It’s never too early to stop spooking trout

“See you by the river,” could become a much more debatable proposition if two Swedish architects’ ‘tree hotel’ concept catches on among the fishing lodge fraternity.

“The result gives us a unique collection of hotel rooms. The denominator in common is the treehut. The concept “live in a treehut” is given a new dimension. As our guest you will have a memory for your life.

“…To experience nature close under simple conditions will in the future be something extra valuable. Undisturbed nature becomes assets in thinly populated areas. At least for temporary visits. In Harads two entrepreneurs have chosen to work around this concept.”

“The joyful memory of childhood revives and adapts to a more convenience level. We will gladly have the experience, but not without comfort. Is this possible? You will find it in Harads”

The ‘invisible treehut’ pictured is just one of the concepts being explored. Expect much hilarity to ensue when anglers look for their accommodation after a hearty evening on the local microbrew…

“Bears? Nah, it’ll just be the cleaner moving around. I’m telling you, this is our room…”


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