Trout leap caught perfectly by Sanger carving

There’s a lot of great fishing-related art out there but only now and again could you say that you’re looking at something that really takes the medium forward.

Gerry Sanger‘s leaping trout, undoubtedly, is one of those pieces.

“I didn’t feel that I could suggest the chaotic detail of the water or its sparkle with an opaque medium like wood, so decided to create the splash with a two-part clear resin.

I also wanted to suggest that the splash was taking place within a large expanse of water; instead of trying to carve this, I leave it to the imagination of the viewer by concentrating all their attention on the fish and the splash.”

Even if I had the money, it would be rare for a philistine like me to entertain the notion of ‘pushing the boat out’ to acquire some art but I’d make an exception for this. Maybe not the sort of thing I should be salivating over on the day my wife tells me exactly how much cover her new life insurance provides.


Pic of the day – Colorado Spring


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