Good month for Bloodknot(s)

Just weeks after giving Luke Jennings’ book Blood Knots a major thumbs-up in Trout Fisherman (“abounds with colour and perception,” no less) I begin to wonder if the latest fishing digital magazine Bloodknot hasn’t already edged to the front of the pack.

With articles on fishing the once war-torn and now beauracracy-torn Bosnia-Herzogovina and angling’s military connection, there are some fresh slants here, combined with some laugh-out-loud humour in Classifieds – what the hell are people selling, Useful Notes for Fishing Urban Rivers and The Boat Story.

Catch still leads the way pictorially (photo essays on Clouds and Beer in the latest issue don’t bode well but work far better than expected***) but leaves you hungry for some articulated thoughts, while This Is Fly is showing signs of growing up a little with its latest issue – some of its themes and layouts look a bit ‘traditional media’ – which I’m not sure is entirely good news.

***two completely unnecessary asides here: firstly, see the photo of the Sportsman’s Inn in the Beer photo essay. I wondered if they were baseball cards covering the walls and ceiling but it turns out they are dollar bills. I know this because such an unlikely venue from the outside actually features among America’s Best Fishing Bars.

Secondly, the Google route that led me to this information took in a brief excursion to, from which I can only conclude that Egon Ronay got out at just the right time.)


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