Introducing the ‘bonsai’ yacht

As the trend for elegance in miniature sweeps the gadget world, its arrival on the yacht frontier surely spells good news for one type of flyfisherman.

“Boasting only two levels, J88 yacht looks compact with a closed cabin and an open space at the second level. The body of the yacht features a sleek design and every aspect of the yacht is carefully constructed. The interior of the yacht is flawlessly designed, enough to accommodate few guests. The robust metal steps take us to the next level of the ship. J88 yacht is sure to win many hearts with its breathtaking aesthetics.

The brainchild of Syrian designer Jad Bek Al Shaikh, it’s that upper deck that gets me. As one cursed with all the clumsiness that goes with a high centre of gravity, I can finally see the day when bonefish hunters kiss goodbye to this


Pic of the Day


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