Two for your Bookmarks

When you write for a living, just looking at pretty pictures can feel as good as a hot bath on a cold day.

Two plugs for other websites to start the week, then. Firstly to Up’North – Maine Fly Castings, for one of the best mastheads in the angling blogosphere and an instantaneous visual suggestion that this is not just another fishing blog (although I’m afraid I’ll have to exempt Derplo from the ‘pretty pictures’ comment).

Secondly, to photographer Mark Lance, a fine exhibition of whose work around the globe can be found at River Light Images.


One thought on “Two for your Bookmarks

  1. Thank you so much for the plugg, I really appreciate the kind words. I’ll make sure Derplo gets a look at this too, any attention is good attention in his case!

    Again, I appreciate the recognition for my photography. I’ll add your blog to my list of Fishin’ friends on the site.

    Thanks again, and Tight Lines,

    -Benjamin Rioux

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