Maldives underwater bedroom – on the plus side, you can off-set the price of a fishfinder

Either the Maldives are pushing the envelope in premier hotel accomodation or simply kicking some ideas around for the future, should climate change do its worst. Either way, this is not a stay you’ll forget in a hurry…

“A little over five years ago, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island opened the very first undersea restaurant. To celebrate their anniversary, the restaurant offered guests the chance to not only eat under the sea, but sleep under it as well. The 12-seat restaurant, which sits 16 feet below sea level of the Indian Ocean, was converted into a private bedroom suite for two, complete with a private champagne dinner and breakfast in bed. The view of the vibrant coral reef that surrounds the encased clear glass is utterly breathtaking.” – from My Modern Met

Personally, I doubt I’d sleep a wink for the sound of imaginary dripping but for the visiting fisherman it’s not a bad start to your day: spirits raised and your swim assessed before you’ve even lifted your head off the pillow.


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