Fishermen have sociological imagination issues, apparently

Proof that there is such a thing as thinking too hard, a site called Sociological Images (“inspiring sociological imaginations everywhere”) has put a Cabela ad under the microscope:

“How are daughters included in Fathers’ Day?

“Priyanka sent in this Cabela’s Father’s Day ad that appears to pair a man doing stereotypically (white, working class, rural) masculine activities (fishing and hunting) with his son (on the left) and daughter (on the right).  She thought it was unusual, thinking that most Father’s Day ads pair men with sons or entire families.  I’m not sure.  What have you been seeing?”

Um, sorry to be obtuse but I’m seeing two dads enjoying the weekend with their kids, whose gender is neither here nor there.

But then I’m just a stereotypical white, middle class male whose offspring are exclusively boys. So what do I know, other than Priyanka may need to get a life?

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