Trout Underground turns five (that’s 70 in Internet years)

It would be remiss to close the week without acknowledging the fifth anniversary of Trout Underground, still the first flyfishing blog I turn to each day, even if it limps lamely behind Moldy Chum in bikini count.

As one who has now overseen three blogs in his spare time, all of them mired hopelessly (and terminally in the case of two of them) in the foothills of hit-count, I take my hat off to anyone who attains the prominence that TU creator Tom Chandler has in the congested blogosphere, where many are called yet few are are subscribed to.

A genuine wordsmith, he will also forever be remembered in this parish as the man who taught me that just because a place is in California, it doesn’t mean every day’s a scorcher.

Here’s to the next five, Mr C.


As well as nostalgic reverie, Tom’s anniversary post threw up one interesting point, when he came to reflect on how the flyfishing bloggers’ collective had lost some of its chumminess over the last half-decade.

“Almost overnight, bloggers seemingly stopped linking to other blogs, cliques formed, commercial interests crept into the equation, and one day, someone suggested an advertiser wouldn’t receive coverage on their site as long as the advertiser was paying for space on mine”

The cross-linking point touched a bit of a nerve with me, because I’ve occasionally wondered in the past how I should play that particular networking card. For the record, while I link to other blogs in my blogroll, I link to specific posts comparatively rarely – usually if it’s a campaigning thing that needs the word spreading – because I think bloggers simply blogging each other’s posts projects something of an incestuous, cliquey image which, certainly in the flyfishing sector, is unwarranted.

If anyone thinks I’m wrong in this view, though, (the ‘incestuous’ part, not the ‘unwarranted’ part) I’m always open to persuasion.


One thought on “Trout Underground turns five (that’s 70 in Internet years)

  1. I don’t know if I consider a “live content” link to another blogger an incestuous thing. For me, it’s more a recognition they put something interesting (or just plain good) out into the world.

    For example, the Tamanawis blog gets updated very infrequently and as a result, doesn’t have nearly the audience stuff of his quality deserves. There is much snorting and derision aimed at bloggers by some in the industry (over the last few years a pair of magazine editors have stuck their thumbs in our eyes), and I’ll be the first to admit the quality is uneven.

    Roll all the good stuff together and you’d have a fairly impressive – sometimes stunning – body of work.

    I do understand the cliquey thinking; the little groups have been forming for years now, but I can’t affect the actions of others.

    Anyway, you asked…

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