[Quiet] sport and politics don’t always mix

Fly fishing is meant to be an escape from the world’s intrigue but twice of late, it has found itself sucked into the mix, with variable results.

The Bad – (and I really hope this theme doesn’t gather momentum) fly fishing as smokescreen, thanks to the upcoming Irish presidential election’s most controversial candidate:

“If you had to pick the best moment in last night’s Big Presidential Debate, hosted by Vincent Browne on TV3, you’d probably have to say it was seeing Martin McGuinness suffer.

“He didn’t suffer, mind, in the way you might suffer if someone in your family had been lying in an unmarked grave since the 1970s, but still. It was a refreshing antidote to all that fly-fishing propaganda.” – Irish Independent

“Propaganda”? Easy, Eithne Tynan; I hold no torch for Mr McGuinness but that’s our sport you’re talking about.

The Good – a tasteful interlude in recent Russo-Ukrainian gas negotiations:

“The press services say Yanukovych and Medvedev talked for 20 minutes; Putin arrived later. Afterwards, the trio reportedly walked to a pond stocked with trout with three fishing poles set aside for them. They continued discussions and went to an outdoor terrace and a table covered with wine, crayfish and a samovar for making tea.” – Kyiv Post

Now there’s an idea that needs to catch on.


Pic of the Day – Leverburgh, Isle of Harris, Scotland


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