Speed me a line

I just know I’m asking for trouble if I try to take it to Capt. Joel Dickey’s level but this clip on line speed certainly reinforces what has been my own flyfishing revelation of the year.

In my ‘New Man’ determination not to fall into the trap of counter-productive machismo while casting, I now realise that I’d gone too far to the other extreme, the result an insipid, flabby stroke that might get me by on streams little wider than a pencil but which was leaving me feeling increasingly impotent on the stillwaters to which I’m more accustomed.

I’m not yet at the point where I can go too far beyond the 11 to one o’clock power arc in my stroke without calamity intruding but I’ve found that if I stay close to those parameters, I can give the rod a lot more oomph than I realised on both the back and forward cast and it’s amazing how much more your line behaves itself when it’s moving at genuine speed.


Pic of the Day – you can’t do this with maggots…


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