‘Good read’ be damned; how’s it smell…?

I won’t pretend it’s a riveting read, Media Pro magazine.

One for them ‘upstairs’, rather than for we words-and-pictures proles in the engine-room of the publishing industry, shall we say? Finding the word ‘brand’ in no fewer than five headlines is something of a giveaway.

But I was struck by the insert pictured left, which fell from its pages, courtesy of Schubert International.

While it’s a sickly bouquet that greets those who accept the invitation to “rub for scent”, what’s important is the breakthrough it represents.

Yup, scratch-n-sniff magazines are here (“increase the sensual appeal of your ads…” Schubert invite us) and I’m sure I don’t have to spell out the possibilities this raises for those of us at the fishing end of the newsstand.

Summer dawns.

Autumn sunsets.

Dewy riverbanks.

The smoking shed.

The gutting bucket.

Old waders.

Why am I hearing cries of “good luck with that,” from the digital sector…?


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