Hotel for the discerning trout fisherman

At $625 a night, you’d be looking for something special but credit where it’s due. Vermont’s Pitcher Inn Trout Room certainly raises the bar somewhat where fishing-themed accommodation is concerned.

“Trout is a lazy, romantic room, perfect for sleeping late and eating breakfast in bed. The early sun floods the octagonal room with light. The king-size bed is made of tree trunks, the headboard is carved like fiddlehead ferns, and the tree roots spread out onto the floor. A “flying” trout hangs from the ceiling, which itself is ribbed, like a guide boat. A wood-burning, river stone fireplace and a thick quilt make this a very cozy campsite indeed. A collection of finely-made oars, a fly-tying desk and a private porch over the rushing whispering stream will make you dream of days spent fishing.

I’m slightly uneasy at the prospect of waking up to be met by a giant brook trout looking down at me but otherwise I’m a fan. Subject to my ship coming in, of course.


Pic of the Day


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