Reviews of The River Why begin to flow

And Clinton Stark isn’t too big a fan, it would seem, although this is one of those occasions where I’m minded to review the reviewer.

His admiration for William Hurt, I’ll let pass. I can be philistine with the best of them when culture disappears up its own rear end, so I’ll put it down to artistic differences that I personally may never forgive Hurt for the two hours of my life that were lost forever watching The Accidental Tourist.

By the time we get to this bit, however, I think Mr Stark may be siding a little too much with those who think everything about flyfishing  is automatically profound:

“some of the dialog is quite elegant and thoughtful, especially when Gus (Zach Gilford)…pontificates about a lifetime of passion for the river, “Fishing is nothing but the pursuit of the elusive”

To anyone who’s ever fished, this is neither elegant nor thoughtful but merely one step removed from stating the obvious.

And by the end, he really is trying too hard.

“There could even be some salient observations too: “a man with a bible is more dangerous than a man with a gun.”

Tell you what, Mr Stark: run that line past them at Columbine High or Dunblane and see what kind of salient observation you get in response.

Link: The River Why

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