Pay-off for fishing widows is in the bag

No longer is it just “a man thing”.

Next time he’s turning the kitchen into a field hospital with his filleting knife, don’t think ‘blood and guts’, think ‘shockingly sleek’.

“With rising costs of python and crocodiles, fish skin is rapidly becoming a shoe-and-bag favorite for designers: Emporio Armani has used tilapia, Dolce & Gabbana toyed with marine eel, and Derek Lam’s Fall 2011 accessories collection welcomed perch-skin.

Osklen takes eco-efficiency to another level with their tasteful salmon-skin tote; shockingly sleek and dark-chocolate…” – from

Price? I wondered if you might mention that. It’s $970.

Averaged over 15, 20 years of marriage on the other hand, you might consider it something of a bargain.

I’ll leave the pair of you to talk it over.


Pic of the Day


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