Don’t bet against Neversink casino plan comeback. Anywhere.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, discreetly tucked away in the Connecticut countryside. Its what the River Test is crying out for, Im sure youll agree...

To British readers, it might seem like America’s problem – the thought of a dirty great casino being built on flyfishing’s spiritual home.

To Americans, it may seem like yesterday’s problem, now that proposals to build a casino by the fabled Neversink River – old stamping ground of Theodore Gordon and George La Branchehave been scotched.

None of us should breathe easy, however.

Either side of the Pond, there are too many politicians whose concern for trivialities like the environment and social welfare go out of the window the moment they start pondering the gambling dollar as a means of narrowing gaping holes in municipal budgets.

In America, where I’m given to understand that several cities are staring bankruptcy straight between the eyes, the lemmings are already vacating the cliff and while the UK has so far heeded the warning lights that accompany the Faustian pact between public sector rainmakers and gambling revenue, I’m sure it won’t be long before some government Gekkos start trying to sell the idea that casino tax is all good.

Maybe it will never get to the stage over here where developers start eyeing pristine rural land by prized fishing waters, should the supercasino debate be resurrected. We follow America so slavishly these days, however, I would never entirely rule it out. Either side of the Atlantic, there are a lot of people who spell ‘aesthetic’ with two vertical lines through the ‘S’.

Let’s just be vigilant, everyone. And that’s coming from a gambler.


Pic of the Day

[Casino pic courtesy of zappowbang]

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