Watching The Isle – and you thought your fishery was strange…

One of my colleagues, profiled in this week’s office newsletter, declares a passion for horror and sci-fi movies.

Watch The Isle and you’ll never go fishing again, he insists. A challenge this writer simply had to address last night.

I was planning to link to the South Korean movie but two ludicrous suicide bids involving a bundle of fish hooks and different apertures (you’re surrounded by water, for crying out loud, just dive in and take a deep breath) persuaded me against it, for the sake of any younger readers.

As for the rest of you, you know your way around Google.

So to summarise: picture a fishing lake-cum-brothel, dotted with little floating huts and run by a mute woman sent slightly mad by repeated abuse from her patrons. Her revenge is violent, if not unacceptably so by today’s standards and the film actually sustains the tension nicely until a closing scene so crass, it could have been scripted by a 12-year-old Freud on four beers.

As for the fishing: it was all bait but it wasn’t good. Either the director was making a low-budget nod to Hannibal, or Korean anglers think nothing of cutting a slice of ‘sushi’ from the flank of their prey before returning the fish to the water, still alive. Something tells me animals were most definitely harmed in the making of this film.

Would I fish again? Absolutely.

In South Korea? Not a chance.


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