’s closed, sun-dappled meadows and laughing brooks are a dream for the next five months and the last thing you want is to join the hordes chasing the sun and fish Down Under or off the Florida coast.

For you, I have just the thing.

Head for South Korea instead, have the word ‘hordes’ redefined forever and pick up two new trout fishing skills into the bargain. Not only can you ice fish at the Sancheoneo Festival but it seems trout-tickling is back in vogue…

“Every January, the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival brings a sudden energy to this quiet corner of the country. Hundreds of thousands of thickly clad visitors swarm over every frozen surface to try their hand at ice-fishing. Barbecues come as naturally to Koreans as baguettes to the French, and the smell of charcoal fires wafts along the banks, ready for the latest catch. For a few visitors, dropping a line through a hole in the ice to catch their fish is just not enough of an experience. Dressed in T-shirts and shorts, they plunge into a pool of near freezing water and learn just what slippery customers trout can be…”

So says CNN, no less, who have named this extravaganza one of their Seven Wonders of Winter, although given that ‘snowbound London’ is another one (London commuters wishing to provide feedback on that round about mid-January should visit the bar may not be all that high.

But if you do go, it strikes me you could also tick the ‘ambassadorial duties’ box on your task list while you’re there: pictures suggest that advice on holding fish for the money shot is at a premium…


Pic of the Day – Colorado River

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