Maliko’s ‘big toe freedom’ may come at expense of ‘Bigfoot’ gags…

You can’t fault the thinking behind the Maliko “crossover, minimalist adventure shoe.”

On sale next March for around US$100, it boasts “a split-toe design that the company touts as providing ‘big toe freedom’ to help with balance and dexterity,” declares Gearjunkie.

“The Maliko promises in and out of water performance

…It felt solid in the hand — more a trail runner build, less something you’d usually find near the water…It is made of mesh for draining water after submerged, and it has what the company calls ‘octopus tentacle-inspired rubber suction cup’ detailing on the sole. This includes raised rubber stripes with tiny suction cups as well as small slits in the rubber that grab for traction.”

It’s just that I can think of certain parts of Britain and the USA where being spotted in cloven hoof footwear would tend to reinforce a certain reprehensible local stereotype revolving around evolution and in-breeding.

I live in one of them. So I propose to pass.


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