Kiwi roars at ‘exclusive capture’ of trout waters

Usually seen as having one of the world’s more laid-back national psyches (its rugby team excepted) there’s a belligerence to this battle cry from New Zealand’s flyfishing community that should rouse anyone from his post-festive slumber.

Especially if he’s into ‘exclusive capture’.

“A national trout fishing organisation has come out blazing against profiteering commercial operators buying sole access rights to rivers and thus locking the angling public out”

Bandying around terms like “profiteering” and “insidious cancer” when discussing business practices is always a sign of people whose dander is up but when they start quoting the ideals of their country’s founding fathers, you know you need to start looking for a table to hide under.

“Jim Hale said the public nature of trout fishing in New Zealand had been set in the law books by the early pioneers who liberated trout and wanted to avoid the class system of the UK where the best trout and salmon waters are only available to the minority wealthy upper class, who ‘owned’ them.

‘It’s a legacy, a heritage handed down to us. We either protect the fishery or we lose it…'”

This is stirring stuff and, dare I say, just two home-grown celebrity enforcements endorsements away from making any ‘exclusive captor’ rethink his plans in a hurry.

Russell Crowe, Steve Williams; your country needs you.


One thought on “Kiwi roars at ‘exclusive capture’ of trout waters

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