Pebble Mine devil is shown in the details

A clever campaign video, this. Bristol Bay, Pebble Mine, widespread devastation – these are big concepts; too big, perhaps, for the casual viewer to get his head around.

So narrow it right down and focus on the problem in microcosm – a test drilling hole, a small platform and just a few strands of discoloured water trickling across the vast landscape.

And trust your viewers’ imaginations to do all the extrapolation needed.

They won’t let you down.



2 thoughts on “Pebble Mine devil is shown in the details

  1. The hubris of mine operators everywhere is stunning. If they just said something like “thirty percent of the time we’re gonna screw up and we’ll try to make it as good as we can” at least I’d have some respect for them even though i can’t stand them and what they do.

  2. I came to Alaska for the first time in June, 2011. I went on a 12-day backpack in the Brooks Range, put on by the Sierra Club. The trip can’t be put into words because language is insufficient to describe what I experienced. I returned home with a great respect for Alaska, and I understand what is at stake when mining interests want to sink their claws into the earth.

    This proposed open pit mine in Bristol Bay will not happen. Alaska must be protected.

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