Fishing therapy no longer merely abstract

So many people extol fishing’s therapeutic qualities, it was only a matter of time before some entrepreneurial spirit decided to put the whole thing to work. And why not?

So I wish Scott and Andrea Peterson well with Therapy on the Fly:

“Scott A. Peterson, LCSW, founder of Therapy on the Fly, will take you on a guided fly fishing trip and use metaphors found in fly fishing to help you and your loved ones recognize how to change for the better”

Grief and loss and family bonding are just two of the issues they feel can be helped by fishing but it’s the Anger Management group that intrigues me most.

An ethical teaser for you: Scott has been working on me for 35 minutes and it turns out that the primary causes of the anger I’m trying to manage are back casts lodged in trees and fishing lines doggedly determined to tangle on absolutely everything in their path. I am never closer to killing someone that I am at such moments.

Does he:

(a) continue the session; or

(b) plead conflict of interest and refer me to another therapist down the road…?

[Pic courtesy of deltaMike]

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